Does Smoking Weed Cause Acne ?Things You Need to Know

Over the years, Marijuana has become the center of popular debates and legal arguments. Although there are scientific studies which show how it can treat a lot of diseases and illnesses, there are still who are in doubt as to its legality.

Amidst the unending debates regarding this weed, it can be denied that there are those who rely on its calming and healing capacities who find calmness, wisdom, and aid through this wild plant. This article will focus on the question Does smoking weed cause acne or not.


Does Smoking Weed Cause Acne

Cannabis, better known as marijuana

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We have conducted an intensive study regarding Marijuana and its effects on a person’s skin specifically, acne. Now, we will be discussing it with you for everyone’s information and additional understanding.

Read through this article and we hope that this could be of help to you and your friends.

What are the Components of Marijuana That Could Result In Acne?

Scientists have found more or less 483 therapeutic compounds in cannabis plants and 84 of these are known to be cannabinoids.

How Does Marijuana Work?

A cannabinoid is an important compound especially to those who smoke this weed as this is the one responsible for altering one’s brain and body functions when it enters the bloodstream resulting for the person to get high, become extremely active, experience an insatiable appetite or relaxes one’s muscles.

One of the most sought after cannabinoid by pot smokers is the Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which is the primary source of high and pleasure. This is the most common why a lot of pot smokers prefer to use cannabis with high THC percentage.

The Connection of Marijuana and Acne is…

The cannabinoid THC is the very reason why Marijuana is often linked with acne problems. This is because acne often involves THC chemicals and the hormone testosterone.

This is your body on weed

So, smoking weed results to the increase of testosterone levels caused by the THC. This then triggers your skin to produces excess oil which will eventually clog your pores and result to skin breakout.

Smoking Weed and Skin Collagen

You will automatically feel this increase in testosterone as you will immediately notice skin breakout instantly after smoking. Although, exposure to smoke could also be a reason as it magnifies the existing pimples which already exist in your system.

In addition, the moment you exhale the smoke of Marijuana and your skin absorbs it, the production of collagen in your skin starts to slow down due to hydrocarbons. Hydrocarbons often cause skin irritation and other problems once it is accumulated in the skin.

Does Smoking Weed Cause Acne


It should be highly noted that collagen plays a significant role in an individual’s skin’s structure since this is the one in control of keeping your skin supple and elastic. Collagen also helps in your skin repair and maintains its healthy form and shape most of the time.

So, with the reduction of collagen in your skin structure, it will take a little longer for the cuts and bites, and your skin will be more prone to infection and other harmful elements making it easier for breakouts and acne to occur.

Your immune system is also affected every time you smoke weed. Myeloid-Derived Suppressor Cells, commonly known as MDSC suppresses your immune system making it harder for your immune system to fight off bacteria away from your skin and your entire system.

This can eventually lead to a bacteria-infected system and will result in acne and other diseases.

Smoking Weed, Getting High, Increased Appetite and Acne

Physical Effects | Marijuana

An increase in appetite is one of the common effects of smoking weed. THC becomes the triggering tool for your brain to appreciate the smell and taste of food better.

This boost in your appetite will be the reason for you to crave for sweets and fats. These kind of foods are a big NO in the skin department especially for those who are aiming for flawless and clearer skin.

So, Does Smoking Weed Cause Acne?

Does Smoking Weed Cause Acne

Having learned all these things, there is no better explanation why smoking pot is often connected with having acne and other skin problems. It is a logically accepted that if all the factors mentioned above are combined, acne would be the result.

The combination of having a suppressed immune system due to MDSC, the reduction of collagen in the skin because of the hydrocarbons and an increased intake of sweets and fats will undoubtedly cause to acne.

Thus, it is only proper to say to say that smoking weeds cause acne although, at some point, it may not be a direct cause of the weed smoking alone.


There are a number of ways to catch and prevent acne and other skin diseases, but it still boils down to our choices in life and habits. The cannabis plant has been known to have beneficial effects on its users but just like anything in this world; too much of something is still bad.

This article solely focuses on the consequences of smoking weed to a person’s skin structure and condition and will not try to convince you to start or quit smoking such.

At the end of the day, your personal choices will still matter. So, you have to decide now whether you will quit smoking and preserve your skin or you do the otherwise.

What we have tackled in this article is the possible domino effect of smoking weed and providing you the choices to make. So, make a choice now and know the possibilities you are headed to.

Tell us what you think of the ideas we have discussed in this article. We look forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas as we take an interactive approach to this topic.

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