How to Choose The Best Bottle Warmer For Your Baby

When we are talking about the Best Bottle Warmer for our babies, we have a multiple choice. So it becomes important for any parent to get a quick guide that will help in buying the best product for their babies. There are  many things which new mom needs for newborn baby  : breast pumpbottle wamer, baby jumper, pacifiers..

In this article, we have reduced the hopping of the parents and have tried to accumulate the benefits, advantages and pros & cons of the five best bottle warmers to fulfill your needs.

It is important for every parent to look for detailed information while deciding to buy a bottle warmer for their baby. This article is going to provide with all valuable information to make the best buy.


How Will You Choose The Best Bottle Warmer?

The most useful yet often overlooked baby product in the market is the bottle warmer. After having a baby in the house, it becomes important to give them night-time feedings.

Instead of missing your sleep, what you can actually do, rather I used to do is having a bottle warmer ready. The bottle warmer speeds up the warming process and your baby get the milk in no time.

Talking of bottle warmers, you are about to find it in different shapes and sizes. However, how to choose or decide which one is the best for your baby?

Well, there are several things to look at when you buy a bottle warmer, but be sure to check the following points when you buy one –

1.    It should be easy to use

A parent will not like to mess up the whole situation when it comes to warm their baby bottle. So finding something that is easy to use is the first criteria to look at.

 As one will be using the bottle quite frequently, so the set up should be easy and the warming should be quick and efficient. The warmer you buy should fit in all types of bottles.

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2.    Check for the safety

The prime feature that the best bottle warmer should provide is preventing the bottles from being overheated. In addition to that, the bottle must come with auto shut off facilities to get immediately cooled when you are busy with other stuffs and cannot attend the bottle warmer.

3.    It should come with easy cleaning facility 

 It is important to clean your baby bottle warmer at regular interval. As we repeatedly fill the bottle with water, so mineral deposit and build up molds which are not good for your baby’s health. You must avoid buying those bottles that have too many parts to disassemble.

Best Bottle Warmer


4.   Buy those bottles that have roomy chambers 

 Look for the bottle warmers that have warming chambers and not just those bottle inserts. 

The roomy chamber allows the user to warm frozen breast milk, small plastic containers, and glass baby food jars.

5.     The best bottle warmers come up with varying warming levels

You will find a number of models that come with several warming options. It might offer a quick warm setting that kicks off a preferred temperature when required.

6.    It should have sterilization setting 

 The sterilization nipples, pacifiers, and bottles are one of the best things that you can give your baby. A sterilization setting should be there in every best bottle warmer as it ensures that bottle is clean and bacteria-free.

Top 5 Best Bottle Warmers

1. Goloho Stainless Steel Bottle Warmer


•    It is easy to clean

•    Free of BPA

•    It is easy to carry anywhere


•    It takes a little longer time to get warm

Well, this is one of the best products made up of stainless steel in which you can easily warm the baby bottles. This stainless is far better than the thermal heating that comes with a plastic coating.

The machine will heat up quickly and will make sure that the bottle is evenly heated without any hotspots. The coating in the bottle warmer is easy to clean and stainless steel does not get any rust or corrosion.

Even due to the coating, germs and bacteria will attack less. You can sterilize pacifiers, change the temperature control and heat control. The machine is sleek and you can store and carry it almost anywhere. Every part is free of BPA.

2.Tommee Tippee Bottle and Pouch Warmer


•    Allows consistent heating

•    It is highly efficient


•    It is a little bigger in size, and that is why not so easy to carry

This bottle very gently heats the milk so that it does not destroy the minerals and the nutrients of the milk. The pouch is perfect as it helps you to pump milk, make milk in a single bottle, and use the milk to feed your baby.

 Therefore, the cleaning you need to do is less. The machine you find in this bottle warmer is simple to operate and comes with three temperature controls. You do not have to worry about the bottle size if you buy this warmer, as it fits in with any brand.

The pouch has an ice pack to make sure that the milk stays fresh until you are ready to hit and feed the baby. You can carry and deport the machine anywhere you like.

