How To Buy The Best Nasal Aspirators For Babies?

The stuffed-up nose makes it uncomfortable for your babies to breathe, eat and sleep. You need to clean up the obstruction to help them get rid of the running nose.

A nasal aspirator is a device used to clear the mucus and other obstacles from the baby’s nasal passage. As parents, you must be well-informed about the best nasal aspirators for babies to help them when needed.


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NoseFrida Nasal Aspirator from Fridababy

Phthalate Free, BPA Free

Bloom Baby Care – Nasal Aspirator With Soft Silicone Tip

BPA Free

OCCObaby Nasal Aspirator

BPA Free, Phthalate Free, Latex Free, Lead Free

Medline Bulb Syringe

Made of PVC

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How To Buy Best Nasal Aspirators For Babies?

When you go to the market, you will come across different nasal aspirators. You might be left wondering which one is the best nasal aspirators for babies. It is not possible to answer this question exactly because there are no indicators to define the best nasal aspirators for babies.

best nasal aspirators for babies

 You can find different nasal aspirators from different companies with varied functionalities. Your baby may require a different type of aspirator based on the severity of the nasal blockage. Below are some of the factors you must consider before buying a nasal aspirator for your baby.

Types Of Nasal Aspirator

You will find three types of nasal aspirators that you can choose from for your babies.

Bulb Syringe

It is also known as bulb aspirator. This is the simplest type of aspirator and inexpensive one widely used in hospitals and home. The design is classical one with a graspable ball on one end and a narrow, tapered opening on the next end.

It looks similar to big eye dropper and functions similarly as well. The narrow end makes it easier for you to insert the aspirator into your baby’s nose. The notable advantage of this aspirator is the price but there are certain drawbacks of this type.

 It is difficult to clean the nasal passage and there is a possibility that it may retain bacteria from the nose.

Electric / Battery Aspirators

These aspirators are faster and expensive compared to bulb syringe. They are designed for ease and comfort. It is easy to clean this aspirator as they come apart.

Some designs even play songs to distract your baby while you suction out the mucus from their nose. It is easy to operate as you can simply insert the aspirator and press the button, and the mucus is sucked out to clear the nasal passage.

Oral Suction/Parents Powered Aspirator

This is something unusual way of taking out the mucus from your baby’s nasal passage. It is inexpensive compared to an electric aspirator, however expensive than the bulb syringe.

The way it works might sound tricky because one end of the aspirator goes into the nose of the baby and the other end goes in your mouth. You then need to use oral suction and get the boogers out.

You need not worry about accidentally eating them because there is a filter in between preventing the mucus from entering your mouth.

Review of Top 4 Best Nasal Aspirators for Babies:

1. NoseFrida Nasal Aspirator from Fridababy

This is a non-invasive aspirator that is invented and recommended by Doctor. The Swedish design featuring a tube placed against the nostril instead of inside makes it easy to use for babies. This device comes with 20 extra hygiene filters. I believe the tube used against the nostril has made it a popular choice for ease of use.

The disposable filters mean there is no possibility of any bacterial infection. This device NoseFrida is easy to clean and dishwasher safe as well as BPA and Phthalate free, making it medically perfect choice. It is effective compared to the bulb aspirator and has no risk or harm to any internal nasal structure.



  • check
    This is invented and recommended by Doctors themselves for a better result.
  • check
    Comes with additional hygienic filters
  • check
    Easy to use with tube placed against the nostril instead of inside
  • check
    Disposable filters have minimized the risk of bacterial infection.
  • check
    It is expensive compared to similar products.
  • check
    Disposable filters mean you need to buy additional filters.

2. Bloom Baby Care – Nasal aspirator with Soft Silicone tip

This aspirator by bloom baby care is quick when it comes to using and cleaning up your baby’s nasal passage. When you are worried about your baby not getting comfortable sleep at night this aspirator can come to your quick rescue.

It comes with soft silicone tip that fits easily in your baby’s nostril irrespective of the size and cleans the mucus easily. This mucus goes into the cylinder and you need to worry about getting into your mouth as it stays in the cylinder.

 It gives you full control of the suction making it easy for your baby. This aspirator is easy to clean with soap and warm water and is BPA and Phthalate free. You can clean this device easily on top of your dishwasher.



  • check
    Relieves your baby from the mucus-filled nasal passage in very short time
  • check
    Comes with soft silicone tip making it comfortable for your baby
  • check
    Easy to clean the durable parts with hot water and soap.
  • check
    The materials used in this device are medical grade.
  • check
    Comes with bonus carrying case
  • check
    The mucus might accidentally go into your mouth as complained by some customers.
  • check
    It might be difficult to use this device sometimes.

