Best Dab Torch: The Unarguable Review of 2018

Getting the best dabbing experience does not require much. One of the things you need is the best dab touch. It can take your dabbing experience to the next level. Well, I have used quite some torches, and I realized that having a good touch would help your nails last longer and assure you of a lasting solution to busted torches.


If you are looking for the right dabbing torch, you are in the right place. Using my experience and research about dab torches, I will discuss the best dab torches you can find in the market. Also, I will show you how to pick the perfect one for you and add some other important information. Join me and let's take a ride!




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Bernzomatic TS8000

Blazer GT8000

SE MT3001 Deluxe Butane Power Torch

JB Chef Culinary Micro Butane Dab Torch

LiBa Culinary Dabbing Torch

Inflame Butane Culinary Dabbing Torch

Xpert's Flame Butane Dab Torch

Iwatani PRO2 Butane Torch

EurKitchen Butane Torch 

STok FYR R Series Mega Torch

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The Top 10 Best Dab Torch

1. Bernzomatic TS8000


Being one of the best dab torches, the Bernzomatic TS8000 features an instant off and on trigger ignition. This makes it easy for you to light. If you want a torch that saves gas this product is the answer.

The torch features a large and optimized swirl flame that ensures a maximum heat output. Included is also an adjustable flame control knob that offers you a faster time of soldering and also provides you the actual heat needed to burn the nail evenly.

A consistent hand-free use is also guaranteed due to the run lock button it possesses. This product is a propane torch that burns in all directions, supplies consistent performance, and controls pressure.

 All these ensure safety during use. Furthermore, its body is forged with cast aluminum which ensures durability. The Bernzomatic TS8000 also has a head that can fit into any propane tank.



  • check
    The flame can be easily adjusted
  • check
    The adjustable knob allows you to switch between applications easily
  • check
    You would not have to refill it frequently
  • check
    The on and off button offers a sharp and brilliant response
  • check
    It offers consistent flame because it is a pressure regulated torch
  • check
    It is suitable for all dabbing needs
  • check
    Users complained that the triggering device sometimes take few attempt before igniting
  • check
    It might not be comfortable to take around especially for frequent travelers because of its large size

2. Blazer GT8000

This butane dab torch is one of the best dab torches I have tested. It features an assembly of anti-flame ignition made of steel.

It is enclosed in stainless steel nozzle. The Anti-flame and brass frame nozzle ensures flame control and safety. Nylon resin surrounds the large fuel tank. This amazing feature ensures smooth surface with an excellent grip.

     Also, it has an instant piezoelectric ignition system so you won't be looking for external igniters such as lighters. The ignition system does not require any electrical connection.

If you are looking for a flashy torch, this might not be the perfect one to choose. But it displays top notch quality and function compared to some other in its category. Included is also an improved base. It is wide and long making it maintain its stability no matter where you place it. You can easily detach the base when you want to store it.

Additionally, the Blazer GT-8000 offers 2500 degree-F flame that is resistant to wind and one of the most powerful and consistent flames. This feature makes it perfect for both fields and indoor use. The product also has a gas-flow adjustment dial that helps to control the length of flame.

Also, it features the flame range measuring 1.25 inches to 5 inches and angled head. The ignition can be locked by manual lock when you are not using it.



  • check
    The torch is quiet n matter the flame level
  • check
    Its size makes it easy for you to use with any rig setup available
  • check
    Refilling the torch is not difficult
  • check
    It takes up to 30 minutes of burning time before you think of refilling it
  • check
    It is durable and maneuverable
  • check
    It is only available in a single size. Many users who want a small size are not able to make their choices because no other size option is available.

3. SE MT3001 Deluxe Butane Power Torch


This dabbing torch is not as great as the other ones mentioned above, but for the price, you would be making a great decision buying it. It cost less compared to others and can still do a great job.

It uses less gas, and it can be used for up to sixty minutes when the tank is filled with butane. It features a built-in ignition system that doesn't waste time to light the torch.

Also, it has a thumb-release lock mechanism system. I admire this great feature because it ensures safety. For those who have kids, you would not need to be afraid because the lock mechanism system would help prevent unconventional use by kids. Included is also a base that is removable and helps keep the torch in an upright position for good stability in any environment.

Additionally, the SE MT3001 Butane torch provides a flame temperature that can rise to 1,315 degree Celsius. It is a great range of temperature that ensures you get the job done in time. It has a portable size so you can easily carry around.



