Everyday Makeup Tutorial -What Is The Right Way ?

The everyday natural makeup look is the best solution for those who want to look effortlessly beautiful. Let’s admit it, there is no other awkward feeling seeing someone in full-faced makeup who at the same time is sweating and ridiculously looking like a princess who was cursed by the sun and the moon to turn into an ugly witch.

Opps, that was harsh I know, but there is no better way of describing someone with a smudged mascara and melted makeup. So ladies, let’s spare ourselves with the shame and ridicule by taking this tutorial by heart and live by the girl code, “ No make-up should be overdone anytime, any day.”


Going for the natural look may not be easy at first as it requires time and practice. Yes, as ironic as it may sound, but “natural” look still requires make-up application which takes tons of expertise and patience to get the result of natural-looking beauty.

No cakey make-up, not too bright and not too dark. Follow this straightforward and guided tutorial to ace that no “make-up look. “

Prepare Your Face

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Your face is the canvas of this work of art. Thus, it is imperative that you make it as perfect as possible by applying moisturizer creams to hydrate and even out your skin texture.

This step does not only focus on the very moment that you are about to apply your make-up on. Needless to say, taking care of your face and skin every day by regularly cleansing it with water, facial scrubs and toners is an important step to keep your skin well-hydrated and healthy.

This stage also includes the importance of getting enough sleep and proper diet as it will create an impact on your skin, face, and eyes which no make-up can hide. Always remember that nothing can be at par with great and healthy skin.

Conceal to Hide Imperfections

The goal is to bring out the flawlessness of your face since it will be your base for your make-up application. So, cover up those dark circles, blemishes and other dark spots on your face with a concealer. Concealer is one of the most valuable products that every make-up user should have.

One of the secrets in applying a concealer is to set it in place with loose powder for you to attain a more youthful aura. This is the best solution for you to knock out the discoloration in the area surrounding your eye which results for your eyes to look more alive and awake.

Apply Powder Or Light Foundation

The secret in choosing the right powder or light foundation is to pick the one closest to your natural color. Once you have already handpicked the perfect powder or foundation for you, apply it to your face using a brush or sponge for an even result.

Another thing, do not stop in your jawline as it will lead to a mask-like vision that can be very visible around the perimeter of your face.

When applying powder or foundation, start from the very center of your face heading outward as it will help you in achieving the most natural look finish.

Blush In A Subtle Way

How to Apply Cream Blush

Blush application has become of the most challenging routine in make-up application and has often become the source of make-up violation and blunders. Adjusting your blush color according to the make up your going to and the color and brush you are using is also important.

It is recommended to use crème blushes as they can be rubbed in regardless of the amount you are applying. As to the color choices, you can adjust it according to your natural shade, but most of the time, peach blush color is compatible with everyone.

When applying blush, it should stay limited on the apples of your cheeks as it only mimics the tint of rosiness that can be found in that area. Most of the time, it is best to use blush brushes that are as wide your apple cheeks.

Use Neutral Shade Eyeshadows

For your eye shadows, you can opt to choose the one which is a shade or two darker than your natural skin tone. Remember not to overdo this part as you are only aiming to make your eyes look more alive.

Slay That Natural Look Make Up By Using Nude Lipsticks

Credit: Hairstylemakeup.com

You can never go wrong with light pinks, peaches and sand color lippies as they will give you the nude illusion in your lips that makes it very natural yet elegant to look at. Below are the steps for you to perfect that nude lip application:

1. Exfoliate Your Lips

Regularly exfoliate your lips with a toothbrush or lip exfoliant for softer and more kissable lips. This can help you hide the lip breaks and flakes that can be very visible especially in nude lippies.

2. Use Concealer

This is one of my secrets when applying nude lipsticks. Use concealer in the area around your lips and even on your lips to minimize the unnecessary redness of that area and to prevent your lip gloss from entering the little lines. However, if you are not comfortable using concealers on your lips, you can use lip primer instead.

3. Use Lip Pencil

Use a lip pencil that is the same nude shade with your lipsticks to make your lips more defined and for your lipstick to last longer. Fill up your entire lips with this, and you can be assured that you will have more natural-looking nude lips.

Define Your Eye with Mascara. Ditch The Eyeliner.

As beauty and fashion have started to accept the new phase of what’s in and out, we have also diverted our opinion about heavy and overly dramatic mascara. As we love the fresh and natural makeup look, lashes that are treated naturally looks a little more sophisticated and modern nowadays.

Gone are the days of making an entrance and lasting impression because today’s society embraces simplicity that focuses on enhancing and defining instead of forcing one’s presence to get everyone’s attention.

Mascara is optional for those with thick lashes. However, for those with light lashes, you can add a layer of it to allow your eyes to stand out. Using eyeliners can be a bit overboard if you are trying to hit the natural look. Thus, you can totally forget about it.

This article has given you tips for you to slay your everyday look. We only hope that you try to master all the steps and do not forget to make adjustments when needed especially every after season changes as your skin condition and tone may change with the season.

Drop your comments below and let us know what are your thoughts regarding this article. We will also appreciate if you could share your beauty regime we can be beautiful together!

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