The 19 Best Foods For Your Heart

Your heart is what’s running pretty much everything in your body. It is the control center of your body, and we know that if something goes wrong with our heart, every single thing will be affected.

Heart diseases are crucial and extremely serious, and we wish to do anything we can to prevent them from happening in the first place. One of such precautionary measures is to eat well.


It is true that if you put good stuff into your body, your heart’s going to feel good too. It’s going to stay healthy and happy, keeping your entire body working great.

Following are some of the foods which are the best for the health of your heart, and you should never throw them out of your diet if you want a healthy heart!

19 Best Foods For Your Heart

1. Fish:

Best Foods For Your Heart

All kinds of sea food that is high in Omega-3 would really work, such as Tuna. It is extremely good for your heart, as the omega-3 in these fishes keeps your heart running at full speed, with no interruptions at all.

2. Nuts

Best Foods For Your Heart

Not only are nuts known for helping you feel fuller, they also seem to protect your heart and help it stay healthier, as nuts are always good for strengthening it. We cannot look all of the benefits the nuts have for us.

3. Berries

Best Foods For Your Heart

Yes, all the berries are basically the yummiest fruits on the planet. Not only that, but berries also have phytonutrients in them, along with soluble fiber, which is all extremely good for your heart’s health.

4. Flaxseeds

Best Foods For Your Heart

Flaxseeds are amazing, as they have most of the ingredients needed to keep the heart healthy.

Having the powerful nutrients of Omega-3, fiber and phytoestrogens, having them ground or milled will provide your heart with the greatest benefits ever.

5. Oatmeal


Best Foods For Your Heart

There just aren’t enough praises in the world to do justice to the goodness of oatmeal. Not only for your heart, but it’s really good for everything; every single thing. It will keep your heart going in the healthiest way possible.

6. Dark Beans

These are also full of all kinds of goodness, as they’re high in fiber, Vitamin B, minerals, and so many other things. They just satisfy your heart’s health in the best way possible.

7. Red Wine

Best Foods For Your Heart

Don’t get too happy there are specifications. A four-ounce glass of red wine per day is considered to be the best for maintaining normal cholesterol levels, thus having your heart pumping all the goodness throughout your body.

8. Tofu

Best Foods For Your Heart

The best way to have this delicious thing would be marinated in a stir fry, along with loads of healthy vegetables, which would be a very healthy dose for your heart, full of all the nutrients it needs to keep functioning properly.


Best Foods For Your Heart

Specifically, red, yellow and orange vegetables are the best to have a nice and healthy heart. This is because they’re filled with healthy carotenoids, vitamins, as well as fiber to help your heart beat in the best way possible.

10. Spinach

Best Foods For Your Heart

It is one of the best things for your health overall, but it is amazing for your heart’s health too. You can have it almost any way you like, in smoothies or maybe in sandwiches, the goodness will still benefit you.

11. Fruits

Best Foods For Your Heart

All fruits are amazing for your health, but specifically, the fruits such as oranges and papayas are the best for your heart, as they are rich in beta-carotene, fiber, and so many important vitamins.

12. Asparagus

Best Foods For Your Heart

It is might be one of the lowest calorie stuff out there, having only 25 calories per cup. But it is so rich in minerals that it can affect your heart’s health tremendously, in a very good way.

13. Tomatoes

Best Foods For Your Heart

Being rich in alpha- and beta-carotene, vitamin C, and lycopene, tomatoes are beneficial for your heart. They can help you to restore and maintain your heart’s health tremendously, which is reason enough for why you shouldn’t abandon these tomatoes!

14. Dark Chocolate

Best Foods For Your Heart

No one’s going to deny that it’s most of the people’s most favorite thing on Earth, but who knew it was amazing for the heart? Believe me, it will be perfect, just make sure there is at least 70% cocoa, and you’re good to go.

15. Broccoli

Best Foods For Your Heart

It is an amazing vegetable to add to a salad, or just basically add into anything at all. It always comes with amazing benefits, because of the fact that it’s extremely rich in Vitamin C and E, potassium, and so many other things.

16. Liver

What liver really has are the most important fats, which are nothing but good for your heart. Yes, not all kinds of fat are bad boys. Along with being incredibly tasty, the liver can bring amazing health benefits to your heart.

17. Coffee

Best Foods For Your Heart

Yes! Coffee is amazing for your heart because of the amount of anti oxidants it contains, and it is also known to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes. Actually coffee is a pretty cool thing, and if it does all of that along with keeping you active all day, it might be nothing less than a miracle.

18. Soy Milk

Best Foods For Your Heart

Unlike Animal milk, soy milk has been known to reduce cholesterol amongst patients. It is also very low in fat, and it helps in the blood circulation that goes around in our body all the time.

19. Green Tea

Best Foods For Your Heart

It is a relaxing beverage, but even this doesn’t come alone. It comes with several other advantages, which are that it has several anti oxidants and other things, which are all good for our heart.

Apart from that, it has been famous amongst the Chinese herbal doctors for a reason. It is also known to reduce the risk of blood clots, keeping the heart healthy and the circulation going.


Your heart is something you should value, and take care of like nothing else. Don’t spoil it, by taking in things that do nothing but harm to your heart. Instead, treat it with love, the way it deserves to be treated.


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