Video : Tommee Tippee Bottle Warmer Review

3. Maxx Elite Bottle Warmer & Sterilizer


•    It comes with instant heating facility

•    Keeps the milk preserved and nutrients intact


•    Not BPA free

•    The milk is too hot in the gentle warm mode

If you purchase the product, you will get a sterilize basket that you can use to clean the baby milk bottle. The notable feature of this device is to warm the milk steadily.

 The technologies you will find in this milk bottle ensure that within a few seconds, the baby bottle is heated perfectly. The idea behind their all-new feature is that the machine quickly heats up the bottle, but it is able to preserve the nutrients and minerals of the milk.

 The manufacturer claims that they have found the effective temperature to warm the milk and yet does not destroy the nutrients. The steady warm feature that you will find in the bottle is convenient enough for every busy parent. The product is very small and just one pound in weight.

4. Born Free Tru-Temp Bottle Warmer and Cooler


•    Very efficient

•    Comes with loads of safety features


•    A little expensive

This is one of the popular bottle-warming machines that work with the following and popular brands like Dr. Brown, Joovy, Nuk etc. The design of the device is full of safety and you can warm the milk in an efficient manner.

It is able to target the ideal temperature to warm the milk. You do not need to sit the whole day and stare at the milk to find it when it gets ready. You simply need to indicate the size of the bottle and the device will calculate the warming time.

 Therefore, you always get a warm bottle with hardly any effort. The auto-shut off features allow the parents to do other stuff in the midst of warming the milk and yet find the milk at the perfect heat.

The shielded cooler feature allows to hold two bottles and cool for eight hours and so that you do not need to wake up in the middle of the night to warm the milk.

5. Anself Portable Double Baby Bottle Warmer


•    Easy to clean

•    Can heat both milk and water at the same time


•    Heating takes a little time

•    Comes with manual heat settings and no auto-shut off

This bottle warmer is best for their two-in-one efficiency and their compact design. They do not occupy much space and it is free from BPA. As the body of the warmer is compact, so it is easy to clean and need very less effort.

 Safety technologies that you find in this warmer make sure that the dry heating does not take place. This 2-in-1 feature of the bottle can help you to heat milk as well as water at the same time.

The machine is small and yet has space to hold two bottles at times. If a parent is having twins, then this is one of the best warmer to buy. You will find the manual adjustable heat setting that allows you to heat the milk faster or slower and heat the milk as per your baby’s need.

What Are The Amazing Benefits Of The Best Bottle Warmer?

The new parent will find that the best bottle warmer comes with some of the best and amazing benefits. These include –

  •   It helps to keep your baby’s milk at a consistent temperature
  •   It helps to prevent the hot spots that generally occurs in the bottle when you warm the milk in microwave
  •   It helps to speed up the warming process in the bottle and saves time
  • You can use it on the trip since you can purchase portable bottle warmers from the market as well
Best Bottle Warmer

Things To Look For When You Buy A Bottle Warmer

There are certain attributes that help to distinguish between the best and good bottle warmers. For example –

  •  A good quality bottle warmer can heat a bottle very quickly in just 3 minutes, which is its standard time
  •   Heating the bottle before every feeding can be time taking. Therefore, bottle warmers, which you buy, should come in such a design that does not cause any inconvenience.
  •  Overheating destroy the breast milk, which generally happens when you warm the milk in the microwave. The best bottle warmers provide a lot of consistency as the bottle holds the same temperature throughout.


As you have come to know that which the best bottle warmer is for your baby or at least the features that the best bottle warmer must have, now you can quickly decide your best buy.

 However, from the list shared above Tommee Tippee is the best model as it comes with the safety features, does not allow over heating of the bottle, a number of temperature control to allow consistent heating and the above all it is BPA free.

It also ensures that the nutrient of the milk is not destroyed and your baby enjoys perfect milk every time at the desired temperature. It is easy to clean, carry and does not allow having hotspots as well.

 These baby products make life much east and anyone who is going to have a baby or have one will enjoy getting it as a gift also.


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