Discovering The Best Weight Bench of 2017

Weight training bench is specifically used for weight training. They may look like a normal bench that can be seen in parks, but they play an important role especially for gym enthusiasts. The best weight bench will help you achieve the body which you desire.

This article is set to provide you the buying guide which you need upon purchasing or choosing the best one for you. We will be discussing its importance and the factors which will affect your decision upon purchasing one.


Why Do You Need a Weight Bench?

Weight bench, also known as training bench is an important exercise equipment that need to provide support as you perform your lifting routines and exercises. Lifting routines require a sturdy support that will not be moved amidst the heavy activity that is going on. Only a weight bench can assure this and can prevent any accidents from happening.

This is also very important for the maintenance of your proper form as you take the free weights. The presence of weight bench ensures that you can comfortably perform your exercise routines without being distracted by other things.

Is Weight Bench Necessary to Lift Weights?

How to Use Your Weight Bench

In addition to the benefits that it provides, you certainly need a weight bench when you are light weighting. It has been established above that it helps you get a proper form during bench pressing and it can help you use more weights that you can pull into position when you are sitting or lying on the floor.

The Weight bench is required to keep the range of motion in most exercises which will be very difficult to have when relying on the floor. There are also many lifting exercises which require you to go below the rib cage for full satisfaction.


Weight Bench

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Fitness Reality 1000 Super Max Weight Bench


Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench


Bowflex SelectTech 5.1 Adjustable Bench


Marcy Flat Utility Weight Bench, Black


Titan Fitness Adjustable Flat Incline Weight Bench


Finding the Right Weight Bench

Finding the right weight bench is not an easy task especially that there are hundreds or thousands of choices in the market today. In addition, since weight bench is important for satisfaction and safety purposes, it is vital that you choose the best one that could deliver you the features that you need and you would gladly spend your money on.

We will be discussing the factors which you need to consider when getting a weight bench. So, read on and take a closer look at these factors.

        Sturdiness and Strong Foundation

Obviously, it is very vital that your chosen weight bench features sturdiness and strong nature as it would be the basic requirement for you to fully use your bench. Choose the weight bench that is not prone to breaking or tipping over.

In addition, you should also pick the weight bench that has a widely set rack for additional support for above and around your shoulder areas where you need the most stability.

        Adjustable Settings

For serious and extreme lifting exercises, having an adjustable rack feature is a big deal. This feature is very important for those who are throwing heavier weights.

Also, an adjustable incline bench is also a feature that is most preferred by most lifting enthusiasts. This feature makes focusing on shoulders and upper body very possible.

        Leg Extension and Curl Feature

Fitbill Sit Up Bench Workout

Leg extension and curl feature can provide you the most complete workout experience if it is already included in your bench weight equipment. It may not be considered as a replacement for leg exercise machines, but an additional feature will certainly make the price of your bought item worthwhile.

       Comfort and Safety

Since you are exercising and using your body’s strength to achieve your goals, the least that you could do is to ensure that your body is still getting the comfort and protection that it needs.

Look for the weight bench that offers padding that secures yourself from accidents and other unwanted incidents.

        Variety of Positions

You will need a bench that can provide you various positions and can be adjusted according to your exercise needs. So, choose the best bench that will allow you to adjust it in an upright seated position, flat position, and decline position.

        Ease of Use

The adjustment settings should not give you a hard time when you opt to make some adjustment on your equipment. You do not need this hassles while working out. So, choose the weight bench that will allow you adjust the settings that are free from hassles and headaches.

23 Bench Exercises

Top 5 Best Weight Benches

Here is the list of this year’s best weight bench for your easy reference and practical buying guide. We have included our most honest reviews for each of them so you can fully evaluate which one fits your needs and preferences. Read on and learn from the experts! They are as follows;

  #1. Fitness Reality 1000 Super Max Weight Bench

This weight bench is known to be the world’s best weight bench today as it features a lot of useful benefits and makes the purchase worth the price.

It has two adjustable leg positions and 12 adjustable backrest positions that allow the equipment to accommodate individuals up to 6’4 tall.

Its powder-coated tubular steel and triangular structure is a plus which is well-appreciated by most enthusiasts. It is capable of handling up to 800 pounds and boasts a design that can be folded for portability and easy storage. It also has wheels which make it very easy to move around the house if you decided to rearrange or store it in another place.

It also features leg stabilizers that ensure a stable exercising experience free from movement and rocking. Its backrest comes with foam that provides additional comfort while you are working out.


  • Features two adjustable leg positions
  • Has 12 adjustable positions for the back rest
  • Powder coated steel
  • Solid structure and design
  • Comes with wheels for easy transport
  • Foldable for easy storage
  • Offers stable exercise platform without rocking or any movement
  •  Heavy duty and strong foundation
  • Compact built
  • Sold in a fair price


  •  May have issues with the bolts and nuts that it comes with that they do not perfectly fit
  • Do not go flat
  • Narrow seats

#2.Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench

This weight bench boasts its multi-purpose features which include leg lifts, leg curl, and presses. This is the ultimate weight bench that goes beyond its usual purpose as it can be used in various routines and exercises within the four walls of your home.

