Best Curling Iron for Short Hair to Make Your Day Perfect

”Good hair days make me feel like I can rule the world.”

I hope many will agree with me. If you have a properly done hair and good shoes to wear, you are ready and perfect for any event to attend. Your hair is very important and has a strong impact on your appearance. That is why doing your hair in the early morning is something damn essential.

However, with short hair in fashion, having a great look with curls is one of the trendiest. Short hairs, with perfect curls, make you look chic, sexy and hot! To make amazing curls you need to find the best curling iron for short hair. Heat it and apply on your hair gently to add volume and break away the dullness of your hair.

In this guide, I have gathered information on five best curling irons for short hair to help you achieve the sassy look every day.


How To Choose The Best Curling Iron For Short Hair

There are certain things, which you need to care about when you shop for a curling iron. Here are some, which I thought would be helpful to my readers, since I too analyzed these factors while I bought a curling iron.

1. Looking Into The Size Of The Barrel

For those with short hair, it is best to buy a curling iron with small barrels. Since large size barrel will not be able to wrap hair.

Moreover, you will not like to create loose curls on your short hair, at least I do not like. For those who love tight curls, small barrel size is important to have. Choose a curling iron with a barrel size of 1 inch to 1 ½ or 1 ¾ inches to have amazing curls.

Curling Iron Buying Guide

2. It Is Important To Shop An Iron Looking At The Barrel Shape

You will come across a variety of shapes of barrel when you shop for the best curling for short hair. If you want to style tight curls at the end and loose at the scalp, then choose a conical barrel.

If you want to make spiral curls then you need to choose a cylindrical barrel. Whereas, reverse cone shape barrel is great to create tight curls at the scalp, but loose at ends. All is your choice when you pick the barrel shape.

3. Looking Into The Material Of The Curling Iron

When you are planning to buy the best curling iron for short hair, considering the material of your product is one of the essential parameters.

For curling irons, nothing is better than ceramic or titanium. You should not buy irons of any other materials. Since, both these elements provide enough heat based on ionic technology. This allows you to get frizz-free shiny hair.

4. Curling Irons Must Come With Adjustable Temperature Control

Best Curling Iron for Short Hair

Temperature can affect your curls. Moreover, various types of curls require variety of temperatures. So buy a curling iron with variable temperature controller. A temperature around 250 degree is suitable for short hair, something more than that may damage your hair. It is also my personal experience.


What Are The Benefits Of a Curling Iron?

Well, there are some basic benefits of the curling irons, which make it inevitable for every woman to have in their wardrobe.

  • The high-quality curling iron for short hairs is able to deliver different types of curls, sitting back at home.
  • Curling iron will not cost more, but it will definitely last for a lifetime. This means you just need to pay one time and gain benefits for a lifetime.
  • Purchasing the best curling iron for short hair will not overheat them so that you do not damage your hair
  • Best curling irons are able to deliver consistent curls
  • The high-quality curling iron is able to scatter the heat and make the curl look beautiful
  • You can do the curling at your own and do not need to call someone for a help. At least I do it myself and had an awesome experience.




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BlueTop Unisex 9mm

Lee Stafford CHoPstick STYLER Ceramic Curling Wand

Kiss Products Instawave Automatic Hair Curler

The Beachwaver Co. S.75 Curling Iron

Hair Curler Curling Iron by Rejawece

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 Things To Keep In Mind When You Buy A Curling Iron

When you are shopping for the best curling iron for short hair, there are certain things you need to keep in mind. Curling irons to come with few drawbacks, but you can prevent or avoid them.

  • If you have decided to curl your short hair, then the first thing that you need to consider is buy a high quality iron
  • High quality curling iron costs more compared to regular curling iron, but you will drive the best value out of it
  • You need to use the curling iron as said by the manufacturer to prevent damage to your hair and get the most out of your iron
  • Before using curling iron, make sure your hair is good shape. If your hair is damaged, you should avoid using a curling iron.

Types of Curling Irons

Reviews of 5 Best Curling Iron For Short Hair

Here is a quick list for the shoppers who intend to buy the best curling iron for short hair.