  • check
    Perfect for those that are always on the moveIt is cheaper
  • check
    It can be easily refilled
  • check
    Adjustable and starts easily
  • check
    Some of the users complained that the quality is not so great

4. JB Chef Culinary Micro Butane Dab Torch

This best torch for dab is perfect for the kitchen. The JB Chef Culinary torch features high-quality materials. The quality materials give rest of mind because it would not stop working or break after using it for some time.

It means you are assured of a device with great durability. The device also has a lock mechanism that ensures you have a safe use.

This refillable butane torch also has a regulator for adjusting flames. I like this great feature because it ensures a pure perfection by allowing you to pick the right flame intensity according to your need when using it.

The self-ignition gives you the opportunity to light the torch in just a single click ensuring a hassle-free use. The product is suitable for craft work, soldering, and kitchen use.



  • check
    It is small, lightweight, and compact making it easy for on-the-go users.
  • check
    High-quality and at the same time affordable
  • check
    Offers life warranty, so you have the chance to return to manufacturer if anything goes wrong
  • check
    Fast and easy to refill
  • check
    A professional grade dabbing torch that lasts long
  • check
    Butane is not available with the purchase
  • check
    Flame shield is not present

5. LiBa Culinary Dabbing Torch

     This product is made for safety, ease of use and reliability. It is one of the best torches for dab that features an extended angled nozzle that ensures you don't burn your hand with the flame.

It also gives chances for precise and easy maneuvering. The LiBa Culinary Dabbing Torch also features a safety lock and anti-flare technology which ensures you worry less about your safety when operating the torch.

It has a flame adjustment knob that controls the flow of gas. So you don't need to worry about getting a little or excessive flame. You can adjust the flame to what you want. Included is also an ignition button that allows you to light the torch with no hassle.

The flame can burn at an amazing temperature, about 2,730 degrees. Isn't that a wow? One interesting thing about the torch is the fact that it is easy to operate and use. Just like writing A-B-C, turn off the lock, adjustment the flame knob to your hear the flow of gas, press the ignition button to light the torch and then you have the high-temperature flame.

Additionally, the body is built with a durable metal that ensures your investment last longer than you expect. This product has a fuel gauge that allows you to know when you need to refill. The dabbing torch can burn for about 60 minutes, but it depends on the amount of flame.



  • check
    It is durable
  • check
    Easy to use
  • check
    Fuel gauge window eliminate guessing between refills
  • check
    Includes three years warranty
  • check
    Worry-free operation
  • check
    The major complaint of users is that the gas leaks out when they try to refill it.

6. Inflame Butane 


It features a 2.5 inches angled stainless steel nozzle that helps direct the flame to where you need it. This best torch for dab has an adjustable knob system that is easy to turn to suit your purpose.

It is portable and features a base that is solid and removable. I love this feature because it makes the device for many different projects. Its multipurpose function extends to soldering, lighting cigarettes, jewelry making and much more.

The body of the torch is made of anodized aluminum ensuring durability. Also, it features a single click ignition trigger that is easy to operate and light the torch faster. It burns for about 35 minutes. In case you are not using the torch, it has an on and off switch for safety purpose. It comes with a detailed instruction manual.



  • check
    You can use the product at any angle using just one hand
  • check
    Offers a multi-functional use
  • check
    Great durability
  • check
    It takes few seconds to refill
  • check
    Provides consistent temperature for perfect result
  • check
    It does not have a fuel gauge

7. Xpert's Flame Butane Dab Torch


It features an adjustable flame size regulator that provides you with the accurate intensity of the flame. It has a sturdy metal body and ergonomic grip that ensure that the device does not break if it falls and does not slip off when holding it. The product has an ignition lock that ensures the torch is not ignited mistakenly when not in use.

It has a window gauge that shows you the level of gas and when you need to refill the butane. Adding to its features is the free torch stand that comes with it. This ensures that everything is neat and orderly.



  • check
    The design is clever and smart
  • check
    It is versatile and suits almost every purpose from the kitchen to outdoor
  • check
    Highly durable and equipped for safety
  • check
    Small, lightweight and portable
  • check
    It offers a decent price for its quality
  • check
    Some users complained that they find it hard to fill

8. Iwatani PRO2 Butane Torch


This product features a single touch piezo ignition that does not take an eternity to light up the torch. Included is also a knob for adjusting the amount of flame that comes out of the nozzle. It means you can adjust the flame to meet your needs. A stabilizing plate is also present, and it ensures your safety.

