How To Lighten Eye Color ?- What Should You Know ?

Your eyes, being the window of your soul can either make or break other people’s impression on you. This has also become one of the distinct features in a human’s body that can truly captivate everyone’s heart.

However, the mystery and adventure that is found in a person’s eyes are more thrilling and promising in lighter eyes. So, be a part of our discussion as we discover ways and tips on how to lighten eye color.

Lighter eyes promises ethereal beauty, charm and mystery. Read this article as we try to embrace a new journey in fashion trend and as we gain new found confidence through this discovery. Learn from the experts and be ready to take this world with the new YOU; the more confident and more beautiful YOU.


How to Lighten Eye Color ? 

More than half of the world’ population are born with brown eyes. However, there are those who still want to have a unique and appealing eye color that wants to make their eyes lighter than they already have.

Follow this guide as we introduce to you numerous ways to effectively lighten your eyes.

Lightening Eye Color Quickly with Make-up

Creating an illusion is one trick that could help your eyes look lighter. Trick such as choosing a darker hair color is one of the easiest way. However, if you opt not to touch and change your hair, you can always rely on make up to do the tricks for you.

 Dark Eye Shadow

How to Make Black Eye Shadow

Creating a darker platform for your eyes will allow it to stand out and look lighter than usual. Again, it is all about creating an illusion.

So, never be afraid to play with different make up color shades for you to find the perfect color combination and achieve your preferred effect. Midnight blue, smoky black and plum tones are the few of the options which can certainly give depth to the look you are vying for.

A Smoked and Blurred Eyeliner Effect

Using dark brown or black eyeliners in both the eyelids will also help you achieve lighter eyes. Smoked and blurred effects will soften your eyes and will eventually result for your eyes to look lighter.

Brown Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

Avoid drawing a thick line as this will instead make a heavy effect on your eyes that will result for you to look older and stressed.

 Darkening Your Skin

Darker skin will also result for your eyes to stand out and appear lighter. So, you can choose to enhance your skin by applying fake tans, using darker foundation or bronzer.

Natural Ways to Lighten your Eyes

how to lighten eye color

 Use Honey

Honey has been known to be a good eye treatment. In addition, it is also best to turn your dark brown eyes or dark green eyes to lighter brown or lighter green. Here the correct procedures in using honey to lighten your eyes.

How to lighten your eyes with honey
  • 1. Use only pure or raw honey
  • 2. Then, add an equal amount of water to the honey.
  • 3. Boil water and honey together.
  • 4. Cool for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • 5. Pour the mixture in an eye drop container.
  • 6. Refrigerate the rest.
  • 7. Put 2 to 3 drops directly to your eyes twice a day for two weeks. You can do this procedure in the morning after washing your face and during the night before retiring to bed.

 Proper Diet

1. Avoid food that is rich in serotonin.

Serotonin is one element that allows the expansion of your pupils which results in the narrowing of your irises. This then leads to darkened and deepened eye color. Turkey, beef, chocolates and eggs are rich in serotonin.

how to lighten eye color

One thing that you need to remember is not to do this diet change in a drastic manner as it will affect your physical and psychological health. Start slow and allow your body to adjust with the small changes.

2. Take eye lightening herbs

There are herbs that can help you lighten your eyes such as Chamoline, Licorice and Uva-ursi. These herbs are known to be great detoxifiers and body cleansers and will greatly affect your eyes in the long run. These herbs may be applicable directly to the eyes or can be taken orally in capsules, teas and pastes.

3. Avoid Stress

Too much thinking and even putting your brain into stressful activities such as worrying and even solving puzzles cause Norepinephrine. Increased in Norepinephrine levels can darkened your eyes and will not be helpful in attaining your goals of having lighter eye colors.

Eye Lightening Surgery

how to lighten eye color

With the technological advancement that the modern world is enjoying nowadays, it is no longer shocking that it can also offer ways to alter one’s natural eye color into something more attractive at least according to society’s standards.

The following are two of the known eye procedures that can help you achieve your attractive and enticing blue eyes.

1. Bright Ocular

This is one of the modern world’s leading-edge technology that helps a lot of people medically and cosmetically.

This intraocular implant in the anterior chamber of the eyes can be used to resolve iris issues such as atrophy, albinism and other iris irregularities. In addition, it offers a permanent solution for those who desire to have a permanent cosmetic satisfaction.

2. Stroma Laser Procedure

A simple laser procedure that can be completed within 30 seconds. This is performed using a gentle and low-energy laser that is directly targeting your eyes; irises. It usually takes only one session for you to achieve your desired blue eyes using this procedure.

Lightening the Color of Your Eyes Temporarily

how to lighten eye color

Temporal eye color lightening

The use of contact lenses is the easiest and the most accessible way to have a temporary light eye color. It is always best to consult your doctor for recommendations of reliable contact lenses even if your purpose is only for cosmetic and not medical or corrective.

Once you have the perfect contact lenses, take the necessary measures to take care of your contacts by following the correct procedures of using, cleaning and maintaining.


We are living in a world where almost everything is within our reach. Our mundane desires of having the perfect eye color, hair and body are very achievable nowadays.

However, we should always take the proper eye care for us ensure our health and full satisfaction in the end. Now that we have already laid out all the effective ways to lighten your eyes, you can now start tying the provided steps and see the results for yourself.


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