How to Make Body Butter Less Greasy ?

Skin care and health has never been easy as we head to a more technological and advanced world. Advertisements, tips and guides and even DIY tips flood our televisions and newsfeed recommending different brands and ways to make skin care products.

This article is intended to answer your queries as to how to make body butter less greasy. So, read on and we are very confident this guided tips will make your life a lot easier.

There are a lot of products out there that promise beautiful and radiant skin but they are either too expensive or simply too commercial that are full of synthetics and other unwanted ingredients.

This is the reason why a lot of people opt to make their own body butter and are usually stuck in making it less greasy.


How to Make Your Body Butter Less Greasy

How to make body butter less greasy is one of mystery that most of us are still trying to resolve nowadays. The following are some of the most effective ingredients that can help you lessen the greasiness in your body butter.

We acknowledged that every one of us has different preferences and reactions to these items. Thus, we have decided to provide you a variety of options to choose from according to your own likings.

DIY Body Butter

Add Arrowroot Powder

What is Arrowroot Powder?

Arrowroot powder is known to be an effective solution for greasiness. So, add a little of this powder to your natural goodness recipe and make sure to put just enough to avoid it from sticking and drying up your skin.

Aside from being a thickening agent, it also has benefits that can surely add to the efficacy of your body lotion. Arrowroot are commonly used to treat various kinds of wounds such as scorpion bites and gangrene. It is also used in proper blood circulation and pressure.

This is considered to be an effective and better alternative to cornstarch and promises no side effects.

Add Rose Water Little by Little

How to Ma Body Butter Less Greasyke

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Rose water, being a water-like extract is one of the best solutions to make your body butter less greasy. Rose-water is obtained through distillation of rose petals which makes it more refreshing and nourishing to the skin. It does not change the form and nature of the butter except that it is less greasy.

One thing that you have to keep in mind is to add minimum amount of rose-water at a time and mix and fold the butter again before adding another. This trick will help you achieve the thickness and consistency of body butter that you preferred.

Use Tapioca Powder

How to Ma Body Butter Less Greasyke


A lot of people also prefer to use Tapioca powder instead of the previously mentioned items. Although they may have the same non-greasy effect to the body butter, tapioca powder is more accessible compared to the other mentioned items.

Its absorbent nature, allows it to provide a silky and smooth texture which will make the lotion or the body butter mixture to be easily absorbed by the skin. This way, you can get rid of the greasy feeling which your body butter provides.

Depending on the amount or size of your recipe, add a few teaspoons to distilled water as a conclusion on your lotion-making process. This way, you can avoid clumping in the mixture.

Adjust the Kind of Oil You Use

It is also best to substitute the oil that you are using to something that can be easily absorbed by the skin. Some of the easily absorbed oils that can be used as a substitution are sweet almond oil, apricot kernel oil, jojoba oil, macadamia nut oil and fractionated coconut oil.

We will be providing you a brief discussion of these five alternative oils that you can use for you to have an additional knowledge and to choose wisely.

However, it is best that you also consider that most of these recommended alternatives are known to belong in the nuts classification, so you can use it according to your own volition. You can always consult your doctor for possible allergies or side effects.

 1. Sweet Almond Oil

Sweet almond Oil is known to be hypoallergenic oil which can be used even on the skin of babies. The delicateness it provides to sensitive skins makes it the top choice when it comes to skin and hair care.

​It can be easily absorbed by the skin when rubbed into the skin and when heated to body-temperature level.

 Its antioxidant and vitamin rich nature protects the skin from radiation and damage. Thus, it is very important that you apply it regularly.

2. Apricot Kernel Oil

How to Ma Body Butter Less Greasyke


This oil is recommended to those people with sensitive skin as it is known to be non-irritant and has a soothing nature which provides refreshments and allows the skin to breathe and stay healthy. Since it can be absorbed by the skin easily, it also offers deep moisturization in a long period of time.

3. Jojoba Oil

How to Ma Body Butter Less Greasyke


Jojoba oil is commonly used by most skin care companies as skin moisturizer because of its waxy nature that blocks external elements from entering into the skin and causing skin problems. It is best used to control oily skin and to prevent acne from developing and spreading.

4. Macadamia Nut Oil

How to Ma Body Butter Less Greasyke


Macadamia nuts consists a lot of beneficial and helpful fatty acids that can certainly give your skin a boost. These fatty acids and helpful elements, if directly absorbed by the skin will also create a lasting impact that will result to a healthier glowing skin.

5. Fractionated Coconut Oil

How to Ma Body Butter Less Greasyke


Fractionated Coconut oil is rich in hydrating properties that leaves your skin looking healthy and younger. This oil is also good for those with sensitive skin and can aid you in exfoliating and rejuvenating your skin.


We have laid out all the effective ways for you to resolve your dilemma on how to make your body butter less greasy. We hope that we have covered all questions you have in mind, if not, kindly drop your questions and comments below for us to discuss it here or in our next articles.


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