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How to Lose Your Muffin Top Quickly? (#1 Is A Priority)

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Cultivating a healthy lifestyle can be difficult for anyone. But when you want to get toned and lose your muffin top, it’s also challenging. It’s time to ditch that shapewear for muffin top and lose your muffin top by yourself. You can do it! But you do need a little guidance to move forward.

Can losing your muffin top be like burning fat all over the body? This question has many answers depending upon your body type and stamina. There’s a routine you need to build for yourself to burn excess abdomen fat. So you can not only lose weight but sculpt the muscles in that region.

If you’re with me on this one, let’s read more about how to lose your muffin top!

 How to Lose Your Muffin Top Naturally


While people may tell you a lot about dieting for losing fat. You must know that exercising is the number one priority. Without regular exercise, you’re not even halfway there! So what are the best exercises for losing muffin top?

1. Bicycles

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This exercise is the most effective ab workout for anyone. Do3 sets of 20 repsdaily and feel your muscles working! Here’s how you do it.

You need to lie flat on your back. Press your lower back and hips to the ground. Interlock your fingers behind your head. Make sure both hands are comfortably placed behind the neck. Don’t pull the neck while doing the bicycle crunch.

Bend your right knee and bring your left-hand elbow closer together. Lifting your shoulders slightly and turning your upper body is important. Switch to left knee towards the right-hand elbow. You’ve now completed one rep.

2. Toe Touch Crunches

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This total-body and no-equipment workout is the perfect fat burner. Do 2-3 sets of 15 reps daily.

 Lie flat on your back on a yoga mat. Stretch your arms behind you and lift your legs facing the ceiling. Swing your arms from back to front while lifting your head and shoulders. Bring your legs to a 90-degrees position to reach your fingers. Your fingers should touch your toes in each rep

3. Rolling Planks

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This is an extreme core exercise which is good for losing extra belly fat. Hold for 10 seconds on each side. Repeat 3-6 times as per your stamina.

Get into the base plank position on your elbows. Don’t drop those hips toward the ground. Keep your core engaged and strong. Slowly lift your right-elbow and bring all your weight towards the left side. Stack your right leg on top of your left. Hold this for 10 seconds. Go back to base forearm plank position and repeat on the other side.


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If you can commit to exercising daily, you can change your meal plans too. A healthy diet for losing your muffin top includes cutting back on unhealthy carbs. Unhealthy carbs are empty-calorie foods. You may not eliminate them completely from your diet. But reduce it to the minimum.

The same applies to refined sugar which I suggest you ditch and not reduce. Your body can survive without sugar. In fact, it may prosper with a healthy diet. You never know until you try, right?

Switch to eating healthy fats such as salmon or nuts. And lean proteins and dietary fiber. All these nutrients not only aid weight loss but boost metabolism. You will feel your energy levels spike sooner than later.

Foods such as whole-grain foods, chicken, fish, nuts, and fruits and vegetables for losing your muffin top.


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Keeping yourself hydrated plays a major role in weight loss. Start your day drinking one full glass of water. This kickstarts all organs in your body and helps with digestion. Also, drinking a glass of water before meals can boost weight loss. Drink 2-3 liters of water daily. And make sure your body is well-hydrated before and after your workout.

Dehydration can cause muscle loss, dizziness, and weakness.

#4 WALK 6,000 TO 10,000 STEPS DAILY 

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On top of exercising, walking is a superb fat burner. And walking targets your abdominal muscles for fat burning and sculpting. The more you’re on the move, the faster you lose your muffin top. It’s time to challenge yourself to walk 10,000 steps for 30 days without taking a break.

Imagine how much you can achieve by walking 6,000 steps daily. It improves knee health, reduces depression and anxiety, and lowers high blood pressure.

Over to You!

Do you follow the right exercise routine (be it cardio, strength training, and power yoga) and a diet? It’s not easy losing your muffin top. But all you need to do right now is start from ground zero. With the top core-strengthening exercises, you’re not only losing weight but toning.

So when you want to know – how to lose your muffin top – you’re getting more than just a simple routine. There’s more to healthy eatingand muffin top melter workouts. It impacts all aspects of your mind and body. How else would you want to stay fit?

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5 Exercises To Offset Sitting All Day

Do you ever get a feeling of numbness in your body after sitting for a long time? Does your back pain when you try to move?

Exercise is a very important part of our daily life. It has great benefits on the body and has different effects according to the targeted area of exercise. Still, many people tend to avoid exercise; the reasons can be different for each individual. Some might have busy schedules so they don't get enough time to exercise.

While some just don't do it on account of laziness. Though the ill effects of not exercising might not show up on your body when you are young, but as you grow old it starts taking a toll on your body, hindering your movements and making you weak.

 Just being idle for the whole day might damage your body more when compared to not exercising at all.

Exercises To Offset Sitting All Day

Why is Exercise Important For Our Body?

Exercising is just like working your body out. The muscles in your body are made to support and help your body to move and maintain balance.

 If they are not used regularly, they might get weak or loose thus impacting your body structure and abilities. Moreover, only normal daily movements and activities might not prove much helpful since they do not test your muscles to the fullest.

