What Are the Causes of Blackened Toenails? – Everything You Need To Know

Have you ever had the experience of blackened toenails? The blackening of toenails is a problem ever so prevalent among many of us. Sure, they are quite unsightly to look at. But should blackened toenails be a point of concern for many of us?


What exactly causes blackened toenails in the first place? There’s no simple way of putting it. As a matter of fact, there are different factors that greatly contribute to why such thing happens in the first place. I’ve had my own share of blackened toenails on my end, and to be honest, I never really looked into it much—until much later.

Causes of Blackened Toenails

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Now, there’s been much debate on whether or not black toenails can actually affect our physical health as a whole. However, that actually depends on the causes of black toenails and how one can determine its negative effects altogether. That said, there’s no way of knowing how blackened toenails can affect us as a whole.

What Are the Causes of Blackened Toenails?

I think that’s a good question. You see, there’s no kind of consensus on how toenails turn out the way they are. In any case, they’re just that. But they could signify something else—something that you may not expect to be.

Here are some of the causes of blackened toenails.

1. Repeated Trauma

Causes of Blackened Toenails

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Do you live an active lifestyle? Might you have had any issues when it comes to physical activity? Maybe your toes have been repeatedly rubbed on over and over again, which may have caused trauma in the first place. Repetitive trauma can bruise your toes, causing blackened toenails in the process of it all.

Trauma may be caused by ill-fitting footwear, among other things. If you move a lot with footwear that isn’t actually good for you, then you may be at risk of damaging or blackening your toenails. There’s always that risk whenever you’re out and about doing whatever mundane thing there is, after all.

2. Hematoma through Bruising

Causes of Blackened Toenails

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Speaking of trauma, a heavy object slamming right into your toe could also be the main cause of blackened toenails. The blood vessels underneath could might as well be ruptured, causing a clotting of sorts. Simply put, you shouldn’t be dropping anything heavy on your toe, if you want to prevent such problem in the future.

This could be accompanied by a throbbing pain which could last long, so it’s always a great idea to go to a doctor and have it checked. Hematoma in between your toenails could lead to something more serious than you would have expected.

3. Fungal Infections

Causes of Blackened Toenails

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While it’s easy to dismiss fungal infections in a sense, you may want to look into how it affects the health of your toenails as a whole. Athletes especially are more at risk at catching fungal infections, which could may well cause significant damage to their toenails. Most importantly, such infections could cause the dreaded blackening.

Interestingly, blackening that comes with fungal infections can come in many forms. Your toenails may not be as black as they appear, and they could also be dark green or brown in color. This may well be a factor that signifies the root cause of toenail blackening. However, it’s always best to be sure and consult a specialist on such matter.

4. The Tone of Your Skin

​Strangely enough, the blackening or darkening of your toenails may not be caused by any outside force, but could actually just be innate.

The color or discoloration of your toenails may be a result of your very own skin tone. After all, underneath the nail is all skin. You may just be dealing with a dark part of your skin, in any given scenario.

In this case, it’s easy to distinguish which one is which. You can simply determine what causes the discoloration and why it’s always best not to panic. You could just be developing a sort of hysterical reaction to it, after all!


Have you now determined what caused your blackened toenail? Taking into consideration the many factors mention, I’ve since concluded that for the most part, blackened toenails are nothing to be worried about. In my case, they usually disappear after a few days, so it’s not really much of a problem.

How to Prevent & Treat Black Toenail

What I would always suggest is to see a specialist. Any doctor who’s an expert at various things, from trauma to fungal infections, will be able to determine the root cause of skin blackening. It’s really as simple as that. There’s no telling what’s in store for you.

So, what have you learned in this guide? Has it added to your knowledge of your toenail health? I think it did. But I’d love to hear your thoughts on such matter and I’m encouraging everyone to do so. So, go ahead. Sound off in the comments below!



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