Also, it features super high power 6300BTU unit that ensures you get a higher temperature that can be up to 1500 degree Celsius.



  • check
    It is portable and perfect for camping
  • check
    The butane canister is easy to replace
  • check
    It is fast and easy to startup
  • check
    Provides a powerful flame
  • check
    It does not include butane
  • check
    You might have to run it for some time after buying it for it to level out and stop sputtering and flattering

9. EurKitchen Butane Torch 


It might come as a surprise to see the EurKitchen butane torch as one of the best dab torches. I have tried it out, and it offers some excellent features. It displays an ABS plastic and ergonomic aluminum design which makes it durable and versatile.

 It means there is no limitation to where you can use it. The product has a heat shield that protects your hand from burning. Included is a stable base that ensures it does not fall easily when placed down.

It features a knob that serves as a gas flow adjuster and also has a built-in safety lock. It features a one-push automatic piezo ignition. Also, it has a nozzle that measures about 6 inches and emits variable flame with the temperature up to 1,300 degree Celsius. Furthermore, it has a tank that is easy to refill.



  • check
    Comfortable in the hand, durable and easy to use
  • check
    It provides immediate lightning all the time
  • check
    It is extra safe and offers an ultimate flame control
  • check
    Effective, versatile, and lightweight
  • check
    Refilling is easier
  • check
    I sometimes find it hard to get a lower flame. Each time I try, the flame just goes out.
  • check
    Some users also complained about the lack of fuel window gauge

10. STok FYR R Series Mega Torch


Just like other best dab torches, this product features safety lock, one push automatic ignition system, and the gas/flame can be adjusted to your desired level. It offers a medium size, and the tank can be easily refilled with butane.

One interesting thing about this dabbing torch that makes it stand out is that the stand can be taken off. It means if you want more comfortable handling while using it, you can remove it.

Additionally, the STok FYR R Series Mega Torch has different colors and designs. It gives you the opportunity to have different options to pick from. It offers a flame having the temperature of 2700 degree Fahrenheit.



  • check
    Provides a huge flame measuring about 9 inches
  • check
    The igniter last for a long time
  • check
    Offers 40 minutes burning time
  • check
    The ignition takes 2-3 clicks before lightning the torch

The Round-Up

 So, now that you know the best dab torches on the market I hope you would not have a problem picking the best for you. All of the products mentioned above are the best torch for dab but there is one that is unique, and I would recommend. It is the Bernzomatic TS8000 Dabbing Torch. It saves fuel, provides maximum heat every time, offers precise heat due to its adjustable knob, and offers a highly durable body because it is forged with cast aluminum. Additionally, the head can fit propane tanks perfectly without any hiccup

Why Do You Need A Dabbing Torch?

Let me start by asking you a question. Are you satisfied or frustrated using a lighter? Yeah! The question sounds funny, but you can't deny how frustrated using a lighter for dabbing can be. Of course, if you don't have a torch you can use it, but it can take a longer time to heat up the nail and might not even do so evenly.

You need a dabbing torch for ease of use, safety, and reliable heat. You don't need to use an e-nail or vaporizer, coat a joint or top a bowl, as well as use a stone when you use a torch for dabbing.

Factors You Should Consider When Picking the Best Dab Torch

1. Size 

There is nothing as embarrassing as running out of fuel when you want to take a fat dab. To save yourself from this embarrassment you need to consider the tank size of the torch. Of course, no one would like to stop what they are always doing to refill the tank. So if you are the type that takes fat dab ensure you go for a torch with a bigger tank.

If you are someone that travels often and would like to take your torch with you, there are wide ranges of sizes you can pick from. The least size you can find is eight inches, but your choice of size depends on your preference.

You can get size as big as eighteen inches. If you will be traveling or hanging out with friends, the smaller size is perfect because it does not occupy much space. But if you will be dabbing at home, the bigger size is the best.

2. Durability

- Of course, durability is an important factor you need to consider when purchasing an object. No one wishes to invest in an object that will not last long.

When buying your best torch for dab, ensure the head is good and would surely bring a vibrant, large flame, the safety is strong and won't break easily, and the nozzle is reliable. All these will ensure you possess a torch that would last you a long time.

3. The Power and Size of Flame 

 This factor is important if you want to heat your nails faster and evenly. For you to achieve this, you need a dab torch that can get the job done. And for a perfect job, you can go for a torch with a powerful and wide flame.

