Are you troubled with foot callus? The tough dead tissue formation is the body’s defense mechanism. Yes, it looks ugly and hurts when left unattended. Callus mostly develops due to too much pressure on the feet. Other reasons may be lack of blood flow, diabetes, etc.

Getting rid of foot callus at regular interval must for gorgeous and comfortable feet. So, we have compiled the 5 best foot callus remover for your buying convenience.


While Purchasing How Do I Find The Best Foot Callus Remover?

There is a wide variety of foot callus removing products available in the market. Whether you go to a store or choose to purchase online, too many products can create confusion. To zero down on the most suitable product out of the many, check through these 5 important areas thoroughly.

1. How Handy And Resourceful Is The Callus Remover?

Best Foot Callus Remover

Callus removing on the heel of the foot is tough. So, you need a light-weight product that is easy to use. Check the weight of the product.

Weight also suggests it being convenient to carry whenever needed. Ascertain that carrying the equipment will not affect that product’s performance. Having a portable device to treat your unwanted foot callus surely helps you.

It should definitely be easy to use. After all, everyone prefers uncomplicated, simple products. We don’t want to be sitting in the bathroom reading a long manual before removing callus.

It is common to forget to check the product maintenance. Customers have bought a product and complained about the maintenance difficulty. You sure don’t want to end up with such unpredicted problems. Check how to clean the callus remover before buying.

2. Decide On Your Budget

It is good to have a budget fixed, as per my experience of shopping various products. That way, I don’t end up going overboard. You may try this tactic. Trust me! You won’t end up regretting spending too much on one single product later on.

When you have a pre-decided price bar, it makes it easy to eliminate the expensive products.

Your approach must be to find the best foot callus remover within the most reasonable price. Match the cost with the quality and features. See that the product has all the essential factors you are looking for the best one.

3. Customer Reviews

If you are purchasing online, then you have an advantage. You can read other consumer’s opinion on the review/comment section.

You learn about the problem areas and advantages of the item.

Additionally, you also may acquire some extra bits of information about the product.

These always aid to clear common queries/doubts regarding the product.

Reviews are a great way to decide on a product, so don’t skip them when picking your callus remover.

4. Manual Or Power Or Battery

The variety of callus removing items can have diverse operating system. Some may run on rechargeable batteries. Some might need to be plugged in at all times. There are also foot peels and traditional products that don’t need electric plugging or batteries.

It is a personal choice as which one seems befitting for you. If you wish to opt for the callus remover that runs of rechargeable battery then do check 2 things before buying. See whether the batteries are in-built or changeable and how long will they last.

Best Foot Callus Remover


QUICK COMPARISON: Top 5 Best Foot Callus Remover



Product Dimensions

Check Price

Electronic Foot Callus Remover (wet & dry) by Amopé Pedi

2.4 x 7.7 x 7.9 inches

Electric Foot Callus Remover by Care Me

6 x 1.8 x 1 inches

Emjoi Micro-Pedi Nano Callus Remover

2.6 x 4.7 x 7.

Electric Callus Remover by Foot Love

Electric Callus Remover by Own Harmony

6.1 x 1.3 x 2.3 inches

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Top 5 Best Foot Callus Remover Reviews 2017

#1. Electronic Foot Callus Remover (wet & dry) by Amopé Pedi

Amope pedi’s foot callus remover is your answer to achieve smooth feet.

This premium quality technology is designed for convenience. The sky blue color is quite soothing to the eyes.

What are the finest things to look out for in this item? The fact that you can use in on both dry and wet feet is definitely one.

You have a dual speed option. I personally prefer the slower speed. The rechargeable batteries surely make it a hassle free callus removing tool.


Waterproof- can be used on wet feet and washed with water after use

Cordless- rechargeable batteries offers wire-free usage

Dual speed button- lets choose the speed as per preference


  • Painless callus removal
  • Removes callus in just 3-4 minutes
  • Regular rubbing at same spot not required
  • Works fine on wet and dry foot


  • Not strong enoughDevice
  • gets hot within 3 minutes
  • Roller might show spinning issues after a while

#2. Electric Foot Callus Remover by Care Me

This particular foot callus remover is definitely a quick fix to the rough dead tissues.