1. BlueTop Unisex 9mm

This is a unisex curling iron and suitable for both men and women.

It is very lightweight and slim in look. It comes with a white ceramic finish and thus it makes the product a long lasting and healthy curl.

It comes with a very small ceramic barrel that is actually perfect for all hair types and not just short hairs. I

t gives you fine and shinning hairstyle after ironing.The curling iron comes with adjustable temperature control from 80-degree to 230-degree.

You can adjust the temperature as per your needs. It also features an auto shut off after every 60 minutes, in case your leave it plugged.

The 2.7m power cord it has helps you to take the curls anywhere in your house. Though it good for all hair, but for short hair this product is the best choice.


  • It works quite well and never overheats
  • It is very easy to hold for its grip is firm


  • You do not find much color or variations
  • Not good for very long hair

2. Lee Stafford CHoPstick STYLER Ceramic Curling Wand

The look of this styling iron is just amazing. It is very thin and comes with rectangular barrels.

These barrels are perfect to make tight curls and corkscrew curls. You can also wrap more hair around the iron to prepare some loose curls.

The product will be able to feature a quick heat up, as it has a single temperature range of 200 degrees. The barrel is having a ceramic coating and it cannot damage hair due to excess heat.

The product is having heat protection ability and helps your hand to stay protected with the help of an ON/OFF switch and a LED signal.

The swivel cord helps to add comfort and comes with an 110V power adapter that is very good and allows plugging the iron straight into the socket. If you have thin and short hair, this is the perfect curling iron to stop having frizzy hairs.


  • It is a highly durable product
  • It is easy to generate curls
  • It is easy to use


  • The cord is so short that you cannot take it at a much longer distance

3. Kiss Products Instawave Automatic Hair Curler

This is an automated and best curling iron for short hair. It helps to make short and durable curls easily. Just switch on the button to provide your hair with bouncy curls without even visiting a salon.

This is a very innovative product and allows women to have salon quality curls. The wand holds your hair strands in place to set the curls.

The ceramic ionic technology protect your hair from overheat damages and provide shiny and tough curls. It has two-heat settings that help to reach the temperature at about 420 degrees.

It comes with 890 minutes auto shut off mode as a safety feature. The product is best suitable for kids and adult.


  •  Easy to handle
  • It comes with a good value for money


  • It snags hair

4. The Beachwaver Co. S.75 Curling Iron

It is one of the unique, classy, and best curling irons for short hair. There are times when you do not want curls in regular direction, for inward direction curls this is one of the best-suited models. The ergonomic design of the product makes everyone amazed.

The heating barrel of the product composed of ceramic so ensure no overheating. The real attraction of this product is in their rotation of the barrel. With an arrow button, you can set the direction of your curls and create multiple styles.

It helps to meet the hair textures of various sizes between 290 and 410 degrees.You can control the rotation speed of the barrel and have tight or loose curls of your choice.

It is though suitable for all hair types, but short hair women will be the winner buying this product.


  • Easy to use and handle


  • No auto shut mode is there

5. Hair Curler Curling Iron by Rejawece

It is an easy to use curling iron and has an auto steam sprayer so that the wand may curl your hair professionally to produce tangle free hairs.

It is able to feature a great hair with nice compatibility and the ceramic technology embedded in it make sure that your hair is protected from damages and lowers the risks of the frizzy hair.

The three heat settings is able to produce high amount of heat up to 450 degrees just after 30 seconds, but the built-in timers is able to control the temperatures, the auto-shut off adds safety to the product and LDC monitor displays the heat temperatures to keep you alarmed.

Both women having short and long hair can use it.


  • High durable product


  • It is a little expensive of all in the list


After testing, all five best curling iron for short hair, the amazing product is BlueTop 9mm curling iron. This curling iron has as long swivel cord that helps to use iron from any part of your home.

It comes with auto shut off mode after 60 minutes if you leave it in the plugged in to the socket. It is not expensive and has an ergonomic design.

Most essential it is made up of ceramic ionic technology to restrict overheating and thus protect your hair from damages. One of the best product for the women with short hair and allows anytime instant styling.

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