How To Find The Best Gripe Water For Your Baby?

Nowadays, when the babies are just infants and in their growing age, gripe water seems to be an important part of the things they are given. Gripe water is basically a liquid which consists of the best of the nutrients extracted from different amazing herbs, to form a formula which is good for the babies while they’re going through gastrointestinal discomfort, and one caused due to colicky reasons as well. It is also known for making the growth of new teeth comfortable for the child.

However, finding the best gripe water out there can be hard, which is why we found the top 5 gripe water products available out there, along with a guide to tell you why and how we chose those particular products.


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5 Best Gripe Water Products

#1. Mommy’s Bliss Gripe Water:

This gripe water stands on top of all of the gripe water products because of its renowned reputation amongst the customers. According to what it says, the gripe water helps in relieving the muscles of the stomach. It gets rid of the excessive gas and acids which might get accumulated in there.

 The Gripe water helps keep the baby’s mood fine and steady throughout the day by keeping discomfort away from him.



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    It is made with completely organic material, which makes it completely natural, and so it is the most beneficial for the baby.
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    There is no artificial coloring or flavoring added to the formula, which means that it would be even purer.
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    Includes no alcohols or parabens, thus included the main ingredient which might cause disturbances within the baby.
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    It requires no refrigeration after it has been opened once, which means that no additional hassle is required.
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    An infant might have an allergic reaction to any of the ingredients present in the gripe water.

#2. Colic Calm Gripe Water

This gripe water is made in a way that more of it focus lies towards relieving kids of the discomfort that colic causes, including an upset stomach and infant gas. Most of the ingredients present within this are known to be completely organic and natural, which is why it is called a homeopathic way to get rid of all of the things which might be causing discomfort to the baby.

 It is known to be completely safe and very mild on the child, gently soothing him and making his mood better and brighter without any side effects.



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    It has been registered with the FDA, which means that it has been officially approved for being mild and effective on the baby by the higher authorities.
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    It has also been repeatedly recommended by the doctors, which shows that it is the choice of experts and professionals too.
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    It aids the digestive system of the baby, resulting in lesser digestion related problems later on.
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    It helps relieve bloating and gas in the belly.
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    It contains all the essential ingredients from the herbs in the most organic way possible.
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    It does not contain Sodium Bicarbonate, which makes it unable to fight acidity in the stomach.

#3. Wellements Gripe Water

The safety of this gripe water is guaranteed by the manufacturers when it comes to the removal of discomfort caused by the growing processes of the baby. It can include teething, colic and gastric problems.

The ingredients are certified to be completely organic and truly natural by the USDA, and this particular gripe water is also recommended by several different pediatricians. There are no chemical preservatives present in the gripe water either, which makes it even more natural and pure.



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    There is no alcohol present in the gripe water, which makes it only beneficial for the baby, and removed all the harmful aspects which might’ve been there in the presence of alcohol.
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    It contains no artificial colors or flavors, which might otherwise be adding a false and unnatural aspect to the gripe water.
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    Harmful substances such as paraben and gluten aren’t present in it either, which make it even friendlier for the baby to drink.
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    The gripe water comes in a glass packaging, which removed the risk of there being any impurities formed by the toxic plastic packaging
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    It will require immediate refrigeration after being opened once.

#4. Little Remedies Gripe Water

The formula of this particular Gripe water is said to work in a way that it is effective, while still being really fast and thorough throughout the baby’s body. The gripe water helps relieve the baby of the discomfort, and other conditions for example gas and Colic, which might be leading to a fussing and uneasy baby.

This can lead to a bad mood, which can be improved instantly with this gripe water. It in as all-rounder which helps with almost everything associated with the problems caused within the body of the baby.



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    It contains no alcohol, which means that it is the elimination of the single ingredient which might otherwise cause later on problems in the body of the baby, as alcohol must not be provided to a baby.
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    It is gluten-free and well as has no artificial colors, which means that there are only organic products present within the ripe water, making it genuinely good for the baby.
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    It has been tested over a period of several 100 years to make sure that it is just the right thing we need
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    It does not contain even a suitable amount of Sodium Bicarbonate, which means that this might not be that useful with acidity

#5. Woodwards Gripe Water

The best thing about this particular gripe water is that it tastes amazing. This will result in near to no resistance from the child’s side when you’re making them drink it, and they will drink it carelessly, as they will like how it tastes.

