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Your Ultimate Guide To The Best Vertical Climbers

Cardio is a very important part of our everyday exercises, and it can be done without equipment too. But many people prefer going to the gyms, and paying a lot of money just to exercise with that equipment.

You don’t really have to do that, as you can get some of that equipment in much lesser value, at your own home. And vertical climber is one of such equipment, which is the perfect exercise for cardio exercises, and targets the whole of your body.

 However, finding a vertical climber which might be good enough can be hard, which is why we have put together 10 of the best vertical climbers out there for you to choose from!

How to Choose The Best Bottle Warmer For Your Baby

When we are talking about the Best Bottle Warmer for our babies, we have a multiple choice. So it becomes important for any parent to get a quick guide that will help in buying the best product for their babies. There are  many things which new mom needs for newborn baby  : breast pump, bottle wamer, baby jumper, pacifiers..

In this article, we have reduced the hopping of the parents and have tried to accumulate the benefits, advantages and pros & cons of the five best bottle warmers to fulfill your needs.

It is important for every parent to look for detailed information while deciding to buy a bottle warmer for their baby. This article is going to provide with all valuable information to make the best buy.

Top 20 Health Blogs You Should Follow Starting Today

It’s a tough job to stick to a strict diet, isn’t it? In the beginning, you are fine with the short list of food choices. But when the one-week mark passes, thoughts of giving up rather than accepting the limitations enter the brain.

The failure does not mean you are destined to be overweight forever. You just happened to find a harsh meal plan, which can discourage folks like you.

So, now, I will introduce a few websites that offer different dieting or workout techniques. Their objective is the same – to help you become fit. To understand what I mean, continue reading to see the top 20 health blogs you should follow.

1. Healthline Media

Facebook: Healthline

Twitter: @Healthline

20 Health Blogs You Should Follow

In case you want to get medical facts galore, you should take Healthline Media in consideration. It is a large website that caters to more than 40 million individuals who seek information regarding various conditions.

How do we know they are really accurate, you ask? Well, the administrators of the blog have enlisted the help of multiple health advisers and reviewers. These people check every entry before going live; that’s why you are certain that they are realistic.

More than acting as your online go-to practitioners, the site has that familial feel that many like. They have health tools such as Pill Identifier and Symptom Checker as well if ever you need them.

2. Health

Facebook: Health

Twitter: @goodhealth

20 Health Blogs You Should Follow

Once you enter Health (not the magazine), you may stay on the blog for hours and don’t realize it. At least, that’s what’s happened to me the first time I looked into this website.

They may maintain a friendly tone throughout the site, but their scientific claims are not far from reality. There are medical consultants behind the scenes, so there’s no reason to worry about the novelty of their ideas.

They also have so many applicable articles there, and each one promises straightforward content. You can read a particular literary piece and, in the end, be greeted by similar posts. Although some talk about celebrities, viral videos, food, and cosmetics, they don’t veer away from the main topic.

3. Well+Good

Facebook: iamwellandgood

Twitter: @iamwellandgood

20 Health Blogs You Should Follow

Included in the list of top 20 health blogs you should follow is Well+Good. Initiated in 2010, it is the brainchild of two witty journalists, Alexia Brue and Melisse Gelula.

Regardless if the website’s only been running for several years, it can contribute a lot of astonishing concepts. The titles of the subcategories, in my opinion, exude positive vibes already as they all begin with ‘Good’.

Upon a closer inspection, the bloggers have noteworthy tips concerning recipes, travels, beauty products, fitness, and more. Their take on horoscopes, relationships, and almost everything that has value in a woman’s life may enlighten you too.

4. Dr. Weil

Facebook: DrWeil


20 Health Blogs You Should Follow

Another one of the top 20 health blogs you should follow belongs to Dr. Andrew Weil. This man has more leadership titles than you can imagine, but that’s not why he’s on this list.

I personally appreciate his guidance when it comes to healthy aging. He speaks about natural herbs, vitamins, and supplements as well that can strengthen your system. We’re going to grow old sometime in the future, so it’s better if we can do it with grace.

Most of the blogs tackle diverse physical and mental diseases in an enlightening manner. As a doctor of medicine, it’s obvious that he backs each detail with science. Despite that, Dr. Weil makes everything understandable to all.

5. Greatist

Facebook: Greatist/Twitter:@greatist

I have never met them, but I presume that the team behind the Greatist consist of cool people. Why? It’s because they believe that there isn’t only a single road to good health

20 Health Blogs You Should Follow

Does that not sound fantastic for someone who’s having a hard time following a weight-loss scheme?

There are diverse pieces in the website centering on food, fitness, body, and life. Sectioning off these things gives you the authority to just look at the content you’re into. And since one plan cannot fit all, they provide a wide selection of healthy choices. It, of course, ties back to the goal of the blog to empower and liberate its readers at once.

