How to Initiate a Beauty Mark Removal Process at Your Home

A beauty mark is supposed to be a gift from God and especially for its benign nature. However, medically these beauty marks are nothing but melanocytic nevus. Moles like these might be located on any part of the body, might be on your face, neck, shoulder or breast.


These are some of the attractive birthmarks. But there are many people who want to initiate a beauty mark removal process.

Obviously, the number of men inclined on a beauty mark removal process is lesser than women. The women  often go to the dermatologists, but not all of them are trying to remove it to look good.

Beauty marks have many kinds of sizes and shapes, and can appear some odd position of the body, some might be cancerous.

Beauty Marks  - What are they ?

Well, beauty marks are a type of dark facial mole that may be attractive in some cases and might give a unique identity to the person. Most of the moles are melanocytic nevus as said earlier and can appear in anywhere on your body. Either they disappear with the passage of time, or they might stay forever.

Can Beauty Mark Be Removed

It is possible to initiate a beauty mark removal process. You can refer to a skin expert and take his or her advice. You can also opt for surgery and look at the methods to remove moles. However, shaving off the mole with a scalpel or a blade might go wrong, leading to excess bleeding, pain, and infection, since the shoved area will require immediate attention. Such might result into partially removed scar and might make you look uglier.

Check what Cindy Crawford has to say about the beauty mark removal process in the Vogue Magazine.

Ways to do start a beauty mark removal process at home

Here are some of the ways that you might give a try to remove the beauty marks at your home.

With The Use Of Baking Soda

  • Take ½ tsp of baking soda
  • You can add some water to it, and make a paste
  • Now add two drops of castor oil and mix well
  • Apply it over the beauty mark and leave it for 2 hours
  • Then wash away everything with lukewarm water
  • Perform it daily to remove the beauty marks

You can look at this video and the steps involved to remove the beauty marks in a similar manner.  

With The Use Of Aloe Vera

  • You can take out some aloe vera gel from the aloe vera leaf
  • Put it in the cotton and place it over the beauty marks and fix the same with a medical tape
  • You must leave it to dry for 3 to 4 hours and remove the same
  • You need to do it twice daily for a few months and initiate the beauty mark removal  process


You can follow the above ways at your home to initiate the beauty mark removal process. It is safe, and unlike the surgical steps, it would not lead to bleeding. But the home remedies take a longer time to cure your beauty marks than the surgical or laser processes.

 You can use aloe vera gel or baking soda without doing any damages to your skin. If you have something to add or any other home remedies to remove beauty marks, please do share with us below in the comment box.


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