Best Glass Baby Bottles – The Reviews And Buyer’s Guide

Whether you are a new mom or if you still indecisive about buying feeding bottles then this checklist will be appropriate for you. How will you buy best glass baby bottles? No matter how prepared you are, there are situations when you need to stay awake and think how to feed my baby.

However, before feeding you need to have the best set of bottles, which you think is easy to shop. But hold on. Long gone are the days when there were only few options or one option in bottles, but today there are a number of options. Some do have internal venting system to reduce colic and gas and all sorts of other things to look for while choosing the best glass baby bottles.

Let us jump into action and find out a quick checklist that might help every new parent buying the best glass baby bottles.


Quick Comparison:




Check Price

Boob Glass Bottles

Weight: 11.2 ounces

Material free:PVC Free

Material Type: Plastic

Philips Avent Natural Glass Bottles

Weight: 2 pounds

Material free:glass

Material Type: BPA Free

Lifefcatory Glass Bottles

Weight: 1.06 pounds

Material Type: Lead Free

All materials are FDA approved

Evenflo Glass Twist Bottles

Weight: 8 ounces

Material free:BPA Free

Simba Ultra Light Bottles

Weight: 1.3 pounds

Material Type:lead free, bpa free

Material free:PVC Free

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Which Are The Five Best Glass Baby Bottles In The Market?

1. Boob Glass Bottles

Our rating:

These bottles come in three packs and they are of 8 ounces each. They have one-piece of Clear Flow vent that reduces the amount of air, which your baby might gulp down. It will help to reduce the struggle with colic. It is easy to clean and guarantees of no leakage.

It comes with added comfort and security and you get a silicone sleeve with a set. Simply snap that in place and you will get a better grip. The sleeve lessens the chance of breaking. Along with the three set of bottles you find three medium flow nipples and caps for bottles. Sudden temperature change does not affect the bottle.



  • check
    It can withstand the sudden temperature change
  • check
    The silicon sleeve stops the bottle from slipping of your hand
  • check
    You can go breast to bottle without much confusion
  • check
    It is safe to put in the dishwasher
  • check
    It is a bit more expensive than other best glass baby bottles
  • check
    The measurement given over glass bottles wears with time

2. Philips Avent Natural Glass Bottles

Our Rating:

This feeding glass bottle is made up of borosilicate glass. In the packages, you will find three 8-ounce glass bottles, which you can heat up without fear.

Especially, if you have breastfeed babies, Philips Avent glass bottles are a great choice. When babies use these, they can find similar latch, which they find during breastfeeding, so no going back and forth between breast and the bottle.

These are wide-necked bottle, which are easy to clean and have only four parts, so they are easy to put together as well. They also come with anti-colic system and have an ergonomic design to give babies the best grip and less discomfort



  • check
    The glass bottles have petals that turn the nipples soft and stop it from collapsing when the baby drinks milk
  • check
    The anti-colic system ensure that your baby swallows less air
  • check
    The great design gives the bottle an easy grip to hold
  • check
    If there is sudden change in the temperature, the bottles have high chances to break
  • check
    As the nipples are highly soft, so it might leak sometimes

3. Lifefcatory Glass Bottles

Our Rating

You will find two set of 4-ounce bottle sin the package and comes with silicon sleeves and a teether. The teether does not contain BPA, latex or PVC. It is made up of medical-grade silicon are resistant to thermal shocks.

You can move the bottles from the freezer straight to the boiling water, without the fear of cracks, since sudden temperature changes do not affect the bottle. You can put every part of the bottle into the dishwasher and are compatible with breast pumps as well.



  • check
    This is dishwasher safe
  • check
    The cap wont leak
  • check
    You can directly take it out from the freeze and put it in the boiling water, so it is goof for those moms who freezes breast milk
  • check
    The sleeves gives the bottles a better grip
  • check
    The glass bottles are expensive
  • check
    The silicon coat makes it impossible to see how much the baby has consumed

4. Evenflo Glass Twist Bottles

Our Rating"

You will find these bottles are super-cheap and are affordable. You will find six set of 8 ounces bottle with nipples and proper lids. They are made of tempered glass and a little more attractive for their twisted look.

The glass is thick and sturdy compared to other brands and comes in long-term use. The silicone nipples help to stop the nipples from collapsing and thus making it anti-colic. They help to cut down on how much gas a baby might have.

You can place them into the warmer places without the fear of shattering, but you cannot take them out directly from the freezer as sudden temperature changes does not affect them. You can boil and sterilize them. A number of standard-size rings and nipples fit of these bottles.



  • check
    These are one of the best glass baby bottles that do not break easily
  • check
    They are super cheap among other glass bottles
  • check
    Quite easy to clean
  • check
    The twisted design  makes it hard to find the sleeve that will fit between
  • check
    Does not perform well in the extremes of temperature

5. Simba Ultra Light Bottles

Our Rating

Glass bottles and lighter ones are in high demand. Simba bottles come with wide neck and you can take them when you are travelling and to places, you do not have access to cleaning materials.