6. Naturally Ella

Facebook: naturallyella

Twitter: @naturallyella

Opening the Naturally Ella website can make even a non-vegetarian hungry. The greens seem appetizing in the pictures; the recipes that come with them look easy.

Erin created this blog in 2007 with the sole purpose of guiding many in eating healthy.

20 Health Blogs You Should Follow

Based on her own descriptions, she has experienced being a hefty youth herself. It ended during college since the blogger didn’t want to suffer a long-term health problem due to it.

After overcoming the weight issue, Erin shares tips now on how to prepare nutritious meals through Naturally Ella. There are also advices on ways to prolong the shelf-life of fresh produces, which millennials living alone should like.

If you’re ready to have sensible food options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, see Erin’s blog here.

7. JSHealth

20 Health Blogs You Should Follow


Twitter: @JessicaSepel

JSHealth is a site where Jessica Sepel, a clinical nutritionist, imparts her knowledge about nourishment, lifestyle, and more. It has started to gain many audiences even outside of the land down under because of her unique guidance.

It is one of the top 20 health blogs you should follow as the blogger seems very objective. She understands that there is a specific diet meant for each one of us.

 Sepel is not completely promoting veganism – a fact which meat lovers on a diet may love her for. But she does not hate the idea either, considering there are vegan recipes in her blog too.

You can see a lot of e-book guides, videos, and a special eight-week program in JSHealth. They are up for grabs, so be sure to check them out soon if you’re interested.

8. The Fit Foodie

20 Health Blogs You Should Follow

Facebook: thefitfoodieblog

Twitter : @The_Fit_Foodie

When your aim’s to have a beach-ready body, can you achieve it without embarking on a strict diet?

Many will definitely say ‘no’ since it is beyond the norms. If you ask Sally of The Fit Foodie, though, the answer should be ‘yes’. 

Other than workouts, she proves that you may maintain your well-being without letting go of your favorites.What you just need to do is search for wholesome alternatives for some ingredients.

Sally knows every recipe that becomes published on the website as she tests them in her Sydney kitchen. She has also ventured into photography and business. In March 2017, the blogger released a cookbook named Love Move Eat. Find more details about The Fit Foodie on this website

9. Eat Yourself Skinny


Twitter: @EatUrselfSkinny

20 Health Blogs You Should Follow

One more emerging health blog that’s worthy of your attention is called “Eat Yourself Skinny”. It started with recipes that Kelly, the founder, created for herself and then-boyfriend way back in 2011. Couple those dishes with her talent for food decorating and you have an amazing go-to website.

In Kelly’s About page, she admits that her choices have evolved over the years. The love for chocolates is still there, yet she knows how to stay clear of processed products now. Since there are no solid diet plans here, you can decide on meals, drinks, and desserts on your own. If you want to eat yourself skinny like the blogger, visit the site here.

10. The Lean Green Bean

20 Health Blogs You Should Follow


Facebook: theleangreenbean

Twitter: @LeanGrnBeanBlog

The Lean Green Bean is a fresh hub for parents and food-conscious people alike. That is my quick observation after the first 10 seconds of browsing through Lindsay’s blog.

Being a Registered Dietitian, she understands nutritious foodstuffs than many of us. The recipes for various times of the day, therefore, look healthy.

In fact, even the mostly vegetarian ones seem mouthwatering and easy to recreate.

 Lindsay is also a mother of two kids. As such, she can convey advices about meals that toddlers and babies may love. There are childcare tips as well, which new moms and dads can find valuable

11. Eating Well

20 Health Blogs You Should Follow


Twitter: @EatingWell

From what I’ve read thus far, Eating Well serves as a home of skilled recipe developers. The blog contains vegan, dessert, drink, holiday, and other dishes that you can surely relate to. 

They value the unique necessities of some people too because there are recipes for dieters and diabetics.

Another striking thing is that the meal plans are so specific. A few of them are free from dairy and gluten products, while others are low in sodium and carbohydrates. Needless to say, you won’t run out of choices.

Furthermore, Eating Well has healthy options even for pets. It is a plus for vegetarian animal owners as they don’t have to rely on processed foods anymore.

12. Super Healthy Kids

20 Health Blogs You Should Follow

Facebook: superhealthykids

A different source that focuses on the youngsters’ well-being is the Super Healthy Kids

The blog is co-owned by Amy Rosekelley and Natalie Monson, a couple of mothers who happen to be health experts.

The point of the website is to help parents improve the children’s palate so that they won’t become picky eaters. It is highly relevant because these kids need to learn to appreciate fruits and vegetables early.

The team has meal plans, recipes, and cute kitchenware ready for all the readers. In case you wish to take it one step further, you may join a free course they’re providing.

13. Joyous Health

20 Health Blogs You Should Follow 

Twitter: @joyoushealth

Finding a solution for your health issue after years of searching for it makes the urge to spread it greater. That appears to be the case with Joy McCarthy of Joyous Health.

