Vaseline For Eyebrows – How to Use and Why?

Are you suffering from thin eyebrows? Would you like to make them thick and perfect?

Perfect eyebrows with thick hairs are what everyone especially the women want. Good eyebrows do not only shape your face, they also make you look more beautiful. Vaseline for eyebrows can help you to get those thick eyebrows back.

There are numerous reasons to have nice eyebrows. Eyebrows not only add to your facial beauty but it also makes your face look more attractive. Vaseline for eyebrows can help to get thicker eyebrows within some days of regular use.


Vaseline For Eyebrows


What is Vaseline?

Vaseline is a type of petroleum jelly which is a blend of natural mineral oils and waxes. It is a multipurpose jelly used for more than 100 purposes among which it also has antiseptic versions which can also act as medicines.

Why Do I Have Thin Eyebrows?

Having thin eyebrows can be due to multiple reasons. It can be genetic in which you can’t do much to make them thicker and the only options you are left with is surgery.

Other reasons include excessive plucking of eyebrows while shaping them in which by mistake the eyebrow hair is plucked right out of its root. Alopecia or chemotherapy can also be a reason for hair loss from the eyebrows. Aging is also a major factor for eyebrow loss.

How Can I Use Vaseline for Eyebrows?

Vaseline is a great moisturizing agent and is 100% safe to apply even on sensitive skin areas. Vaseline is a magical gel as far as its effects are considered. To start apply a small amount of Vaseline on your eyebrows and surrounding areas and massage gently. Keep it overnight and wash it off gently in the morning with cold water.

How does Vaseline Work on My Eyebrows?

Vaseline acts as a natural lubricant and makes the dry eyebrow hairs moisturized. Vaseline for eyebrows also acts as a hair growth stimulant.

Applying it daily will only increase its effectiveness. Massaging with Vaseline makes the roots of eyebrow hair active, and the gel provides the hair moist environment to grow. This all if repeated daily will fasten the hair growth process.

Vaseline For Eyebrows

How Much Time Will it Take To Grow Eyebrows Back?

It majorly depends upon the intensity of eyebrows. If you have too thin eyebrows, it will take more time for you as compared to someone who has thicker eyebrows than you. Eyebrows which were thinned due to excessive plucking may require up-to free months before they start thickening. In other cases, you might start seeing the results within few weeks.


If you are facing low density of hair in your eyebrows, Vaseline for Eyebrows can prove to be the best way to re-thicken them. It moisturizes the skin and activates old drying hair roots. To start with -

  • Apply a small amount of Vaseline on the Eyebrows and massage gently.
  • Keep it overnight and wash off in the morning.
  • Repeat the process every night.

Vaseline is 100% safe even on sensitive areas of the skin like eyelids.


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