A Quick Guide To Choose The Best Baby Jumpers

In order to choose the best baby jumper, you need to consider some of the basic factors. As most parents are of the opinion that active babies sleep faster at night, so a jumper is the best key to get rid of the excess calorie and energy from the baby. 

Who does not love to hear the laughter of her baby? Every baby deserves a little fun and little exercised in her life. A baby jumper is like a big playground to your baby where she can stretch her legs while exploring the surroundings as well.

The unfettered glee of your child makes up the pain of all those sleepless nights. But just like other baby gears, you need to pay special attention and choose the best baby jumper for your baby tyke.


We know that the market is saturated with a number of products such as activity saucers to suspended door jumpers, so you need to choose the one that delivers equal comfort and satisfaction to you and your baby.

Best Baby Jumpers

It is often one of the most complain of the parents that their child is not much active. They want to keep them busy in something that will take care of their growth and development at the same time.

So if you think that you are looking for such a product that assures you with an active baby, then you need to browse this list and find yourself the best baby jumper. 

Let us dig into a quick guide that will help every new parent to make a firm decision while buying a baby jumper. 

How To Choose The Best Baby Jumpers?

A baby jumper is an activity toy or rather a baby gear in which an infant can sit and jump. It comes supported with the elastic bands and secure seat. You will find some jumpers are plain and simple and the baby can jump as much as he or she wants.

There are also some jumpers that include tray filled with exploratory toys that help to entertain the child and keep them active.

1. You Need To Look At The Age Of Your Baby

Best Baby Jumpers

The right age to give your baby a jumper needs to be considered when you shop for a jumper. Most parents say that if their baby is not able to support their head without parent's support, then they are not yet ready for the jumpers.

Here’s what Jumperooforbaby has to say has to say about the right age of the baby to ride a jumper. It should be somewhere between 3 to 4 months. 

2. Need To Check If The Jumper Is Able To Help With Baby’s Leg Development 

It’s a common myth that best baby jumpers help to develop the leg muscles of your baby and enables better motor coordination.

 There are experts who suggest that the baby jumpers delay the baby from walking and recommend that a baby should be on his or her jumper only for 20 minutes in a day.

Best Baby Jumpers

But there is also another side of the story where many mothers tell that baby reacts with joy and unfettered glee and have learned to walk independently after they gifted the infant with a jumper. However, it is ultimately your decision whether or not to buy a baby jumper.

3. Look For Typical Components Like Portability, Music, And Lights

When you look for the best baby jumper, you need to look through a number of toys and audio and video simulations they are able to offer. Such as look into the portability of the device whether it is able to store and transfer from one place to another.

Does it support a number of music and light variations to keep your kids busy for the time you make him or her sit in the baby jumper?



Product Dimensions


Check Price

Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoor

37 x 32 x 32 inches

3 AA batteries required.

Evenflo ExerSaucer Jungle Quest, Jump and Learn Jumper

10 x 23.5 x 29 inches

6 AAA batteries required.

Baby Einstein’s Neptune Ocean Discovery Jumper

32 x 32 x 33.1 inches

3 AA batteries required.

Sassy’s Sense Bounce around an Activity Center

27.5 x 6 x 30 inches

2 AA batteries required.

Jolly Jumper The Original With Super Stand

15.8 x 3.2 x 32 inches

Batteries required : No

* Below, you'll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see customer reviews and current prices on Amazon.combelow

Top 5 Best Baby Jumpers You Can Buy

 #1. Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoor

If you are in the search for the best baby jumper in the market today, then you need to stop by the Fisher Price Jumperoo. It is easy to move around the room. The frame puts off the Jumperoo from being an eyesore if you place in the middle of your living rooms.

As far as the options are available in the market, you need a baby jumper to keep your baby busy and involved. The entertainment which you want to give your baby through a jumper is assured by this device. It is a colorful activity center with music, lights, and sounds.

As far as you get hold of the functionality, such as adjustable seats for height changes, the swivel chair that rotates 360-degree and the high portability makes it easy for the device to carry anywhere even when you travel; it shows that this Jumperoo is the best baby jumper in the market today.

Though it is highly durable and flexible yet it is not having the best fit like other jumperoos in the market. 