3. OCCObaby Nasal Aspirator

This is the only aspirator you find in the market that comes with batteries, power suction tip, and a bonus snot sucker. It comes with three different sizes of reusable silicone tip making it easy for you to get all the boogers out of any nose.

 You need not buy any additional filters or other replacement parts. This aspirator is FDA approved and is manufactured with all safety standard followed.

 You can clean this product easily with hot water and soap which ensures your baby does not get any bacterial infection as well.



  • check
    It is gentle and efficient to use on a newborn.
  • check
    This is manufactured using medically approved materials.
  • check
    Easy to clean device
  • check
    Comes with three different reusable silicone tips, size of nostril is not a problem anymore
  • check
    Suction power may not be on the stronger side
  • check
    Some users are complaining about the faulty habits of it not being able to suck anything

4. Medline Bulb Syringe

If you are looking for aspirator that is helpful to clean small wounds than this product from Medline will be the right choice for you. The aspirator is useful for a newborn with smaller nasal passage.

 It is made from PVC and is handy when it comes to removing small mucus or getting into smaller nasal passage. The product is similar to the one that you can get in the hospitals and hence you can use it easily.

I have seen many customers who have little kids who have stuffy nose problem and recommending this product. They claim that the aspirator has successfully removed all the mucus with ease and comfort.



  • check
    Useful for newborns and small wounds
  • check
    Cheaper option for cleaning your stuffy noseIt is easy to use and handle
  • check
    Can be useful for someone having little kids or someone with small nasal passage
  • check
    Not useful for bigger nasal passage or more mucus
  • check
    Not easy to clean like other aspirators.

What Should You Look For In A Nasal Aspirator?

If you are planning to buy the best nasal aspirator for babies, make sure to look for the following things:

best nasal aspirators for babies


If your plan is to use the aspirator for more than once or twice, you must make sure that it can be cleaned thoroughly. This is important to prevent the growing of bacteria or mold. It becomes easy to clean if the aspirator can be dissembled. Disposable tips and filters are a better option for proper hygiene. Make sure to ensure the overall cleanliness of the aspirator as well.

Nasal Tip Size

Babies grow rapidly and so does their nostril. For a longer use of aspirator, it is essential that you consider this factor as well. When you buy aspirator make sure it has interchangeable tips or it can accommodate nostril of different size. This will prevent you from buying a new device as your baby grows.

Material of Aspirator

There are parts of the aspirator that come in direct contact with the fluid of your baby. It is important that such parts of aspirator must be made up of material that does not contain bacteria or helps them grow. Silicone is considered as flexible material for sanitary medical devices.

Suction Strength

The level of tolerance of pain varies among babies. You may want to consider buying aspirator that has a different suction level. This will make it easy for you to prepare the device that is best for your baby.

How To Use A Nasal Aspirator?

The proper use of any nasal aspirator depends on the type of aspirator you are using. However, one common way to increase the effectiveness of any nasal aspirator is the use of saline water right before using the aspirator in the nose of the baby.

This saline will help in making the mucus thin and loose. This, in turn, will make it easier to remove the mucus from the nose of the baby.

Like I said earlier in the article there are no any specific indicators to determine the best aspirators for babies, you can still consider some factors that can determine the longevity of the device.

The need varies from baby to baby and you must choose the best one that suites your baby. Sometimes it may be better to consult your doctor and look for different treatment option as well.


There are no hard and fast rules set for you to know which one is the best aspirators for babies. But there are certain aspects that you can consider and see what can be the best choice for you.

 In my list of reviewed aspirators, I find that people have mostly considered Nosefrida as the most used aspirator. If you look at all the functionalities and features it may lead as the best aspirator but like I said earlier this is totally dependent on your baby’s necessity.

Not all features present in Nosefrida might be useful for your baby and you may just need some aspirator like the one from Graco that has battery backup and suction control to do your work faster and efficient.

I, therefore, suggest you to consider everything before actually making any purchase. How often will you be using the aspirator is another factor that determines what product you should buy for your baby.

There are products that come with additional filters and stuff. But if your baby is having the problem of stuffy nose regularly should be checked first before buying this product. A quick research on your baby’s nasal health might be a good option before you make any purchase. Personally, I would recommend the Nosefrida aspirator considering all the features it has.  

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