How to Choose the Best Bras for Full-Figured? (3 Expert Tips)

          What do you know about the best bras for full-figured? Do you know how to choose them? Whether you do or don’t, this informative guide might help.

 It’s about how to choose the best bras for full-figured women. With all the tips and tricks from size to shape to the material.
When you don’t have the ideal fit for you, the hope is almost always lost. But not anymore!


#1 Size is A Priority

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If you have a large breast size, it’s possible you’re still wearing the wrong bra. To find the ideal fit, you need to size your breasts first. Don’t just show up in a lingerie store and expect to find one by size. You can either go to a professional for sizing or do it yourself at home.
Here’s how to correctly measure your bra size.

1.The first step is measuring the band size.

Place the measuring tape around the rib cage, under the bust. Make sure you wrap the tape snugly and not too tight. If the measurement is an even number, you need to add 4 inches to it. And if it’s an odd number, you need to add 5 inches.
Your final band size is the final estimation of the numbers. For example, if you measured 33 inches on the measuring tape, after adding 4 inches. Your true band size is 38.

2.The second step is measuring the bust.

 While the band size measures under your bust, this is on it. Wrap the measuring tape around the center of your bust. You must round the number off to the nearest number on the tape.

3.The third step is determining the cup size

The only way to calculate your cup size is to reduce the band size from the bust size.
For example, if your band size is 38 inches and bust is 40 inches. The subtraction is 2 inches which, according to the cup size chart, is B. Your ideal bra size is 38B.

#2 What’s your breast shape?

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For a full-figured breast, the shape is not always the same. Some women have bell shape breasts or side set or teardrop. This should help you categorize your breasts in the simplest manner.

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    Asymmetric breast shape: This is when one breast is slightly larger than the other.
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    Athletic breast shape:This is when you have more muscular build than body tissues. Generally speaking, full-figured breasts are rarely athletic
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    Bell breast shape: It forms the perfect bell shape with your breast being fuller more at the bottom than the top
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    Relaxed breast shape:his is when your nipples point downwards.
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    East-West breast shape: This is when the breasts point slightly in the opposite direction.
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    Round breast shape: This is when the breasts are full and rounded
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    Side Set breast shape: A side set pair of breasts has more space between the breasts. This is when the cleavage space is higher.
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    Teardrop breast shape: Teardrop breast shape is similar to the bell shape. But here the breasts are fuller at the top than bell shape.

​​​​​​#3 Choosing the right fabric

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          How to choose the best bras for full-figured women? Don’t leave the fabric behind! Many women with a full-figure ask about the best bra fabric for them. I recommend the following fabrics. Because they provide maximum comfort and support.

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    Satin: Satin is a soft and breathable fabric. It’s one of the best fabrics for large breasts. That’s because it holds the breasts up in place. Provides sufficient padding and has a little stretch. The stretch in the fabric reduces heat build-up.
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    Tulle: Tulle fabric has a lightweight and airy feeling to it. It is a highly-supportive fabric that keeps a full-figure intact. This is the ideal fabric for anyone who wants extra support and shape.
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    Mesh: Mesh is the go-to fabric for its cool and dry fit. It gives the chest a sexy and curvy look.
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    Microfiber: For good lift and support, a microfiber or fiberfill bra is best. High-quality bras feel soft against the skin. And it’s also often invisible under form-fitting t-shirts and dresses.
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    Embroidery: Embroidered bras are good for detailed as much as for fashion. If you’re showing a bit of your bra, nothing beats an embroidered bra. It has a stylish and sexy look. And they come with inner lining/padding to feel soft and comfortable

What’s Your Take?

       How to choose the best bras for full-figured women? It’s all about experimenting with different sizes and types to find the ideal fit. Anyone who’s looked for a plus-size bra knows the struggle. But not anymore.        With this handy guide, you know what goes on behind finding the best big fit. Bold and beautiful, that’s the ideal combination for a bra!

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