  • check
    It comes with more than one theme that you can match the room décor of your baby's room 
  • check
    It is easy to set up
  • check
    It is portable enough and comes with music and light options
  • check
    It comes associated with several fun activities


  • minus
    You cannot rotate the seat on your own
  • minus
    You might need to put a pillow if your infant is short
  • minus
    It is tight fit if your baby have fat thighs

# 2. Evenflo ExerSaucer Jungle Quest, Jump and Learn Jumper

You will find this latest device Evenflo ExerSaucer Jumpers are plain and fun to look at. It comes with four different styles zoo, jungle, beach, my first pet, jam session, safari, and bee in cartoon-like designs.

This baby jumper is having one of the most unusual features that you would not find in another baby jumperoos. It is having a jumping pad. This pad allows your infant to use the jumper in any nooks and corner of the house, even on hard tiles.

It has no less than 58 activities in it and plenty activities to do when your baby will like to have the plethora to do after he becomes tired after too much of jumping. A few of these toys you will find are detachable so that your infant may play with them.

It is developed in collaboration with the Child Development Institute making it one of the best baby jumpers in the market today.  


  • check
    It is easy to assemble
  • check
    The height you will find is easy to adjust
  • check
    It is easy to clean 


  • minus
    It does not ​​​​have a lot of sound and light options like other jumperoos​​​​
  • minus
    Not as portable like others
  • minus
  • Have a small toy center
  • Have a small toy center
  •  # 3. Baby Einstein’s Neptune Ocean Discovery Jumper

    Do you want your baby to be the next Einstein? I think you definitely wish him or her to be one. Who does not want his or her baby to be bright? The baby jumper comes with 360-degree comfortable rotation along their seat.

    You get numbers and colors discover option in the toy center. You will also find height adjust options. It comes with loaded with exciting electronic toys in the toy center such as octopus paddle, starfish mirror, spinner ball etc.

    This is one of the space-saving baby jumpers, even if you do not have enough room space, it will easily fit in those space as well. It comes with a washable seat pad, which is easy to remove and wash anytime.


    • check
      It is having a 36-degree rotation seat, which is also having a height controller
    • check
      One of the most engaging baby jumpers as it comes loaded with toys and activities
    • check
      It is very light in weight and easy to store and saves space
    • check
      This is a space saving jumper and the machine seat is easy to wash


    • minus

      It does not provide any support at the back for kid’s rest

    • minus
      It is not foldable

    # 4. Sassy’s Sense Bounce Around An Activity Center

    This is one of the cutest activity centers that we have mentioned in our list. It is not a popular choice among all other jumperoos. With many similar features like popular jumperoos around you, it comes with the Ladybug PlayStation theme and a teether.

    It also has a sunshine mirror and various lights and sounds to keep your baby entertained. The 360-degree swivel seat is also present, along with seat height adjustment features and the ability to replace and remove several toys it comes fitted with.

    If you are looking for something simple with not many portable options or want to travel with your baby jumper, then this could be a cool option for you.


  • It is easy to disassemble
  • It is not very noisy
  • It is easy to clean 
  • The toy section has variety of options
  • The upgraded model is having doorway bouncer attachments
  • Cons: 

    • minus
      It is not as durable as other best baby jumpers
    • minus
      It physically moves or dislocated from its position if your baby jumps too hard
    • minus
      Does not rotate easily for small babies
    • minus
      It is not at all portable

    #.5 Jolly Jumper The Original With Super Stand.

    This dual-purpose baby jumper allows you to use it as a stationary jumper and a doorway jumper. It comes with a stand that allows your kids to enjoy great balance functionality. It comes with a sturdy back support option that helps your kid’s spine to stay erect and in an upright position.

    It comes with an adjustable height controller, but do not need batteries to run. It is a little expensive than others. The baby jumper is great for a child who is in his or her pre-development period.

    This is one of the best baby jumpers as it helps to develop stability and coordination in your kid’s body. You can also do with your worries of your baby developing bad posture habits if you gift this jumper to play. It is easy to transport and store, so if you want to travel with your jumper, this could be the best option.


    • check
      It helps to improve the balance important for a child’s development
    • check
      It strengthens your kid’s leg muscles
    • check
      A great jumper supports the spine of your kids and help to keep it an upright position
    • Let your child develop great sitting postures
  • check
    Easy to transport
  • Cons:

    • minus
      The toy section has variety of options

    Advantages Of a Baby Jumper

    Baby jumpers are something more than a toy. It is a baby gear that helps in their development. Just like you have baby walkers to provide your baby with balance and mobility, jumpers also come with some added benefits. 

