5 Best Shoes For Pregnancy

First and foremost, heartiest congratulations to you for this new and the most beautiful phase in a woman’s life – Pregnancy. Pregnancy isn’t always easy for a woman. Being pregnant hurts, especially in the back, legs and feet area. Your feet tend to swell and grow larger.


Some women shared that their feet grew larger during pregnancy and they never went back to their old size. Now how disappointing it is when there are chances that you already have accumulated a large collection of shoes for every occasion, and none fits you now.

Now coming to what are the best shoes for pregnancy?

Let’s find out.

Best Shoes For Pregnancy

Things To Consider Before Buying 

After the first few weeks or a couple of months of pregnancy, you may begin to feel some discomfort in your feet. Do not ignore it, that’s when it’s time to consider buying yourself a new pair of footwear.

During pregnancy, the feet swell increase in size up to full and begin to sweat more than usual. It happens due to hormonal changes and increased weight. Following mentioned are a few considerations when going to buy a new pair of footwear during pregnancy:

  • It should fit well

 You should choose well-fitted shoes to provide stability for your foot and ankle.

  • It should have round toe tip

Opt for a round toed shoe to avoid cramping your swollen feet and toes.

  • Don’t go for heels

 Strictly avoid heels wherever possible. During pregnancy your weight increases, changing the shape and center of gravity of your body. This change compels you to walk in a different way which is not steady. And hence, wearing heels makes you further prone to falls and trips.

Tips To Buy The Right Type Of Shoe

Choosing the right footwear is usually not easy because in this phase of life everything feels uncomfortable and confusing. Following are some tips to keep in mind when going to buy a pair of footwear especially during pregnancy:

1. How It Supports You

 Any shoes which you choose during this period should offer you cushion and support to handle that extra weight and the change in shape of your feet which require additional arch support.

A proper arch support will make your feet less painful and also prevent injuries caused due to excessive strain.

2. Get Into The Right Comfort

 Comfort is the first thing which comes to my mind when I think of anything to wear, be it clothes, shoes or any accessory. Everything from the cushioning to the style of the shoe will affect its comfort. It’s better to try out a few pair to suit yourself before picking the best shoes for pregnancy.

Best Shoes For Pregnancy

3. Check For The Breathability Factor

As I mentioned above, due to change in hormones during pregnancy your feet will sweat more than usual. Sweaty feet will only add to your discomfort and stress, leading to irritation which is not healthy for you as well as the baby. Closed shoes with a mesh upper and a flat sole are breathable enough and comfortable, hence can be termed as the best shoes for pregnancy.

4. How Easily Can You Wear It?

 This factor matters a lot because you can barely, and should not, bend during pregnancy. Slip-ons are the best shoes for pregnancy due to their ease of wearing, even from a standing position.

 The second very important factor is that they don’t have any laces, which reduces the time and effort to wear them and also the risk of tripping doesn’t exist.

5. Get The Plus Size 

During pregnancy, ladies’ feet grow bigger due to swelling and hormonal changes. In some cases, they expand up to the full size.

The best shoes for pregnancy should at least be one size larger than what you usually wear. A small tip off – shop in the afternoon, that’s when the feet are at their maximum size!

Best Shoes For Pregnancy

5 Best Shoes For Pregnancy

#1. Flat Round Shoe By Mordenmiss Women’s


  • Soft and good quality leather
  • Unique, adorable and stylish look
  • Cozy and highly comfortable
  • Artisan hand-made look


  • Not much arch support
  • Stretches a bit due to soft leather

This shoe comes with a unique, simple and sophisticated look complimented by a soft sole. It is ideal for hanging out, outdoor walking, any small gathering, and daily wear. It is rough and tough and made out of good quality leather.

It has a flat sole made out of rubber with exquisite craftsmanship. It can be washed by hand. The soft leather even accommodates wide foot size, a concern, especially during this period.

#2. Bzees by Naturalizer


  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Highly flexible
  • Good looking
  • True value for money


  • Easily gets worn off due to sensitive material
  • They have about 1 inch of heel
  • Size is narrow from front

This athletic-inspired flip-on comes with a stretchable upper fabric and a top line with elastic. It is equipped with a zipper closure on the side for easy entry of feet.

It also comes with a detachable cushioning insole with N5 comfort elements for absorbing shocks and providing long lasting comfort. The outsole is molded and has a low density.

The outsole is filled with micro-cellular air bubbles which make the shoe light in weight, extremely soft and bouncy.

These features collectively provide excellent flexibility and cushioning. True performance and plush style are the icons of this shoe. You’ll feel as if walking on air!

# 3. Loafer shoe by Mordernmiss Women’s


  • Soft rubber sole
  • Made out of good-quality leather
  • Easy to slip your feet in
  • Stable and elegant


  • The insole comes out easily
  • Not enough grip, making it risky in pregnancy
  • Fragile and soft leather

This shoe has a unique rounded top line with a lace up design. It has a soft rubber sole. The shoe is made up of soft leather. This is a solid color casual designed shoe with the provision of an easy slip-on. It can be hand washed gently.

This shoe does not have any heel, making it the best shoe for pregnancy. The shoe feels stable and gives the confidence to walk in. The lace at the top can be undone and is replaceable with anything of your choice.

#4. Slip-on House Slippers By HomeIdeas


  • Super-soft and light weight
  • Anti-slip leather-cum-rubber sole
  • Absorbs moisture and perspires
  • Elastic provides optimum pressure on feet


  • Can get soiled easily
  • Not for outdoor use
  • No water/dust proof

This indoor house shoe can be a good choice during pregnancy due to its features. Unlike slippers, these shoes closely follow the foot pattern and keep your feet warm all day.

Soft insole makes it easy to adjust as per the body type, making you relaxed. It is the best shoe for pregnancy and can be used in the bedroom, living room, office, apartment, hotel and other similar places. It is perfectly suitable for hand washing.

The shoe is made out of cotton, having a leather-cum-rubber sole. The upper part is made of knitting wool and the underlining and insole both are made up of baby plush.

 It can absorb moisture and perspire simultaneously, making your feet feel dry and comfortable. Unlike ordinary shoes, this particular shoe provides more internal space giving you the required comfort.

The elastic design gives the feet optimum required pressure, making it hard to slide out while walking or standing.

 It will give you confidence while walking. Its leather sole provides anti-slip protection. The sole cannot be easily deformed and does no harm to wood or soft surfaces.

#5.Slip-on Clog Slippers


  • Soft and comfortable
  • Anti-slip suede sole
  • Breathable material
  • Cute and adorable look


  • No rear elastic to hold feet in
  • All cotton can get wet

These shoes are made of pure cotton, and the sole is made out of suede. They can be used in the bedroom, living room, bathroom, office, study and home.

 The material is completely eco-friendly, breathable, cozy and anti-skid. It is one of the best shoes for pregnancy, owing to its soft and comfortable design.

The anti-skid sole features good wear-resistance and does not get deformed easily. It does not leave any scuffs on the floor too.

So, moms to be! Which one to go for? Which ideally are the best shoes for pregnancy? Out of the above given five shoes, number 4 – “Slip-on House Slippers by HomeIdeas” secures the first place!  

The other four shoes are also good to wear during the pregnancy, but they are not so versatile like the shoes number 4.

Shoe number 4 has got everuthing required in a pair of shoes during pregnancy. Let’s recall the points above and relate them with this product – perfect fit, no heels, provides complete support and comfort, is breathable and easy to wear with adaptable size design and much more!

So lady, get yourself one of these and experience the true joy of pregnancy with safety and comfort.

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