The Top Five Best Recliners for Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most common conditions that everyone in this world experiences nowadays.

The high attention that we put on active sports and activities and even the simple activity such as walking and carrying things put pressure on the spine that often results to back pain.

Thus, we have decided to gather and review the best recliners for back pain that can surely resolve all your back issues.

This is your ultimate buying guide as we bring you the facts and the necessary information about recliners and the benefits that it can provide to its users.

Also, we will be providing you the most practical factors to consider when purchasing one. Read this article and learn from our well-informed experts.


Quick Comparison:Five Best Recliners for Back Pain for The Year 2017

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Quick Comparison : Top Five Best Recliners for Back Pain

Why Do You Need a Recliner?

The principle of using a recliner is taking the weight off of the users' back through reclining or lying down. This will enable you to rest your spine and promote a pain-free back and neck. Being able to get hold of the best recliner for back and neck is such a liberating experience knowing that you will now have a way to escape the pain and function properly.

Recliner is an excellent way to promote better blood flow and fights inflammation. They are the best trainers for you to find the best lying position that could provide you the comfort that you need after a rough day at work.

Recliners have been best recommended by most medical professionals instead of just relying on body posture and sitting up straight as you are still contracting your muscles and eventually strain these muscles if done over an extended period.

In fact, 68% of doctors and other medical professionals recommend the efficiency of recliners especially for pregnant women who find it hard to get the best sitting and lying position most of the time.

Things to Consider When Buying a Recliner

Now that you have already understood the benefits and importance of recliners, it is about time you familiarize the things that you need to scrutinize when purchasing a recliner carefully.

The market offers an extensive list of recliner choices and picking the best is not a walk in the park. This is exactly why you need to know the following factors for you to weigh which one should be given importance and can be the deciding for you to meet your individual needs. They are as follows:


Best Recliners


The very root of recliners is the comfort that it can provide. Thus, choosing the best recliner for you is just like buying a pair of shoes, you might consider the style and the design, but you will always have to go back and evaluate the comfort that it can give you.

You always have to consider if your feet still reaches the floor when sitting upright and if it provides head and neck support.

Ideally, you have to choose the recliner with 1.9 or higher foam density rating to ensure the longevity of the foam’s shape. In addition, you also have to decide whether you prefer leather, vinyl or synthetics microfiber fabric as this factor will also determine the price range of the entire reclining chair.


It is always best to buy within your budget. Sure there are a lot of recliners in the market, and it is very possible that you can find the nest one for you without really going beyond your decided budget.

Regardless of the amount which you will be paying, you have to carefully inspect the screws, the materials it is made and the accessibility of such recliner.

Size and Shape

The very fundamental purpose of recliners is to provide comfort to its users. Thus, choosing a recliner that can aid you in sitting and standing with support is a very crucial thing. It is essential that you choose the recliner that can support your body size and body shape with ease.

Number of Positions

Number of reclining positions is a major factor which I would recommend for you to consider closely since this will determine if it is possible for you to find your most comfortable position and if it can adjust to your personal needs. There are recliners out there that offer separate motors for the foot rest and back rest operations.

Choose the recliner that will allow you to lay flat when you want to take a nap, sit upright if you want to spend your afternoon in front of the television or if you want to place your body in a position that will relieve your joints through the zero gravity position.

Accessibility and Ease of Use

It is also important to consider the adjustment buttons and other parts to allow you to access the settings and adjustments quickly without any hassles. Choose the best recliner that allows you to change the positions with just one click or touch.

Additional Features

Aside from the benefits that it can offer, there are also some recliners out there that offer more features than an ordinary recliner can do. For instance, some recliners have an additional feature for heat and massage which allows the user to choose the massage pattern preferred.

The Reputation of the Manufacturer

A lot of people argue that most of the time, 60% of what you are paying is only for the brand name and not entirely for the particular item you are purchasing.

In some way, this is correct. Reputable companies provide assurance that they offer quality and satisfaction to their customers. This is the reason why they have made their names in the industry and made them last long.

The manufacturers’ name ensures that when you purchase your recliners, you will be provided with assistance, warranty and support after purchase. So, you are not only getting quality products but a peace of mind after buying.

Survey Reveals Doctors Agree Reclining Decreases Back Pain

The Top Five Best Recliners

1. Mac Motion Oslo Collection Recliner with Matching Ottoman in Cobblestone Top Grain Leather with Walnut Frame

The Oslo Collection Recliner is one of the best-selling in the industry as it takes pride in its quality and top of the line design.

This includes a matching ottoman that adds the comfort that it provides to the user.

This is made of the highest quality of leather which allows it to last longer as it can resist moisture, damage, and abuse for an extended period. This is the king of durability in the recliner industry.

Its swivel motion permits easy access to adjust the position to your preferences without the need for you to lift the entire unit.

It also boasts its head and neck support that provides additional comfort and pleasure to you as you relax and enjoy doing other things such as reading, watching television or just chilling during your lazy afternoons.

Its well-built hardwood frame assures you that you can find the comfort which you need. The cushioning which is obviously well thought of is also one thing that I truly appreciate in this Mac Motion Oslo Collection since it provides total softness and satisfaction as you let yourself be embraced with its lightness and softness.


