Amope Review: Foot Callus Removing Device

Amope pedi is an advanced and easy gadget to remove foot callus. Amope pedi’s foot callus remover runs both on electricity & 4 AA batteries. This hand-held device’s rotating rollers when run through the heels, can remove callus within minutes conveniently.

Traditionally, pumice stone and brushes were used to get rid of the unwanted dead skin accumulated in the heels. These old methods were painful, time-consuming and at times led to bleeding.


Moreover, the results were only average.  This led Amope professionals to come up with a harmless, quick and simple tool to eliminate foot callus and get smooth soft feet.

Amope pedi is completely safe to be used by teens, adults or elderly. It doesn’t require any chemicals and can be used on dry and wet foot.


  • It removes foot callus safely than others substitutes
  • The handle being ergonomically created offers better grip
  • Takes just few minutes to transform coarse feet to smooth soft feet
  • Results are visible and felt immediately after use
  • If the pressure applied is more than necessary the machine’s safety-stop shuts it down as an extra protective measure
  • Rollers can be replaced with new ones
  • Diamond crystals have been incorporated in the rollers
  • Pros:

    • Excellent performance
    • Amazing results, similar to that of a spa pedicure therapy
    • Easily accessible online
    • The device comes along with batteries
    • Hassle-free clean-up and maintenance
    • Soundless
    • Can be used on both dry and wet foot (some Amope pedi products are designed only for dry feet so check the details before buying)


    • New rollers for replacement has to be purchased separately
    • A bit heavier than some similar products available in the market

    What Do You Get When You Buy Amope pedi?

    The complete package of Amope Pedi contains:

    • The device itself
    • 4 AA batteries
    • A roller head
    • A cap to cover the roller head

    You can also avail a storage bag and extra rollers along with your first purchase.

    The batteries can be inserted by opening the cap at the bottom of the handle. To remove/replace the rollers, press the button on the side.

    Why Amope pedi And not Pumice Stones? 

    Pumice stones are very harsh. Moreover, along with the attacking the affected area pumice stone also attacks the other areas which don’t have callus. AMope pedi is a much better option as it only removes the unwanted callus from the affected areas gently without harming the rest of the feet.

    How To Use: Step by Step Procedure

    Step 1: Fully charge your Amope pedi batteries. 

    Step 2:  Turn it on

    Step 3: Just glide through the areas where you have callus formation. You only need to glide the roller in one spot for 3-4 seconds and not more than that. Move on to a different spot after 3-4 seconds and once the first spot has calmed down, you may glide the roller in that spot again. Repeat the process till callus is removed completely.

    Step 4: Once finished with callus removal, wash your feet.

    Step 5: Apply some lotion and feel the difference instantly


    • Do not apply too much pressure as the device is extremely powerful although it may not feel that way.
    • Don’t keep rolling the device in one spot for more than 3-4 seconds


    • It isn’t suitable to use for those who are diabetic
    • Anybody with poor blood circulation needs to avoid using this device
    • Read the instructions carefully before use

    Overall, a safe and good quality product!


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