Dead Skin On Feet – 4 Different Approaches You Need To Know

Isn’t it off-putting when you notice your feet getting hard, cracked and dry frequently? Dead skin on feet can worsen up even more, if not taken proper care of. Generally, it is the most neglected part that we don’t heed of. You will be forced to see a doctor when the dead skin gets build up too much.


Our feet are persistently in contact with pollution, socks, sweaty shoes, hard floors, etc. You need to pay attention to your feet and groom it often for retaining its happy health.

Now the question arises, how frequently do you need to remove the dead skin? What are the best and effective ways to do so? Here, I have explained some basic yet constructive techniques that will aid removing dead skin on your feet.

1. Natural Home-made Scrubs

For regular dead skin issues, you can start trying out different types of scrubs on your feet every so often and notice which scrub gives maximum results. It is one of the easiest techniques utilized for the dead skin on feet and tends to work miraculously.

For making the whole process of removing dead skin off feet much easier, make sure you clean your feet thoroughly and soak it in warm water for about 25 minutes. Once done, now you can apply this scrub onto your feet and the dead skin will come off easily.

Oatmeal and Almonds scrub

Dead Skin On Feet


Take about 1/4th cup of coarsely grounded almonds and oatmeal. Mix this powder with 2 tablespoons of pure honey (avoid using honey with artificial ingredients) and 3 tablespoons of cocoa butter (food-grade).

Gently apply this paste onto your feet and scrub it in circular motions. Allow it to dry completely and then wear cotton socks to avoid any sort of contamination.

 Leave this scrub on your feet overnight and rinse it off in the morning using cold water. The coarse powder will help to exfoliate your feet without being too harsh, whereas cocoa butter acts as a moisturizer and honey as an anti-bacterial agent.

Coffee-made scrub

How To Make A Coffee Scrub

Take freshly grounded coarse coffee- 4 tablespoons and mix it with about 2 tablespoons of coarsely grounded oatmeal. Add 2 tablespoons of olive oil, 3 drops of lavender oil and 2 tablespoons of Epsom salt. Olive oil works great in softening your dry feet, even better if you use extra virgin olive oil.

Mix it all together well and scrub onto your feet in circular motions. Use warm water to rinse off this application and pat your feet dry.

Sea Salt Scrub

Dead Skin On Feet

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Take a small cup of sea salt and add few drops of essential oils into it as per your choice (like lavender oil). Gradually add water so that the mixture blends into a paste which is not too thick and not too flowy.

Scrub your feet with this paste for about 15 minutes in circular motions and rinse it off with hot water.

Pat it dry and moisturize if you need to.

2. Dead skin Removal products

Dead skin problems are generally found in the heel and toe area of the feet, as that is where most of your bodyweight is pressurized and they are also exposed to constant pollution/dirt.

There are myriads of Dead Skin removal Products available out there deliberately made to aid dry feet, regular dead skin and calluses. However, to cure calluses, you will need some severe tools, as what is required to cure common dead skin.

Pumice stone

Dead Skin On Feet


Soak your feet in a small sink or tub filled with hot water. For thorough cleaning, put a liquid soap into this water and soak your feet into it for 25 minutes. Later, wet the Pumice stone and scrub your feet thoroughly in circular motion for about 30 to 40 seconds.

Pumice stone that is naturally occurring has a coarse texture and is not mixed with any artificial ingredients is highly recommended.

Pat your feet dry and use a moisturizer if necessary.

How to Use a Pumice Stone on Your Feet

Foot Buffer

A good-quality Foot Buffer will capably buff away dead skin from your feet with the help 360° rotating roller. It can work much faster than how our human hand would work. Hence, you will get much more efficient results and save your time as well.

Foot File

How To Get rid of dry skin on your feet.

Foot files feature precisely designed tiny files on it that removes dead skin gently yet effectively. This is most commonly used equipment for dead skin removal.

Chemical Feet Peel

Feet peels that have chemical ingredients need to be applied and absorbed into your feet. Soon after few days, the dead skin cells become dry and tend to fall off naturally. You can gently wipe your feet with a clean cloth to help the peel off process.

Dead skin Shaver

Cutting Dead Skin Off Feet

A foot shaver is similar to a foot file but much more dangerous comparatively. You need to be extremely alert while using a Razor while shaving your feet’s dead skin off. You do not want to shave off the original skin, as that will be painful.

Wet your feet so that it becomes soft and in gentle motions try to shave the hard skin from heels, toes and then all over the feet.

3. Home-made Remedies

Apart from scrubbing, filing or shaving the dead skin on feet, you can also try out some Home-made recipes made for treating these issues, especially when it seems minimal.

Paraffin Wax

Paraffin Wax Treatment For Feather Soft Feet

Extremely helpful to remove dead skin on feet, Paraffin wax provides a soothing effect to your skin and softens the hard, dry dead skin of your feet. It can do wonders to your feet when mixed with coconut oil.

Heat the paraffin wax in a microwave or in a pan.

Mix equal quantities of Paraffin wax and coconut oil together and apply a thick layer onto your feet. This way the natural oils of your feet will be retained. Wear cotton socks and leave it to dry overnight. Wash your feet next morning and repeat this process every day for about 2 weeks for visible results.


Dead Skin On Feet


Glycerin has the capability of softening your hard skin.Take Glycerin a bowl and add a moderate amount of lemon juice into it, stir well. Apply this mixture onto your feet and let it be for 25 minutes. Wash your feet later and pat it dry with a clean towel.

Repeat these steps regularly for quite a few weeks until you see some effective results.

4. Foot Bath

Apple Cider Vinegar

Dead Skin On Feet

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Pour about ½ cup of apple cider vinegar into 2 litres of hand-hot water. For additional benefits, add about 10 to 12 drops of any essential oils, as per your preference. You can also add 1 tablespoon baking soda into this bath for better exfoliation of your feet.

Apple cider vinegar comprises of anti-fungal, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory aspects, hence, you can use it proficiently for removing dead skin on feet.

Epsom Salt

What is Epsom Salt?

Epsom salt is known to stimulate the blood circulation, eventually causing the dead skin to peel off without much effort. Epsom salt also eradicates the unwanted toxins, dirt and stains from your feet.

Add a generous amount of Epsom salt into a tub or a basin. Soak your feet into it for about 10 to 15 minutes. When done, pat your feet dry and apply ample amount of foot lotion. Repeat this procedure 5 times a week for effective results.

Final Words

Dead skin on your foot can get really annoying and hard to peel off, especially when it is unkempt for several years. If you are one of those people, just like me, who struggle with removing dry, hard skin off feet, then you ought to follow any of the above given Foot-Grooming techniques.

If you have any queries or doubts regarding these techniques to remove dead skin on feet, feel free to ask them in the comments section below.

When followed up properly, your feet will be soft, healthy and less likely to catch fungal infections.

  • Amongst all, Baby foot Feet peel will be highly effective in getting rid of severe dead skin of feet, when used with regular filing processes.
  • Always make sure to keep your feet dry, wear proper-fitted shoes and moisturize your clean feet to avoid dead skin issues.
  • Always keep your foot-grooming tools clean
  • Avoid standing for extended periods
  • Always use lukewarm water for bathing
  • Use foot creams that are purposely made for dead skin
  • Rub this foot cream onto your feet to boost the blood circulation

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