Toenails Not Growing: The Causes And The Solution

Ever had the case of toenails not growing? How frustrating is it for you? I can only imagine how much strain it can cause anyone, especially those who engage in a lot of physical activity. Moving around when having non-growing toenails can be awkward.

Could there be a solution to such problem? Would it be fair to say that it’s far-fetched to make your toenails grow back? Is there any remedy to the current dilemma you’re in?


Here’s where we take a look at some solutions that could may well help you out in your problem of non-growing toenails. But first, we ought to discuss a few things that are relevant to your dilemma at hand.

What Are the Causes of Toenails Refusing to Grow?

You might have determined by now, but if you’re still not in the know, then you might be in a stymie when it comes to this matter. There are a myriad of reasons why your toenail isn’t growing, however, and here’s what we can look into.

Tip Worn Out Fast

You could be moving around a lot, and in the process, scraping off the tips of your toenails. Hence, it may appear that they’re not growing, when in fact, they actually are. It’s just that they wear off so fast due to movement and friction!



Fungi, among other infectious organisms, may cause your toenails to look weathered. That’s probably the reason there’s hardly any growth. Infections also eat up nutrients that are supposed to feed your toenails, and could most likely be why your toenails aren’t growing.

Damaged Root

The anatomy of a human nail

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For the most part, however, a damaged root is the root cause (pun intended) of your toenail not growing, so in any case, it suddenly becomes a more serious problem.

The root of the nail is where the area between your cuticle and your knuckle is. This is more pressing, since the root is the one that gathers dead skin cells together to form a nail.

What Causes Root Damage?

There are various speculations as to why toenail root damage happens. Although they are mere speculations, they do hold some water. In many different ways, you’ll find that they can affect toenail growth and may perhaps even stunt it.

Major Sites of Fungal Infection and Types

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One particular reason for damaged toenail root is chemical interference. You may be applying substances and solutions that affect the root of your toenail. Another obvious thing that causes root damage is physical damage itself. Again, if you move around a lot, there’s a great chance that you could stub your toe or have a heavy object fall on it.

Root damage may also be caused by nutrient deficiency. A lot of us don’t really take our nutrition seriously and would often neglect adopting a balanced diet. Insufficient biotin, particularly, will have your toenail roots die out and that is obviously a bad thing for your toenail growth.

What Can You Do?

Luckily, all hope isn’t lost whenever you’re looking to grow back your toenails. There are ways to help replenish and rejuvenate toenail growth that don’t require much thought or effort. Below are some ways that I suggest you take into account to help your toenails get back on track.

Wear Well-Titting Shoes

As mentioned, your toenails could have easily been worn out, leaving little room for growth. You should totally consider wearing shoes that don’t feel too cramped or tight. That’ll give your toenails enough room and propensity for growth.

Use Medicated Powder For Fungal Infections


Yes, your toenail problem might stem from fungal infections. One way of preventing a fungal infection is to keep your feet dry at all times. At the onset of an infection, however, you should consider using medicated powder to clear all the fungi on your foot, especially on your toes, away.

 Eat Biotin-Rich Food

Also, as mentioned, your toenail growth could well be affected by your diet. Or perhaps your way of life. It’s a great idea to consume food rich in biotin. You could start with incorporating biotin-rich food items in your diet. Wheat, bananas, and egg yolks, among others, can help maintain the biotin levels in your own body.

Cut Your Nails Properly

How to Cut Toenails Properly

Sometimes, your toenails are actually the problem. The occurrence of ingrown nails is especially fair. But with excellent grooming habits, you can prevent them from even appearing. If it’s too late for you, then you should see a specialist.


It’s not at all easy having toenails that barely grow. Although I never experienced such problem myself, I like to think that the solutions above will help you with your dilemma.

So, have you learned anything at all from this guide? Do you need more tips? Or do you have suggestions of your own? Voice out your thoughts in the comments below.

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