Gwee Gym Review -Should You Use Gwee Gym ?

What Is Gwee Gym?

Gwee Gym is one of the lightweight exercise kits that look similar to resistance bands. It is highly portable and weighs less than 1lb. This is a low impact workout kit, which everyone can use. It is effective for the upper and lower body muscles and improves flexibility.

It is easy on the joint muscles. If you want to have a perfectly sculpted and toned body or want to burn those extra calories, you need this Gwee Gym at your home. It comes in two models – Pro and Lite.


Features of Gwee Gym

  • It is easy to burn calories and tone your body with this lightweight exercise kit
  • It does not come with heavy weights and you do not need to replace cables
  • You do not need to replace the gym equipment
  • It has low impact on muscles
  • It has full range of motion
  • It is for total body workout
  • Comes with over 50 unique exercises
  • Has soft gripping handles
  • Lite version has 1.5 pounds of resistance and Pro version has 2.25 pounds of resistance

Look at this video to understand the product and its usage in a better way.


  • Perfect for lightweight exercises

Those who are not looking for bulk up, this low impact gym kit that comes with resistant bands will be useful. It is of lower tension and can let you perform a number of useful exercises without worrying about the tension on muscles.

  • Perfect for Fitness Freaks Always on the Move

For those who do a lot of traveling, but also wants to have a toned body might find it troublesome to carry too many types of equipment. With Gwee Gym, they will feel sorted, you need to take it straight out of the box and get to work.

  • Low-Resistant Offers Constant Tension on Muscles

Due to resistant bands can aid you to burn more calories and helps to recover from the injuries as it keeps the pressure off the joints and puts it on the muscle.

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  • Not for the Body Builders

Who wants to bulk up then this portable workout kit is not for you. It is just for the people who are on the constant move and want to stay fit.

  • Has a Poor Velcro

The quality of the cord is very poor and made of very thin Velcro.

  • Quite Expensive

The device is not worth the price as it offers inadequate tension and resistance and yet high priced.

How To Use Gwee Gym

The Gwee Gym does not come with any type of attachments. Therefore, you can open the box, take it out and straight hit the gym in your home or place you travel. To know the kind of exercise you can watch this video and gain much effective use of the resistance bands.

Should You Use Gwee Gym ?

A simple glance at the Gwee Gym will make you feel that it is nothing just as other resistance bands available in all sports store. However, that is not true.

The standards resistance bands increase or decrease the intensity of stretch, Gwee Gym maintains a constant amount of resistance regardless of retraction it has. It is not a replacement for heavy weights but a great choice for people looking for lightweight exercises.

Whenever you buy a Gwee Gym, make sure that you did a thorough research as the price varies. 

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