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How to Get Rid of Burnt Hair Smell?

‘Your hair is your crowning glory.” As cliché as it may sound but this phrase holds a lot of truth behind it and this is the reason why tend to over-maintain our hair.

Curling, blow drying and flat ironing your hair can scorch it and will expectedly result to an unpleasant lasting scent that could become a turn off for everyone.

This article is intended for everyone who is looking for ways to get rid of burnt hair smell. Read this for you to do some damage control and to give your locks a treat!

Essential Things You Need to Know About Ingrown Toenails

One of the most common conditions in a person’s big toe is the growing of a toenail in the skin’s soft flesh part. This is regularly referred to as ingrown toenails and is usually the cause of one’s discomfort and pain.

This article aims to tackle the importance of knowing the symptoms and causes of ingrown toenails and the ways to treat them and to avoid infection. Read this article and spread the news on how to treat ingrown toenail effectively at home and learn the best ways to prevent experiencing such problem.

Everyday Makeup Tutorial -What Is The Right Way ?

The everyday natural makeup look is the best solution for those who want to look effortlessly beautiful. Let’s admit it, there is no other awkward feeling seeing someone in full-faced makeup who at the same time is sweating and ridiculously looking like a princess who was cursed by the sun and the moon to turn into an ugly witch.

Opps, that was harsh I know, but there is no better way of describing someone with a smudged mascara and melted makeup. So ladies, let’s spare ourselves with the shame and ridicule by taking this tutorial by heart and live by the girl code, “ No make-up should be overdone anytime, any day.”

Toenails Not Growing: The Causes And The Solution

Ever had the case of toenails not growing? How frustrating is it for you? I can only imagine how much strain it can cause anyone, especially those who engage in a lot of physical activity. Moving around when having non-growing toenails can be awkward.

Could there be a solution to such problem? Would it be fair to say that it’s far-fetched to make your toenails grow back? Is there any remedy to the current dilemma you’re in?

How to Get Rid Of Cheek Acne – Everything You Need To Know

Have you experienced trying to impress someone and yet the only thing that’s getting his attention is the bulging red dots on your face? Read this article to know how to get rid of cheek acne effectively and quickly.

Acne is one of the worst party-poopers one could ever have. Have you ever experienced preparing weeks for a grand event only to wake up to the most dreaded morning greeting?