As traditional treatments did not cure her hormonal imbalance, she went on to understand holistic nutrition. By the time the site was launched in 2009, she has already remedied her well-being problems.

Along with recipes, Joy also has beauty, detox, inspiration, and family talks in her blog. She is a certified author now too, thanks to her cookbooks and other food guides. To know more about the Joyous Health, see her website.

14. Psychology Toda

20 Health Blogs You Should Follow


Twitter: @PsychToday

Wondering as to why various people do this and that? Most undoubtedly, you will find a relatable answer in Psychology Today.

This site contains extensive information regarding different mental and behavioral conditions. Some may be as common as aging, sex, diet, and cognition. Others, on the contrary, may be too sensitive, such as addiction, depression, crime, etc.

What’s incredible about the blog is that it gives you a fair understanding of what you are probably going through. There are pre-loaded tests (a few are free) as well that can assess your psychological state in general.

Should anyone need a support group, a therapist, a psychiatrist, or a treatment facility, go to Psychology Today.

15. The Healthy Foodi

20 Health Blogs You Should Follow


Twitter: @HealthyyyFoodie

Need extra motivation to change your eating habits and become fit at any age? Take Sonia, the woman behind The Healthy Foodie, as an example.

She is a 43-year-old mom in Canada who has made it a goal to exercise six times a week. But what Sonia believes as the main thing that’s aided her in losing weight is the Paleo diet.

There is a broad selection of Paleo-friendly dishes in her recipe index. They can be for regular days or important events in your life. Nevertheless, she has not forgotten to include meal instructions for those who just seek healthy varieties of their favorites.


20 Health Blogs You Should Follow

Facebook: myfitnesspal 

Twitter: @MyFitnessPal

If tracking your weight-loss progress matters to you, then you should check out MyFitnessPal and Blog.

The apparent aim of this site is to simplify that particular job

There are multiple downloadable apps to log such data in, and you can use them alone or with a smart watch.

This blog has a page as well that’s full of interesting article. Rather than just being about exercises, they hold ways on how to stay active in or out of the gym. For the sports fans and athlete-wannabes, the website shares the pro’s stories on how they cope with injuries, etc.

17. Daily Burn

20 Health Blogs You Should Follow


Twitter:  @dailyburn

In case you don’t think that the ordinary gym exercises work for you, have them tailor-made. That won’t be impossible once you register at the Daily Burn.

The reason why many fall for the website is that they have real, certified fitness coaches. You tell them your aspirations, and these trainers can come up with a routine that suits you. Thus, you have a high chance of achieving your weight goals faster than someone who gets tips from YouTubers.

The Daily Burn is super advanced, in the sense that there are apps available for TV, Android, and iOS devices. It entails that you can watch and follow workout videos anywhere you are. They offer a free trial too, so you may examine the site yourself for 30 days.


0 Health Blogs You Should Follow


Twitter: @mindbodygreen

Mindbodygreen is another laid back media outlet that keeps me occupied at times.

The group’s ultimate objective is to revitalize how a person eats, moves, breathes, loves, and lives. The scenarios given in each entry can truly take place in the real world, so you can relate to them. They highlight those even more via the categories that the articles are under.

 One section of the blog contains interviews and speeches from renowned people in diverse fields. In case you want to receive more hands-on training, mindbodygreen offers video classes as well. There are dozens of guides to choose from, and you’ll get lifetime access to them

19. StrongFirst


Twitter: @BeStrongFirst

StrongFirst is a health website that has a tough yet effective approach to good health. It is known as “The School of Strength” due to its emphasis on physical power.

20 Health Blogs You Should Follow

From its originator, Pavel Tsatsouline, down to its trainers worldwide, StrongFirst aims to increase the strength of men and women. The interesting thing about it is that the leaders hold courses in various parts of the globe throughout the year.

These people can educate you in the proper way of handling kettleballs, barbells, and even your own body weight. Hence, you can use any of them to become stronger than ever.

Find out where StrongFirst will be heading to next right here

20. Wellness Mama

20 Health Blogs You Should Follow

Facebook: WellnessMama

Twitter: @WellnessMama

The last but not the least of the top 20 health blogs you should follow is the Wellness Mama. Katie, the creator of the blog, has thought of it in hopes of prolonging the life expectancy of children.

She is a mother of six – all below the age of 10 – herself; that’s why the topic is quite personal. Her idea is that the new generation can live longer than what the statistics predict through healthy living.

Within the website, Katie shares recipes, natural remedies, and tips about beauty and motherhood. She reviews different products as well and advices on how large families can maintain the tidiness of the home.

In Conclusion

There are many amazing websites out there, but these are the top 20 health blogs you should follow. Each of them can help you take care of your body, life, and family in the coolest way possible. It is up to you at this point to decide which ones you’ll frequently visit from now on.

If you think this article has helped you find the best health blog, let us know in the forum below.

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