10 Best Home Gym Equipment

Do you want to find great idea for home gym equipment ?The increasing work pressure and constraint of time make it very difficult to go to the local gym. Even if one is determined, there are always more deadlines to attend.

But it is equally important to pay equal attention to your health and well-being. We bring to you the list of best 10  home-gym equipment which you can use at your home without the help of a trainer and achieve the physique goals you have always wanted.


1.Rowing Machine

Rowing machine is a wonderful piece of equipment to get to your cardio health back on track. There is a lot of variety available for Indoor rowing machine and the best part is you can get the much-needed push without even leaving the comfort of your home.

 Rowing machines help in improving fitness by the method of burning calories and at the same time, it also helps in building muscle in safe and low-impact manner.

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Rowing machine should be part of every person’s routine whose first priority is weight loss. On an average, if you use a rowing machine for 30 minutes, it can help you burn 377 calories for a person weighing 185 pounds. It is also an endurance building exercise which helps in improving heart function along with improving lungs and circulation system.

The main muscles targeted by rowing machine are that of hips, buttocks, and legs. It also helps in toning other muscles like the upper-body muscle, arms, and shoulder. You can read here HealthRanks.org for more experiences on fitness.

And since it is a low impact exercise there is no major impact or load on the joints. In fact, every stroke helps in strengthening the core and toning every major muscle of body by allowing you to maintain a high rate of speed.

2.  Air Bike.

Air Bike is one home-gym equipment which you should have.What separates air bike from other regular bikes is the fact that it helps in giving a full body exercise without any pressure to joints. Since there is no ground reaction force, the only things that will get charged up are your lungs and heart.

The lieu of the front wheel of air bike contains a big fan and that’s where air bike get its name from. The job of the fan is to provide you resistance.
The harder you will work, the harder it will gets, making you help burn some major amount of calories in very less span of time.

Before setting up the interval and frequency of this exercise, it is essential you learn your rpm and max aerobic speed beforehand. To do this just hop on to your air bike and ride the bike for some five to six minutes at a sustainable pace.

The bike will tell you your average rpm. Also, the pace at which you were able to ride the bike is your max aerobic speed.
After knowing this you can set your interval like 30 seconds on and 15 seconds off or 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off.

It means during the ‘on’ period, ride your bike at speed little greater than your max aerobic speed and for the ‘off’ period just ride it casually without paying attention to your speed. The idea is to recover in ‘off’ period and work vigorously in ‘on’ period. 

3. Elliptical Machine

Elliptical machine is a good cardio machine and it works as efficiently as Stairmaster and treadmill. You might also know it by X-trainer or cross-trainer. You can use it to simulate walking, hill climbing or running.

Not only that, using elliptical machine increases your heart beat even more than it will get raised while using a treadmill. This extra increase in rate helps in burning the calories even further without causing further load on the joints.

Various hospitals ask their patients to use this machine on a regular basis after their ACL surgery as it helps in improving mobility and balance. Even if you haven’t had any injury it is still a good idea to use it on regular basis for the same reason.

 The whole body gets a good workout and in the meanwhile also improving the formation of bone and its strength.
For efficient results, you should use elliptical machine three to four times every week and your workout routine should be of 25 minutes. It will help in improving cardio capacity and stamina significantly.

4. Adjustable Dumbbells

If you are looking forward to build mini gym at your home for your personal training session, adjustable dumbbells is a must have home-gym equipment . It is very versatile gym equipment and can be used for various exercises and at the same time it saves a lot of space and money.

Dumbbells have always been the first choice of equipment for weight training routine and building core strength.

They also help in providing greater motion range as compared to weigh training machines. Now there are two types of adjustable dumbbells, the recent innovative ones, and old traditional ones.

The traditional one is quite simple and straightforward but tiresome. You remove the collar and remove or add weight as per your exercise intensity and put the collar back.

Innovative type of adjustable dumbbells comes with pre-attached weight and you can switch from one weight to other seamlessly without having to go lengths to change the weight manually.

 You can perform a wide range of exercises with it including bicep curls, squats, and shoulders presses and triceps kickbacks.

5. Weight-lifting Bench

If you are aiming at building chest muscles and getting that celebrity look, it will be virtually impossible without putting a good amount of efforts into benching.

When combined with other muscle building exercises, weight-lifting becomes the most important exercise for improving your over all upper body structure, as it directly hits the core muscles in chest and back.

Apart from the chest, shoulders and triceps also improve significantly. Over a period of time, you will gradually start increasing the weight for bench press and this is the number everyone brags about in their social media feed and in your local gym.

 It is the best representative of your push strength. It is a glamour machine and gives you bigger and stronger Pecs.

Use the machine as per your routine. If it’s your initial stage of training, use it twice a week and perform 5 sets of lifting. Also, gradually increase the total weight you are lifting.

Though you can perform this exercise alone, if you are going for heavy weights, it is wise to have someone else by your side to provide little support as per the requirements. You can also use weight lifting bench for triceps building exercise.

