Electric Blanket Reviews- 5 Best Electric Blankets

You know how some people can wear spring clothes in winter, but others need layers of jacket to feel cozy? Well, I easily fall into the latter category. What saves me from moving to a tropical country each time, however, is an electric blanket.

The product warms the bed well, and the low temperature won’t bother you as long as you have it. Nevertheless, you can’t purchase the first one that catches your eyes as it may not meet all your needs.


A sound technique is to read a complete buying guide primarily, and then follow it with electric blanket reviews. Doing both won’t be tricky now that you’re here, though, as we have everything prepared for you.


Name Product




Sunbeam TSM8US- R310-25B00 Microplush Heated Throw, Garne

-Material :100% Polyester

-Ultra Soft

-Safe to wash and dry with a machine

Sunbeam Velvet Plush Heated Blanket, King Size, Mushroom

-Material :100% Polyester

-Premium Soft

-Safe to wash and dry with a machine

Biddeford Blankets Twin Comfort Knit Heated Blanket, Sage

-100% Polyester

-Machine washable

-Item Weight: 4.2 pounds

Biddeford 2060-9052140-702 MicroPlush Sherpa Electric Heated Blanket Twin, Cream

- 100% Polyester

-Machine washable 

-Item weight:4.8 pounds

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What To Look For In An Electrical Blanket

Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of certain electric coverings can’t answer the underlying questions you may still have. For that reason, I have assembled a list of traits that your heated blanket should hold.

1. Comfort

A first-time user may think that the wires sandwiched in it may feel uncomfortable against your back. In truth, that can only happen if you purchase a product that has large, inflexible cables.

One way to avoid this mistake is by touching the blanket itself. If you intend to buy it online, you may specifically ask for one with the thinnest wiring. This way, you’ll save both money and time for not needing to return the item and waiting for the replacement.

Electric Blanket Review

2. Proper Size

Manufacturers create non-fitted and fitted electric layers. The former refers to blankets that require you to use cords to tie it under the mattress. The latter, on the contrary, is customized to the dimensions of your bed.

You are free to choose either type, of course. The most important thing here is that the length and width of the merchandise can cover you well.

3. Low Maintenance

Instructions and controls that are stress-free to understand are a couple of aspects you should see in the electrical sheet.

 Buying a product that shows the opposite of those will just add to your exhaustion. Instead of relaxing in a warm bed, you’ll have to get up and learn the buttons attached to the covering.

4. Cost

The price the merchandise is another vital factor, because you shouldn’t end up broke after obtaining it. Regardless of the features it may have, the best unit is still the one that goes within your ideal range. You can tell which item fits the budget you’ve set aside for the electric blanket reviews above.

5. Durability

A durable sheet can go through countless washing sessions for years, and you won’t see any wear signs. All the technological parts should be functioning too without having to be brought to an electrician often.

A practical advice on how you can get ahold of it is through chatting with friends regarding the product. Hopefully, at least one of them has experienced owning a similar model, so they can offer you a thorough insight. If that’s not possible, you may once again read electric blanket reviews online.

6. Safety

Another crucial detail that the covering should possess is the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) mark. This company gives the seal of approval to brands that pass their assessment. Without the symbol, it entails that a specific merchandise may cause harm to the users.

The worst-case scenario is that the illegal product can short-circuits and causes fire in the house. The bedding may also overheat while you are sleeping on it; that’s why you should always look for that sign.

7. Weight

The heft of the blanket may be admirable for a few consumers who cannot stand the coldness that the winter brings. It may pose a problem, however, if you have fibromyalgia or arthritis as the material can weigh your body down.

 Nonetheless, this product comes in different degrees of lightness, so finding one that’s appropriate for your condition won’t be stressful.

Electric Blanket Reviews

The following electric blanket reviews will focus on the hottest products available in the market right now. Reading all the details regarding each item can help you find the suitable one for your needs. Hence, let’s begin with:

1. Sunbeam TSM8US- R310-25B00 Microplush Heated Throw, Garnet

Atop the products you will get to know today is the Sunbeam Microplush Heated Throw.

A plush fabric is already softer than your ordinary fleece. Nevertheless, it is ‘microplush’, so you can just imagine how smooth it may feel against your skin..

.The finest feature of the blanket is the Thermofine warming technology. It adjusts your throw’s level of heat on automatic, apart from the three warmth settings on the panel. The system will shut off by itself as well after three hours; that’s why it won’t become excessively hot.

According to the seller, it weighs 400 grams per square meter (GSM) in total. Meaning to say, the sheet measures as much as a pigskin that American football players use. This item isn’t too heavy then, considering all the mechanical parts it has.


  • You may take this ultra-soft blanket on the couch since it isn’t the tailored type.
  • It is safe to wash and dry with a machine; thus, you can simply add it to your laundry pile.
  • The remote control will fit right in your hands and has well-labeled buttons.
  • The heated throw comes in 19 amazing colors, so you need not to stick to just one.
  • Its power cord extends up to six feet, which entails that it’s alright to move far from the plug.


Video How Do Electric Blankets Work?

2. Sunbeam Velvet Plush Heated Blanket, King Size, Mushroom

The next one on the electric blanket reviews is this Velvet Plush heated bedding (also from Sunbeam). It boasts of a ‘premium soft’ rating from the test that the company has conducted.

Thus, not only can it engulf your entire but also become a luxurious alternative to the previous item.

This covering has a preheat function that allows you to warm up your resting area while finishing your night regimen. It can adapt impressively to the hotness range any user may like due to its 10 heat settings.

 The control panel is easy to learn too, so you’ll be able to set the product at a comfortable mode.