There are some models available that allow you to adjust the power and size of the flame. So before you go for anyone consider the different models available.

4. Style and Looks 

 Personally, my fave are torches with sleek designs and probably black colors. Your style depends on choice. Of course, you want to look great when you have your best torch for dab with you. There are torches with various patterns. So you have the opportunity to go for your favorite.

Additionally, there are different styles. Some are noisy while some are silent. Also, some allow you to adjust and lock the flame. The device must have leak-proof construction, good grip that does not slip off, removable base, safety lock, and adjustable flame controls.

6. Price 

 How much are you willing to afford for the dab torch? That is the first question you need to answer when at the planning stage. Since there are different manufacturers and models, the price will vary. The best way to dance to this factor is by comparing the different dabs available. Contrary to people believe that high-quality products are always expensive, you can get affordable best torch for dab that would serve you better than expensive ones.

7. The Refilling And Ease of Use 

 After going through the stress of buying the torch, I believe you can't even imagine the device giving you a headache.

You need a device that is easy to use and refill. You need a device that will not waste your time while in the middle of dabbing. For you to have a pleasant experience, you need a dab torch with a sturdy base. Furthermore, a torch with a fuel level indicator would give you enough time to getting another cartridge.

8. Shape 

 To avoid tumbling or stumbling over of the dabbing torch, look for one with a broad base. It gives you the chance to heat up the nails hands-free or line up the nails and rig line.

What Option Of Torch for Dab Should You Go For?

There are two options of dabbing torches. You should not be surprised to find this out while shopping for a new one. There are the butane torch and the propane torch for a dab. But what option is the best dab torch?

1. The Butane Torch

Butane is a hydrocarbon, and it is cleaner than propane. It produces carbon dioxide and water. The butane torch has some benefits over the propane torch.

  • It burns cleaner
  • It is smaller in most cases, so it is portable
  • The torch does not burn as hot as the propane torch that can ruin your nail or crack your glass
  • They are affordable or cheape
  • 2. The Propane Torch 

    When compared to the butane torch, this kind of torch is easier to refill. The refills are in different sizes and are cheaper. There are some benefits over the butane torch.

  • They do not emit bad odor like the butane torch
  • Propane torch burns hotter, up to 1000 degree Celsius and can be used for faster work.
  • They are basically associated with bigger tank, so you don't need to worry about running out of fuel while dabbing
  • They work in harsh or extreme weather conditions
  • However, no matter the option you pick there is none without drawbacks. For example, a propane torch for dab can make the nail hot that it produces a harsh smoke dab smoke that can make you cough.

    Also, you might be at the risk of melting your nails after few seconds of dabbing. For the butane torch, refilling might sometimes be a headache due to the small tank and level of butane availability.

    But considering the health and safety benefits of both options, it is advisable you go for the butane torch for a dab.

    How Should You Use A Dab Torch?

    Let's take a quick look at the easy steps

    Turn on the gas to very low. Ignite it using the push button that comes with the dab torch, or you can use a lighter. Now that the light is on, you would want to heat up the nail on the dab rig. Here you need to adjust the heat up time properly depending on the type of nail you will be working on. Here are some tips.

  • If you are going to heat up a quartz nail use the fastest amount which only takes 5-10 seconds
  • For titanium nails use 15-25 seconds to heat up
  • For ceramic nails, you can use 30 seconds plus to heat up. Most times propane torch for dab works better and faster for titanium nails.
  • After heating the nails, let it cool for about ten seconds and then scrap the nail off the heat using a sandwich tool.
  • How Can You Refill A Dab Torch?

    I will like to inform you that not all dabbing torch are refillable. Surprised? Oh! But the best dab torch is refillable. No one would be comfortable with going through the stress of getting a new torch Every time the fuel is exhausted.

    To start, pick up a refill can either for propane or butane. Before refilling makes sure you put out any flame, shut off the gas nozzle, and other things you think can lead to danger.

    Once you have done this, hold the fill bottle by the tip and turn your torch over. You will find the refill hole at the bottom then attach the refill bottle securely to the gas inlet valve. Release the fuel into the chamber of the torch by applying downward pressure on the refill bottom.

    At this junction, I will leave you to make your choice. The funny thing is, I can't make it for you. If you can't find the best dab torch here, ensure you read the "factors you should consider when picking the best dab torch" section. I am sure you won't make any mistake when buying a dabbing torch.

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