 Proper workouts are needed to keep the muscles toned and healthy. Just like food helps you to be alive, similarly, exercise helps your muscles to be in good shape.

A healthy body can very easily be achieved by doing daily exercise. It helps to control and maintain the hormonal changes happening in your body and help you to stay healthy even when you start to grow old.

Exercises To Offset Sitting All Day


In this modern world, people are more inclined towards desk jobs rather than field jobs. This requires sitting all day on a seat in front of a computer. In short span, it might not look much troublesome but in the long run, it just makes your body stiff and your muscles hard.

Sitting for more hours leaves your muscles dormant and it starts to stiffen them. Even when you try to stand up and try to move your muscles refuse to fire up like earlier and you find yourself in a position of stiffness and find it hard to move without causing pain or numbness. Such kind of routine can result in heavy damage to your body in future if not prevented.

What Can Be Done To Save Your Body?

Exercising is the best way to maintain a healthy body. But you can't exercise the whole day or at least you can’t exercise whenever you want considering the busy routines nowadays.

 For some people sitting at a particular place is a necessity for their jobs and they can't do much about it. So to get your muscles relaxed and make them healthy even while just sitting at a place or when in office you can try some special exercises which are easy to perform, doesn't require much space to perform and will help you to maintain a healthy body.

5 Exercises to Offset Sitting All Day -

1. Leg Swinging 

This is a very small but very effective exercise you can carry out whenever you want. This does not require much space or any kind of special preparations. Many times due to continuous sitting, you get strain in your legs and the blood flow decreases in the legs.

To start, just stand up at your place and raise your one leg a bit. Now slowly start moving your leg in to and fro motion for 5 minutes slowly. Then slightly take your leg upwards and now swing it sideways for minutes.

 Repeat the same exercise with the other leg too. This exercise is very helpful to get rid of stiffness in legs and increases the blood flow. Do not force the legs to swing, just let them loose and try to hang them and then move in an above-described manner.

2. Squatting 

Sitting for more hours can make your knees pain and hard for you to walk, this where squatting can be very helpful. The squatting position is just like a baseball player leaning downwards to catch the ball. It is very easy to perform, start with standing on your legs.

Video: How To Do A Perfect Squat ?

  Now spread them a bit away from each other. Now slowly try to bend down as you would do if you would be trying to sit on a chair. Once successfully

3. Planking 

Planking is an exercise which looks more like push-ups but it is a bit different. To start getting down in the position required for push-ups is to get down on your all four and stretch your legs.

Now take your legs a bit apart and make your body straight in position. Now bend your both knees and try to touch the ground without bending your body much.

So unlike moving your whole body down, you just have to bend your knees and touch the ground with the knee caps. This process helps to improve blood flow in your whole body especially the back and thighs.

Do it for 20-35 times and then stop. Too much of this can lead to fatigue so do as much as you can do but only without putting too much effort.

4. The Glute Bridge 

The glute bridge is a great exercise to give relief to your abdomen and pelvic muscles which get strained due to continuous sitting. This exercise might need you to clear the floor a bit as you need to lie down. So to start with, lie down on the floor on your back and keep your arms on the side of your body. Now join your legs and pull them back towards your abdomen.  

Now using your feet as a stand, try to pull up your abdomen in the air as much as you can, stay there for 2 seconds and then take it back towards the ground. Repeat the process for about 10-15 times and then lie on the ground while leaving your legs loose.

  This exercise will help to improve the blood flow in your legs, thighs and lower part of the stomach. It will also help to get rid of aches due to continuous sitting

5. In-place Jumping 

Exercises To Offset Sitting All Day


This is the easiest exercise on the list. By the name itself, you can guess how this exercise goes but to elaborate, you have to stand straight on the ground. Now shift your legs a bit apart so that they don't touch each other.

Now bend down like you do while squatting taking your hands down with you. Now like a spring, bounce back and try to go in the air as high as possible using your hands to pull you up further.

Repeat the process for 10-15 times and then sit down on the ground till your breathing rate returns to normal. This exercise activates all your body muscles and improves blood flow in the whole body. Try not to overdo it as it can cause tiredness.


The modern day life has left many of us without enough time to care for our bodies and thus it is resulting in degradation of our health day by day. Many of us still manage to exercise daily but the desk jobs and the continuous sitting sessions in front of the computer screens cancel out all the effects of the exercise.

But even if you don't get enough time for exercise or want to use your free office time to the fullest, you can try these small and quick exercises to keep your body healthy and fit. Here are 5 exercises to offset sitting all day:

  • Stand straight at your place and swing your legs one by one to and fro and then sideways.
  • Spread your legs a bit apart and then try to go in a position as if you are trying to sit on an imaginary chair.
  • Go into push-up position and try to bend your knees and touch the ground.
  • Lay down on your back on the ground and try to pull up your abdomen in the air.
  • Stand straight at your position and jump as high as you can.

Try these small exercises and keep yourself fit and healthy even if your schedule doesn't permit you to do so.

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