The borosilicate glass makes your luggage heavy and when it comes that your baby should learn self-feeding, these bottles works like miracles. Sudden temperature change does not affect the bottle and nipples come with anti-colic design and you can sterilize them anywhere even in microwaves.



  • check
    They are reasonably priced
  • check
    Super light but durable
  • check
    It is dishwasher safe
  • check
    They comes with a little thin glass to make it lighter, so there are high chances of breaking
  • check
    Do not have silicon sleeves

How To Choose Best Glass Baby Bottles

Buying bottles is not too easy. You will come across a number of varieties and it is difficult to get luck at the first time. Here are some concerns that you should take into considerations 

1. Purchase bottles that you can use easily 

Since you are a first-timer, you will like to use bottles for feeding that are easy to use even in the dark. Spilled milk is something shameful and why you will waste it, if you cannot avoid.

 There are so many things to worry about and it is hard to take apart and put back together. You will finally come across those bottles that have internal vents to prevent colic, means they are more congested and confusing.

Therefore, it is better to buy a non-vented and basic set of bottles to get over the hang of bottle-feeding.

2. Look into the nipples before buying 

best glass baby bottles

Nipples are also important and come in different shapes and sizes. The nipples are generally made of silicone, but you will also come across those made of latex.

While latex are sometimes cheaper and breaks down easily, therefore you need to replace it often

Even you cannot give it in the dishwasher, so it is best to avoid buying latex nipples.

You can also refer to the informative article that has laid down step by step rules to buy the best glass baby bottles.

Benefits Of Buying Glass Baby Bottles

  • They do not contain any harmful chemicals
  • Milk fats will not stick to the side of the glass bottles but in plastic bottles it might stick
  • You can heat the milk in the glass bottle itself, but for plastic bottles you will find that the bottle contaminates and leaches out harmful substance into the milk
  • It is necessary to dump the feeding bottles if it has scratches, but if you buy best glass baby bottles, you can waive off the worries of scratches
  • Plastic bottles stink, but glass bottles do not

Why Should You Buy Glass Bottles? Things To Consider

best glass baby bottles

As a parent, you will consider the health hazards that might attack your baby anytime. However, you should not pinch pennies or else you will hurt yourself in the process. It is a natural tendency to save money, but buying the first baby bottle should make you consider many things 

  • Think about the health hazards if you buy other material like plastic other than glass
  • Stop guessing and browse the information available online or offline to make the right choice while purchasing baby feeding bottles
  • See if the bottles are less complex to handle even at the odd hours of the night
  • They are worth the price, not too expensive and nor too cheap

Features That Differentiate Glass Baby Bottles From Other Products

What makes most parents consider glass bottles over plastic bottles? Well, the rules are simple –

  • Glass bottles are easy to clean and the milk does not stick to the walls of the bottles
  • You can easily heat the milk in the glass bottles, which you cannot do in the plastic bottles as it can leach
  • Plastics bottles may or may not be BPA free, but glass bottles are
  • Plastic bottles can easily get scratches, and you need to toss them immediately, but for glass bottles you can waive off the worries of having scratches

Addressing The Controversies

However, we consider many positive factors while buying the best glass baby bottles. However, there is a dark side of buying glass bottles as well. They are heavier than plastic bottles and that makes them harder for the babies to hold or grip.

Another major concern is that, glass bottles are breakable. If your baby drops it and when it hits something hard, you will find that it can shatter any time better. However, now the manufacturer are making things easier and are processing glass bottles that are light like the plastic bottles are more durable than the old feeding bottles that we used earlier.

To have a complete guide to buy the best baby glass bottles for feeding, you can look at the video that helps you to take the right decision. Watch the video -

Conditions Required Using The Product

When you use the glass bottles, you need to make sure that you follow a few guidelines. Such as -

  • You need to handle them carefully as they are made of glass and they are breakable.
  • You need to boil them to sterilize
  • Make sure you dry them completely before you use
  • Do not use harmful detergents or soaps to clean them


Among all five brands, we have mentioned here, Joovy Boobs Glass Bottles fulfills all the necessary goals of a feeding bottle. If you are a new mom, you will like to have it in your cupboard.

You want a durable material for the feeding bottle, which this product has along with the silicone sleeve that extra gripping capabilities and will not slip the bottle from hand. It is resistant to sudden temperature changes, so fear or cracks.

It is BPA and new moms can go from breast to bottle without much confusion. It is a little expensive but not so much, you buy it one time and you are sorted for at least a year as it comes with three sets and replacement guarantees as well, which other bottles may or may not provide you.

If you still have a personal opinion to share or any other product to mention, please share it in the comment below.

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