Obviously, this equipment promises you the complete workout routines without the need of leaving your house.

Its backrest and rollers are adjustable and are heavily padded with high-density foam which ensures safety and comfort while you are sweating yourself off. It also comes with a safety hook and a non-pinch grip that allows you to enjoy your activity without worrying about your safety and protection.

It is known for its durability and sturdy construction which could be a determining factor for practical buyers out there. You will be getting your money’s worth as you can still enjoy this equipment even after years of use. This is built to last long and to offer you the best exercise routines you prefer to perform.

Body Champ Olympic weights: very quick upper and lower body super set


  • Provides complete workout routines
  • Adjustable backrest
  • High-density foam
  • Well-built construction
  • Heavy duty frame
  • Locking safety hook


  • It Takes few hours to be assembled
  • Narrow bench

# 3. Bowflex Select Tech 5.1 Adjustable Bench

This is one of the best options for those who are seeking for a sturdy and adjustable bench

 It is obviously an upgrade from Bowflex’ previous series 3.1 as it is heavier and does not have any issues concerning instability or wobbling.

It offers more adjustment positions and angles for its users making it flexible for various workout routines and practices. It is capable of making six different positions starting from 17 degrees and up to 90-degree bench angles. Its versatile nature promotes a lot of exercise and workout practices.

The best thing about Bowflex 5.1 is its seats capability to be adjusted in two different positions which are very favorable when doing the incline and prevents slipping down. With this, dumbbell presses are a lot easier to do without worrying about losing grip on the seat. This is a great feature as it gives you the way to get the most comfortable position as you are working out.

Bowflex 5.1 is the best weight bench for you as it allows you to get your most preferred position during the workout and enhance your comfort and ease throughout the whole exercise period.

Its design and upholstery mechanism are well-built and are very easy to clean. Its frames are made of commercial quality steel and provide assurance to the buyer that this equipment can take on any abuses and can withstand the test of time and hard uses.


  • Heavy-duty and sturdy construction
  • Excellent upholstery and design
  • Has a removable leg attachment
  •  Two positions for seat adjustments
  • Offers stable platform
  • Boasts its capability to make six different positions


  • Does not go flat
  • Finicky bottom seat
  • Misalignment in the frame is causing it hard for the cushions to be screwed in.
  • Seat pad quality can still be improved

#4.Marcy Flat Utility Weight Bench

This compact and sturdy weight bench boasts its high-density foam and excellent upholstery which adds to the comfort that you will get amidst the tiring exercise activities which you are performing.

This is one of the many things which you cannot find in most traditional weight bench in the market.

It is heavily built as its tough tube frames are intended to create a sturdy and reliable look and touch up. You can be assured that the excellent appearance it has will last a long time since it has a reliable powder-coated finish which prevents it from wearing and tearing.

It promotes multi-purpose usage since the user can still perform various exercise routines beyond its usual purpose.


  •  Sturdy built
  • Great design and upholstery
  • Powder-coated finish
  • With high-density foam
  • No wobble
  • Firm padding
  • Capable of accommodating different routines
  • Perfect height and length
  • Comfortable cushioning
  • Perfect size for home gym
  • Durable


  • Difficult to understand user’s manual
  • Bolts do not fit perfectly

#5.Titan Fitness Adjustable Flat Incline Weight Bench

Titan Fitness Weight Bench has made it to our list because of its excellent features which are very useful to the users.

It features a rigid steel base that provides the strong foundation for the entire equipment.

Its sturdy nature provides assurance to the users that they are safe and protected when using this equipment and they have nothing to worry aside from focusing on their development and other fit goals.

It has a comfortable padding that aids you in enjoying the entire exercise activity. In addition, it also has a posh leather finish that gives it an elegant aura making it best to be displayed at home when unused. It also bolts holes that are intended for permanent mounting.

It has adjustments that can be very useful to its users. This bench delivers what it promises, and you will surely enjoy the benefits that it can provide. You will surely get your money’s worth by purchasing this bench


  •  Comfortable padding
  • Strong base and foundation
  • Sturdy look
  • Solidly built
  • Posh leather finish
  • Permanent mounting for bolt holes
  • Price is acceptable for its quality and features
  • Cushioning is excellent


  • Too long bolts result to wobbling
  • Holes are misaligned with the pin that secures it

Here’s our Take on the Matter

After reviewing the five best weight bench mentioned above, it is no doubt that the Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench is the obvious winner.It may have some flaws and other issues that its manufacturer needs to fix, but these minor flaws can be outweighed by the features that it provides to the users.

Use this buying guide as you search for the perfect weight bench for you. We only hope that this article will benefit you the way it supposed to be. We have laid out all the needed information for you to finally lay eyes on your perfect weight bench. Use it and share this article with your friends.

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