  •  Includes a matching ottoman for satisfaction
  • Top of the line leather
  • Adjustable headrest
  • Offers swivel motion
  • Offers plenty of support especially in the lower back


  • Narrow armrest
  • Can be difficult to assemble
  • Costly

2. Furniture Maxx’ Adjustable Cafe Brown Leather Recliner and Ottoman, Office Chair

FurnitureMaxx has stood up to its name of delivering luxury and comfort to its users. Its Café Brown Leather recliner and ottoman is now one of the most sought reclining chairs in the market as it has impressed a lot of buyers out there.

This is the ultimate relaxation package as it provides sophistication and functionality all in one.

It boasts its top end leather materials which texture does not only offers elegant designs but also promises durability.

It comes with a sliding table that allows you to comfortably sit with style bringing you a business class airline feeling.

It has a glide system that provides assurance to you that your preferred recline position is locked and will stay in place until changed. It also has a 360-degree capability that permits you to change your position without the need of lifting the whole chair.


  •  Offers leather recliner and ottoman
  • Comes with a side table
  • Includes a mechanism-glide system
  • Has position lock and 360 degrees swivel feature
  • Solid built as it is made of hardwood


  • Uses adjustment knobs that may break when reclining
  • Installation requires time and patience

3. T & D Enterprises: Massaging Black Leather Recliner and Ottoman with Leather Wrapped Base

This is the best recliner for the money as it can offer your money’s worth.

T & D Enterprises Recliner offers heat and multiple massage settings for its users.

In addition, it is designed to offer multiple reclining positions which caters to your individual needs and preferences.

Clearly, this is the ultimate recliner that has proven that comfort is still possible even for a low price.

As to its design and shape, the double cushion padded back, and seat provides comfort to the user allowing it to enjoy its full softness.

It comes with a right side pocket that allows you to get hold of your belongings quickly without moving from your current location.

This is one of my favorite and most recommended recliners as it has been personally upholstered by the manufacturer’s LeatherSoft Upholstery ensuring its customers that the leather used are of high quality and can provide durability and longevity for maximum usage.


  • Features massaging with ottoman
  • Accessible controls for recline and ottoman adjustments
  • Features double padded back and seat
  • Excellent heat function
  • Affordable
  • Multi-functioning chair and comes with a remote control


  • Tricky installation process
  • Requires to be plugged in, so location, where there is an outlet, is needed.
  • Chair may be too low from the floor
  • The welding of the base may require constant check-up and maintenance

4. Mega Motion LC-200 Lift Chair

Mega Motion‘s LC-200 Lift Chair offers a lot of features that is beneficial to the users and can surely entice the recline chair enthusiasts out there.

LC-200 provides a three-way predefined positions which allow you just to choose and set the settings without going through any hassles.

It promises durability and quality as it is made of hardwood while the lift is made of steel which is given a lifetime warranty by the manufacturer.

One of the best things about LC-200 is that it has religiously followed the guidelines of the Durable Medical Equipment which provides assurance to everyone that this reclining chair has gone through a lot of checking and scrutiny to assure satisfaction and quality.

In addition, it has two 9v backup batteries for longer use.

It comes with six colors which provide the customers a long list of options depending on their preferences. The color includes brandy, chocolate, fawn, navy, sage and Chestnut vinyl.


  • Features electric lift and recline chair
  • Comes in six colors
  • Offers backup batteries
  • Follows the Durable Medical Equipment guidelines
  • Has three pre-defined positions
  • Quiet during lifting process
  •  Mega Motion provides excellent customer service


  • Cushioning can still be improved
  • Best suitable for thin people

5. Lucas Brown Leather Modern Sleek Recliner Club Chair

Lucas Brown Leather Recliner is known for its sophisticated and glossy leather. It boasts its simplified design that allows it to fit anywhere amidst its large and bulky appearance.

What I like about this chair is its efficient and easy installation process which is very unlikely and different from all other recliners in the market.

The cushioning of this chair, especially its backrest is done very well which shows that fashion and comfort has been considered by its makers. The armrest of this chair comes with extra padding.

In addition, most of its materials used are sturdy hardwood which assures the users that this reclining chairs will last a lifetime and can withstand abuses and other damaging factors.


  • Its sleek design allows it be fitted in a restricted area
  • Easy installation
  • Promises durability as it is made of hardwood
  • Bonded leather compliments most home decorations and designs


  • May not be comfortable to use for taller individuals
  • Losing support is possible when it is reclined
  • Rear of this chair looked wrinkled because of the material not properly stretched tightly
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The Verdict

Basing from the reviews and deep scrutiny of the top five best recliners for back pain, the T & D Enterprises Massaging Black Leather Recliner and Ottoman with Leather Wrapped Base is the ultimate winner. It offers a lot of features that is deemed beneficial and practical to everyone since it is very affordable and can still function well at par with the expensive brands.


We have laid out all the necessary information for you to pick the best recliner according to your preferences and individual needs.

We are now confident that you are now well-informed and more equipped as you take your first step in purchasing your first and last recliner. Happy choosing!

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