6. Exercise-Mat

It is very essential while doing exercise like crunches, sit-ups, leg lifts and stretching to have a layer between you and floor to absorb shocks due to impact and to also provide cushioning.

The padding provided due to mat protects your elbows, tailbone, and knees while doing floor exercise.

An exercise mat is as essential while doing other physical activities like yoga or even for post work out cooling down physical activities. It also provides a balanced surface which is very essential for every exercise.

Even if you are doing anaerobic exercises like weight lifting and jumping squads, it is advisable to use exercise mat as it will decrease the overall impact on your joints and help you provide better balance.
The non-physical benefit of using exercise mat is that it will keep your carpet and floor clean by keeping away all the sweat produced during these exercises away from it.

There are different types of exercise mats available suitable for performing specific kind of activities. There are pilates mats, yoga mats, fitness mats, foam mats and also professional fitness mats. Each mat differs from one another on the basis of their thickness and material. It’s one of the best home-gym equipment

7.Pull Up Bar

Pull-Up has always been one of the most convenient and also equally efficient exercise. The strength of the person and the number of pull-ups he or she can perform go hand in hand with each other.

Pull-ups directly hit back and shoulder muscles and help you to provide a better upper body with a broader back. Now with the help of pull-up bars, you can perform pull-ups even in your room.

There are different types of pull-up bars available. Either you can choose one which is to be hanged on a hook in the ceiling or you can choose one that gets stick between two surfaces.

Though strength and durability wise, having former one is a lot better.
For best output, combine your pull up with push-ups. Perform three sets of each in an alternate manner. If you are just starting out, try to aim for a total of 50 reps divided into three sets. You can perform this activity twice a day.

Also, it is very important to maintain the right posture while doing pull-ups. Try not to put pressure on your legs pulling yourself up and also avoid unnecessary movement of legs. Find the right balance and slowly pull yourself up and down for great results.

8.Jump Rope

Jump Rope is smallest piece of home-gym equipment you can find and you can keep it in your pocket and perform this activity almost everywhere. It is a very good pre-workout exercise as it warms up the body gradually and also provides the necessary stretching.

If burning calories and losing weight is your number one priority, you should do this exercise daily for half an hour in three different sets of ten minutes each. Doing jump rope for even a minute at a moderate rate will help you burn 12 to 16 calories per minute.

According to a recent scientific finding, if you are skipping rope for even ten minutes a day, you are getting benefits equal to running an eight-minute mile.

Also, rope jumping requires mind and body coordination and performing this exercise daily will lead to better focus and balance. That’s the reason why you must have seen every boxer perform this exercise vigorously.

The impacts of shock generated due to continuous jumping are observed by both the legs and it helps in improving the bone density. Jump Rope is the most affordable exercise, even more affordable than running as it will save you the cost of buying a High- end shoes.

9.Ab Wheel

Getting those chiseled six pack abs you have always wished for will never be possible unless you include Ab wheel routine in your workout session.  Consisting of a small wheel and an axle, Ab wheel is very effective gym equipment for developing the core.

The movements required ensures not just your abs but other part of your body like lower back, upper back, hips, shoulders, and arms also develop in strength.

Ab wheels rollout-as the exercise is most commonly known- is extensively an anti-extension core exercise. The reason for this being back trying to arch into extension every time you are performing the rolling motion and to counter this, abdominal muscles have to work overtime, leaving you will hard core and clean abs.

You can perform this activity three to four times a week depending on your workout routine and your fitness goals.

 On an average, every time you are doing this activity, perform three to four sets with 10 reps each and for efficient results blend this exercise with other abdominal exercises like crunches.

10.Exercise Ball

home gym equipment

If you regularly suffer from back injuries and back pain, it is must that you start using an exercise ball for your workout.

 Exercise ball effectively supports your lower back during stretching and exercises and provide additional support.

Exercise ball also helps in developing good muscle tone along with delivering a workout routine that helps in improving body posture and core stability. 

Cardiovascular system and muscle flexibility also improve.

Just sitting on the ball for half an hour every day will help in activating the stabilizer muscles and as an output of it, your center of gravity starts falling into the right place and you will develop a better posture.

The ball works in a very simple manner. As you sit on it, you will feel the ball is starting to move due to low friction and to be in one place you have to put more strength. This gives a push to all the muscles of your body.

You can use balls for exercises like plank, crunch, triceps dip, side squat and shoulder curl among others. Perform all these exercises in a set of three thrice a week to see the outputs.

Also, instead of using a chair for sitting while working on the computer or for other activities that require a longer hour of sitting, you can use an exercise ball. Apart from being thoroughly enjoyable, there are a lot of added physical benefits.

There will be a lot of constraints and distractions as you actually start working out. You might get disheartened and quit. The motivation with which you started will fade away and more. But the key to success is persistence.

 Don’t just buy the equipment and put it in one corner of your home. Getting the right equipment is just a beginning; you need to put in a lot of efforts and hard work to actually turn your goals into reality. Remember the key is to train well, eat well and rest well.

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