Care Me has come up with a sleek design that makes for a comfortable grip. The blue and white color coordination is quite appealing as well.

Three things about this product you can’t miss. First, usage, handling and maintenance are pretty easy. Secondly, you have the option to switch between coarse and coarser roller heads.​

 If you cracked heels are in an advanced stage, you may go for the coarser option. Finally, this little useful device runs on electricity as well as rechargeable batteries.

Care Me’s foot callus remover is a super fast way to get beautiful soft feet. This will make you bid adieu to the age old slow pumice stone methods.

Video Top Rated Callus Remover by Care me- Seeing is Believing! Go Barefoot!


2 Roller head options- coarse and extra coarse

Batteries once charges can last up to 40 minutes at a stretch


  • Light-weight and portable
  • DurableEasy-to-use
  • Faster solution


  • In-built irreplaceable battery
  • Not water-proof

#3. Emjoi Micro-Pedi Nano Callus Remover

This specially crafted electric callus remover can transform your hard rough heels to silky soft heels. If you have sensitive skin then this is an excellent pick for you.

It delicately attended to the dead tissues without causing any pain or discomfort. The rubber grip provides easy to holding the tool.

Emjoi micro-pedi nano callus remover runs on battery. The roller has micro mineral particles which makes it stand out among other similar gadgets. With this at hand, you will never turn to metal scraper again.


Rubber grip saves from constant slipping

Micro mineral crystals eliminate dead skin

Changeable roller heads

Rechargeable batteries


  • Completely safe to use
  • Uncomplicated design
  • Doesn’t need regular rubbing in a spot
  • Quickly removes callus within seconds


  • Batteries die out fast
  • Scuffing pads wear out very soon

#4. Electric Callus Remover By Foot Love

I have included this particular electric callus remover by foot love for its sturdy pouch.

It is always beneficial to have a pouch with assorted compartments to store all the parts of the device neatly.

If you keep losing your extra roller heads or mix-up the charger with other wires, then this is the best foot callus remover for you.

You can work on those unattended rough heels and flaunt the superbly smooth results. The extra coarse roller head will attend to your extra tough callus.

Clean them up with the brush and you are done. Chuck the traditional methods, long duration of efforts and doctor’s appointment. You have an easy, quick and safe callus remover at your dispense.


Neat and strong storage bag

Rechargeable batteries

Easy to use and clean

Changeable roller head option- coarse and extra coarse


  • Completely painless, feels slight tickle
  • Fun to use
  • Removes callus super fast


  • Battery lasts only 30 minutes
  • Roller heads rotating issue after few uses

#5. Electric Callus Remover By Own Harmony

The electric callus remover is way better than using callus shaving tools. Own Harmony electric callus remover is a super safe and easy way to achieve baby soft feet.

Once you purchase this tool, you can cancel your spa appointments as your heels will no longer need professional expertise.

Right at home, you can remove unwanted dead tissues.

The rechargeable batteries are a boon. Once fully charged, you can unplug the wire and use the device conveniently. No wires will create trouble while you focus on removing coarse callus from your foot heels.

Video Own Harmony Electric Callus Remover


Rechargeable batteries

Roller is constructed from quartz microcrystal

The protective cover keeps it clean

Water resistant


  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Roller is constructed from quartz microcrystal
  • The protective cover keeps it clean
  • Water resistant


  • Takes time to remove callus (10 minutes)
  • Not sturdy enough

Video 30 Second Solutions - Callus Remover

All these 5 products are my top picks for removing foot callus. The Electronic Foot Callus Remover (wet & dry) by Amopé Pedi is my favorite out of the lot as its waterproof. I prefer removing callus on wet feet as it softens the dead tissues, thereby making removal easier and harmless

Therefore, I consider Amopé Pedi as the best foot callus remover. The dual speed also aids extensively as I do not like the high-speed devices which need tobe repeated rubbing at the same spot. Overall, price and quality wise this is a great buy.

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