    Check this video of a chiropractic doctor who tells when you can use the best baby jumpers to the fullest and enjoy all the benefits that we will be discussing right below - 

    1. It Helps To Improve The Muscle Tone And The Strength

    Well, we cannot provide you with any conclusive studies to determine how much the baby jumpers can help to develop the muscle tone and strength in your baby. But it seems to be obvious that it does contribute some efficiency.

    We have suggested that you can use the baby jumpers in order to reduce the stress of the muscles for repetitive use, in case if your baby has just started to show some movement like crawling.

    2. They Help To Improve The Pre-walking Skills Of Your Baby

    Though it is not a real walking tool, best baby jumpers might help to develop some of the pre-monitor skills as a kid learns to use her/his lower portion of the body and enables them to stand in an upright position and improves the functionality of the limbs as well.

    The baby gear not only helps to enable the kid practice standing and helps them to balance the body, but they can also learn to dance. Check how Alicia demonstrates a product in her video blog and shows how the baby is enjoying his dance lessons on the new baby jumper - 

    3. Helps To Promote Comfort And Safety At First

    The best baby jumpers are able to provide total comfort to the infant who rides on it. It acts one of the temporary baby sitters while you can take care of some tasks around the home.

    You can also consider it as a safer alternative to those walkers as these gears does not move away from and does not pose threats like falling from a staircase or so.

    4. The Baby Jumpers Help To Improve Visual Simulation And Activeness

    Well, this aspect depends on the model you purchase. The best baby jumpers can range between something small or big. With so many toys and music and variations in light, you will find a number of things on the product to keep the toddler entertained and active.

    5. Things To Look For When You Buy A Baby Jumper

    You will find a number of characteristic in the when you dig into deep consideration and shop for the best baby jumpers. In the beginning, you might feel overwhelmed when you begin the search for the best baby jumpers.

    However, you can make things pretty easy by keeping an eye on some of the essential elements for sure. Such elements include – 

    6. The Limit On Weight 

    Baby jumpers have a suggested weight limit, which varies from one model to another. So, you need to be a little assuring when you choose a jumper as per the weight of the infant you make it to ride.

    If you fail to stick on to these weight limits it might make the baby jumpers to break down and injure your baby as well. Just as we mentioned earlier, you will find the weight limit of the infant to ride on the jumper is already on the printed box that you should not ignore.

    Doing so much hamper might result into an injury for your baby, so when you shop for the product, do check the product box.

    7. Look For The Seat 

    Best Baby Jumpers

    When you buy a baby jumper you will need to look into the seat of the baby jumper.

     The features that the seat must have are – removable, washable and should come with height adjustments.

    If you find seats lined having plush padding style then you might purchase the product as it ensures the ultimate comfort. 

    Then you must also look for the additional features as we mentioned above.

    8. How Good Is The Suspension Ability? 

    What type of baby jumper you might like to purchase, it is important to steer clear the seats that support a single elastic strap. Since a single strap let the jumper swing either left or to the right, which at some point of time might result into something damaging.

    But if the product comes with two or more straps it will help to hold the baby in the right place, whether he or she bounces up or down. Checking the suspension of the baby jumper is one of the most important tasks as it makes sure that your baby gets the maximum stability. 

    9. How Good Is The Adjustment Of The Product?

    There are some baby jumpers that you might find would allow you to adjust as per their heights. You will come across a number of baby jumpers to keep your infant comfortable so that he or she continues to grow.

    Since your baby is not going to be of the same size, this device takes care of the growth of your baby in the utmost delicate manner. 

    10.Do Look Into The Storage Capacity Of The Baby Jumper

    You will find that you are not using the jumper for a continuous period. You will need to store the baby jumper when you are not using it. If you are short on space in the house then you need to find for a jumper, which is easy to disassemble into small pieces and store in a likable spot. 

    11. Does It Have Any Toy Options?

    The activity of the best baby jumpers depends on the number of toys it has. It helps to keep your kid entertained as long as he or she sits on it. Some of them are electronic and come with sounds and flash lights whereas others are having different textures or making noise when they move.

    This is also important to pay attention to the baby since some of these gadgets will be able to eliminate sounds or flash lights.

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