How To Make Lips Small – 10 Tricks To Make Lips Small

Are you stuck with plump lip? You are wondering how to make lips small ?You can easily transform them into beautiful thinner lips! We have in store some natural and artificial hacks to turn broad lips into gorgeous thin lips.

If you are assuming we only have make-up procedure, you are in for a surprise! Some of the options won’t even cost you a penny.


Let’s Check Out The Top 10 Tricks: How To Make Lips Small

1. Water Intake

How To Make Lips Small

 Did you know dehydration may be the culprit? Yes, when you are dehydrated, your body retains all the water it can.

This often leads the lips to look bigger. So, drink lots of H2O and your lips will become slim in no time. 100% natural and free trick.

2. Home Remedy

 These are homemade remedies that can naturally help you get thin lips. It is also an inexpensive way to shape uneven broad lips. It will take a few days to show results as it is a completely natural procedure. Best part is they have no side-effects that can harm your lips.

  • Finely grind some alum power. Mix the powder with glycerin. Apply on your lips multiple times in the day
  • Slice up some cucumber. Rub its juice on your lips. It has a double beneficial effect. Along with helping lips become lean, it also helps lips become pink.

3. Lip Work-Out

Stunned are you? There sure are lip exercises to make that striking duo thinner. Facial Yoga can contour your face and mouth in the most attractive way. Try out any of these easy exercises and you will notice the change within a few days:-

  • A simple and effective way is chewing gum to get rid of excess facial fat. It also aids to get lean lips.
  • Close your mouth by tightening your lips. Fill air on left cheek and hold for 10 seconds. Alternate the same on right cheek and repeat 5 times.

Simple Lip Exercises to Make Your Lips Thinner

4. Cold Compress

A cool way to get thin lips literally is using cold compress on lips. Wrap some ice in a paper towel. Hold it for 10-15 minutes 2 times on your lips. Instantly, your plump lips will transform to look slip and beautiful.

5. Use Right Makeup

 It is pretty common that we end up using wrong lip shades and products. This results in our lips looking larger than desired.

How To Make Lips Small
  1.  Lip gloss is a product that plumps up the lips. Chuck it right away if you don’t want fuller lips.
  2. Instead, swap lip gloss with a lighter lipstick shade that matches your skin tone.
  3. Avoid brighter lipstick shades and opt for nude or lighter shades for thin lips.
  4. Try this trick to make your lower lip look fuller and draw attention to it. Apply a bright pink lipstick shade on the lower lip. Go for a slightly lighter pink shade for your upper lip.

Get SMALLER Lips in 5 Minutes

6. Foundation

This is for all those who are on a rush or aren’t great at lining lips. Dab some foundation on your lips and blend well with the face. Apply lipstick on top of the foundation and notice a quick change. Your lips will no longer look broader as they used to before.

7. Concealer

 This is a slightly expensive option. You need to get a good one and dap it well on the lining of your natural lips. Then use a lip liner to draw a thinner lip outline and fill it with a lighter shade lipstick.

8. Remove Hair

 If you have hair above your lips, get rid of them. They make lips look bigger. Waxing, threading and tweezers are some harmless hair removal methods. They are a quick fix to make your lips look slim without needing to apply any make-up.

How To Make Lips Small

9. Avoid lip biting 

Biting of lips is a common habit. It leads to make lips broader. Stop the habit immediately for getting natural lean lips.

10. Insect Bite

 At times, lips can look thick and plump due to an insect bite (like mosquitoes). In such cases, organic aloe vera gels can sooth the soreness. Apply the gel and go to sleep. Your fat lips will vanish overnight.

Try out any of the tricks for sexy thin lips.

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