Furthermore, the blanket has an automatic timer that turns off the warming system after the 10-hour mark. If you wish for it to prolong until the sun shines, though, you may program the bedding to do so.


  • The controller has an LCD display, which prevents you from guessing the current setting it’s at.
  • It is an appropriate bedding for two people sleeping in one mattress as it has dual controls.
  • The layer isn’t thick; that’s why consumers with nerve or muscle issues can bundle up with it.
  • You can decrease the number of hours the sheet will take before automatically switching off to save energy.
  • Although this merchandise suits a king-sized bed, the brand makes the same blanket in other sizes as well.


  • You may cover the electric sheet with a regular one, so you won’t have to wash it often.
  • This blanket may also be too thin that it’s effortless to pull the edges away from the mattress.

3. Biddeford Blankets Twin Comfort Knit Heated Blanket, Sage

In case you worry about the cables tangling inside your bedding, you may adore the Twin Comfort Knit heated blanket. This Biddeford Blankets merchandise has extra stitches running from one point of the layer to the other, for starters.

 The photos may not show it, yet the company enclosed the wires there to remove them from your way.

The dual controller is another incredible feature of this electrical sheet. It stays on the edge of the blanket; therefore, you cannot press down on it and mess up the setting.

 The panel is quite the old-school kind as well with the simple switch and rotating knob for stress-free management.

 Biddeford also claims that this item offers therapeutic warmth. That may be true, because it is possible to change the heat setting in 10 levels.

Not to mention, the cozy temperament will spread over the bed and hopefully reach your aching muscles and bones


  • The electric cord has a satisfying length of approximately 19 feet, so an extension wire will not be essential.
  • The fleece fabric just feels snuggly and is not irritating to the skin.
  • The cables are soft and bendable; you may not sense that they’re inside the blanket unless purposely touching them.
  • Apart from twin, it also comes in full and king sizes.


  • You need to use the controller carefully to prevent it from playing up.
  • Since the wirings have been stitched into the fabric, it may be better to wash it by hand.

4. Biddeford 2060-9052140-702 MicroPlush Sherpa Electric Heated Blanket Twin, Cream

If the temperature in your city grasps the single digits during winter, another Biddeford product may be up your alley. It is called as the MicroPlush Sherpa electric blanket.

The name originates from the fact that there are two types of fabric that comprise this covering: plush and Sherpa.

You already have an inkling regarding the former, but the latter refers to the faux wool that suits cold seasons.

With these materials encompassing the whole blanket, you may never complain about the low temperature again.

The control panel also deserves your attention. It has a wide bottom, so the pad can sit on your bedside table and make reaching for it easier.

As the on/off button is slightly embossed, you can find it even without opening your eyes. The digital screen is something to appreciate as well, because it improves the practicality and user-friendliness of the merchandise.


  • With the additional layer of fabric, it may not be necessary to push the heater in your house to the highest setting. So, you may consume less power.
  • There are independent heating elements on both sides of the heated bedding.
  • The numbers and words that show through the LCD glow but not in a blinding – and irritating – manner.
  • The artificial fur on the underside does not feel prickly.


  • The plug may not be acceptable for all electric sockets.
  •  Using it every day may overheat the item and burn the plastic controller

The Features You May Want in Your Electric Blanket

Electrically operated sheets have a single goal – to keep you and your bed warm when the cold season takes over. Despite that, there are elements that can go with the blankets to make it extra user-friendly. Some of them include:

1. Timer

The bedding should increase the temperature until you can no longer be bothered by the chilling environment. But you wake up with sweat all over your body due to it, then it’s not okay.

The situation can only get to that point in case you have forgotten to turn the heating mechanism off. Of course, how can you do it when you are in dreamland, right? For your rest to not be interrupted, therefore, a timer should ideally be with the blanket.

2. LCD Display

Trying to change the modes on your heated sheet in the dark is next to impossible. You can get up to switch the lamp on, yet that may erase your sleepiness and make you grumpy in the morning. The best solution here is to purchase a blanket that an LCD screen for the controls.

3. Special Foot Warmer

At nights when only your feet are cold, you won’t want the covering to generate heat throughout your body. Thus, you may obtain a product that has a special warming zone for your lower extremities.

4. Detachable Panel

A panel that you can separate from the electric blanket whenever it’s laundry time is a must-have. You will not have to be anxious about it malfunctioning after being washed since the controls won’t touch the water.

5. Mattress Pad

It is not totally necessary, but you may also want a mattress cover. Its main purpose is to trap the heat that your heated blanket produces more effectively.

This merchandise fits exactly on your bed, so the odds of making the sheet overheat decreases. Aside from that, the concealed wirings won’t get jumbled up and affect your bedding’s performance.

6. Dual Control

The dual control lets you alter the heat level independently on either side of the blanket. You can skip this feature if you always sleep alone (obviously). In case you don’t, this system may be a great add-on for you.

7. Waterproof Fabric

A water-resistant heated bedding is a lifesaver for consumers who like to utilize it while eating or drinking. It is also helpful if a child who hasn’t been potty trained yet will lie down on it. In this manner, you won’t need to wash it at least a couple of times every week.

8. Energy-Saving Mode

Yes, there are electric blankets that allow you to save on power too! Though these products just add several bucks to your monthly bill, it remains favorable to have this mode available. Still, not all manufacturers create such items, so ensure that you’ve seen the energy-saving feature before closing the deal.

The Conclusion

Have the buying guide and the electric blanket reviews above helped in your selection process somehow? At the end of the day, it shouldn’t make you a homeless person due to housefire or excessive costs. Once you’ve guaranteed that, then you can say that you have the best heat bedding. Enjoy!

Do you have other ideas on how to find the right electric blanket that this blog hasn’t covered? Share it our readers below!

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