This gripe water mostly focuses on problems with the stomach, including mostly an upset stomach, which might make the baby uncomfortable as well as fussy, which can only be dealt with if the baby is made comfortable again.



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    The gripe water comes packaged in very small bottles, which is to ensure the freshness of the gripe, and it helps maintain that as the smaller bottles can get finished faster.
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    It efficiently helps get rid of the discomfort in the body of the baby, and it might really be the best at taking care of fussy, moody babies.
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    It consists of completely natural ingredients, which make it good and beneficial for the baby.
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    Contains a few chemical preservatives.

What Does Gripe Water Contain?

The very first steps in getting to know how to choose the best gripe water product by yourself, you will first need to learn about what it is in full detail.

The main ingredients which are present within the best gripe water definitely include a lot of the ingredients extracted from very useful herbs, for example, ginger, licorice, dill clove and fennel, but these can vary amongst the different particular formulas of different companies.

How Does It Work?

Before the evolution of gripe water, it used to contain a lot of alcohol, which used to send the baby to sleep whenever they were uncomfortable. However, after further research, it was found that alcohol shouldn’t be present in gripe water in such large amounts and that it can actually prove to be harmful to the baby.

Slowly, the amount of alcohol present in the gripe water has been decreased, and now there are many other ingredients present within the formula, most of them coming from completely natural sources which will prove to be nothing but good for the baby.

What these ingredients do is that they relieve the baby of any pain or discomfort the baby might be facing in any area of the body during the growth stage, thus maintaining the mood as well as the health of the baby, without harming them in any way.

The best gripe water has only positive affects if the right one is chosen, and it can really help the baby in growing without any discomfort, or anything which might be the cause of uneasiness for the baby. This is why Gripe Water has become an essential for the babies.

Is It Baby Friendly?

Most of the ingredients present in gripe water will never harm the baby in any way, which is why it is mostly very baby friendly. However, what you must look out for is alcohol or sucrose in the ingredients.

In some ways, these ingredients can turn out to affect the baby in a bad way, and these are the only two ingredients present in Gripe Water which might do so. The best gripe water will not contain any alcohol or sucrose or will contain very little amounts of it which are deemed suitable for the babies.

What Does Gripe Water do?

There are several functions which gripe water carries out within the body, and these are the things which actually make it so important and beneficial for the baby. Following are some of the main functions of gripe water in the baby’s body:

It helps in treating the acid reflux in the baby’s belly. Sometimes, acidity in the baby’s stomach can lead to discomfort. However, the Sodium Bicarbonate present in the gripe water greatly helps in neutralizing the acid in the belly of the baby, thus helping in relieving the baby of discomfort.

It soothes the muscles in your baby’s belly, helping them in relaxing and getting rid of the buildup of gasses or juices within it, which might be the cause of your baby’s discomfort.

When the babies become to teeth is the time when they become so much more difficult and fussier, because of how it causes them discomfort. Gripe water helps in soothing that too, by evening out their breath and giving them a better mood.

The baby will be able to have a nice, peaceful sleep because there will be nothing causing them any problems or discomfort, thus it will only help the baby in becoming peaceful and comfortable, helping him and you sleep better.

If there is one convenient and traditional way to treat a baby’s Colic, it would definitely be with the help of gripe water. This is because gripe water truly helps the child in getting rid of all the discomfort and becoming much more peaceful as a result of the effect the ingredients present within the formula have on the baby and their organs.

Things To Consider Before Buying Gripe Water

If you really do wish to find the best gripe water product out there, you really have to pay attention to all the things which make one company better than the other, thus making it easier for you to choose the best one for yourself.

 There are only three things which you really need to make sure about, and you’ll be able to find the best gripe water product for your baby:

best gripe water


Ingredients play the greatest role when it comes to determining how well the gripe water will work. The gripe water with the best performance will have the most organic and natural ingredients, as well as the least alcohol content. This will help in providing the baby with the best of the best.

2.Performance Certificate

A great way to determine how well a gripe water product works is by checking for a performance certificate, which is a certificate issued by the higher authorities, ensuring that the product is safe as well as effective to use, which will help you in getting to know how well a product is.

3. Customer Reviews

Just go out there and start looking for the reviews given by the customers. The best thing to do would be to choose a product with the best customer reviews and the highest rating, which will show you how well a product has performed with other customers.

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