How to Choose the Best Bras for Full-Figured? (3 Expert Tips)

          What do you know about the best bras for full-figured? Do you know how to choose them? Whether you do or don’t, this informative guide might help.

 It’s about how to choose the best bras for full-figured women. With all the tips and tricks from size to shape to the material.
When you don’t have the ideal fit for you, the hope is almost always lost. But not anymore!

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How to Lose Your Muffin Top Quickly? (#1 Is A Priority)

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Cultivating a healthy lifestyle can be difficult for anyone. But when you want to get toned and lose your muffin top, it’s also challenging. It’s time to ditch that shapewear for muffin top and lose your muffin top by yourself. You can do it! But you do need a little guidance to move forward.

Can losing your muffin top be like burning fat all over the body? This question has many answers depending upon your body type and stamina. There’s a routine you need to build for yourself to burn excess abdomen fat. So you can not only lose weight but sculpt the muscles in that region.

If you’re with me on this one, let’s read more about how to lose your muffin top!

 How to Lose Your Muffin Top Naturally


While people may tell you a lot about dieting for losing fat. You must know that exercising is the number one priority. Without regular exercise, you’re not even halfway there! So what are the best exercises for losing muffin top?

1. Bicycles

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This exercise is the most effective ab workout for anyone. Do3 sets of 20 repsdaily and feel your muscles working! Here’s how you do it.

You need to lie flat on your back. Press your lower back and hips to the ground. Interlock your fingers behind your head. Make sure both hands are comfortably placed behind the neck. Don’t pull the neck while doing the bicycle crunch.

Bend your right knee and bring your left-hand elbow closer together. Lifting your shoulders slightly and turning your upper body is important. Switch to left knee towards the right-hand elbow. You’ve now completed one rep.

2. Toe Touch Crunches

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This total-body and no-equipment workout is the perfect fat burner. Do 2-3 sets of 15 reps daily.

 Lie flat on your back on a yoga mat. Stretch your arms behind you and lift your legs facing the ceiling. Swing your arms from back to front while lifting your head and shoulders. Bring your legs to a 90-degrees position to reach your fingers. Your fingers should touch your toes in each rep

3. Rolling Planks

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This is an extreme core exercise which is good for losing extra belly fat. Hold for 10 seconds on each side. Repeat 3-6 times as per your stamina.

Get into the base plank position on your elbows. Don’t drop those hips toward the ground. Keep your core engaged and strong. Slowly lift your right-elbow and bring all your weight towards the left side. Stack your right leg on top of your left. Hold this for 10 seconds. Go back to base forearm plank position and repeat on the other side.


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If you can commit to exercising daily, you can change your meal plans too. A healthy diet for losing your muffin top includes cutting back on unhealthy carbs. Unhealthy carbs are empty-calorie foods. You may not eliminate them completely from your diet. But reduce it to the minimum.

The same applies to refined sugar which I suggest you ditch and not reduce. Your body can survive without sugar. In fact, it may prosper with a healthy diet. You never know until you try, right?

Switch to eating healthy fats such as salmon or nuts. And lean proteins and dietary fiber. All these nutrients not only aid weight loss but boost metabolism. You will feel your energy levels spike sooner than later.

Foods such as whole-grain foods, chicken, fish, nuts, and fruits and vegetables for losing your muffin top.


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Keeping yourself hydrated plays a major role in weight loss. Start your day drinking one full glass of water. This kickstarts all organs in your body and helps with digestion. Also, drinking a glass of water before meals can boost weight loss. Drink 2-3 liters of water daily. And make sure your body is well-hydrated before and after your workout.

Dehydration can cause muscle loss, dizziness, and weakness.

#4 WALK 6,000 TO 10,000 STEPS DAILY 

Runner feet and shoes

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On top of exercising, walking is a superb fat burner. And walking targets your abdominal muscles for fat burning and sculpting. The more you’re on the move, the faster you lose your muffin top. It’s time to challenge yourself to walk 10,000 steps for 30 days without taking a break.

Imagine how much you can achieve by walking 6,000 steps daily. It improves knee health, reduces depression and anxiety, and lowers high blood pressure.

Over to You!

Do you follow the right exercise routine (be it cardio, strength training, and power yoga) and a diet? It’s not easy losing your muffin top. But all you need to do right now is start from ground zero. With the top core-strengthening exercises, you’re not only losing weight but toning.

So when you want to know – how to lose your muffin top – you’re getting more than just a simple routine. There’s more to healthy eatingand muffin top melter workouts. It impacts all aspects of your mind and body. How else would you want to stay fit?

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Jennifer Kessler has managed to create a platform ( that’s highly recommended by rookie moms. After all, her articles revolve around topics related to pregnancy and parenting. She’s too modest to call herself an expert. But once you expose your mind to her writing, you’ll soon realize just how talented and passionate she is about her work as a blogger.


Best Glass Baby Bottles – The Reviews And Buyer’s Guide

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However, before feeding you need to have the best set of bottles, which you think is easy to shop. But hold on. Long gone are the days when there were only few options or one option in bottles, but today there are a number of options. Some do have internal venting system to reduce colic and gas and all sorts of other things to look for while choosing the best glass baby bottles.

Let us jump into action and find out a quick checklist that might help every new parent buying the best glass baby bottles.

Top 8 Best Whetstone Reviews With Buying Guide

As there are many kinds of whetstones available in the market you may face difficulties, on choosing one. Due to that reason, I have handpicked the 8 best whetstone that would help you, select the one which suits your knives best.

There are many ways to sharpen your knives at home, the most intimidating one out of all the ways is using a sharpening stone. However, when you start using a whetstone regularly,  you will realize that this sharpening stone gives you some pleasant time in the kitchen. 

If you know how to use a whetstone it would be one of the most useful skills you possess as you will able to ensure that the blades of your knives are always at their best.




Our Rating

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PaiTree Premium Whetstone Knife Sharpener Kit

Premium Whetstone Knife Sharpener with 2 Side Grit

BearMoo Premium Whetsone Double-Sided Sharpening Stone

Tarara Double Sided Japanese Sharpener Whetstone

Smith’s Sharpening Stones System TRI-6

Shapton Japanese Sharpening Stone Whetstone

Lanksy Multi-Purpose Blade and Knife Sharpener

Whetstone Knife Sharpener Whetstone 3000/8000 Grit

* Below, you'll find our more detailed reviews, but you can also click the links above to see customer reviews and current prices on

Why Do You Need The Best Whetstone?

The knives you use at home may need a good sharpening once in a while, especially, when they have lost their edge. A whetstone is usually used to sharpen the edge of this steel tool. Ranges of grits are available when it comes to whetstones.

When you purchase a whetstone it would definitely have a number in it and you would have seen it on top of the whetstone or in its side, and you might not even know how to use it and would be left wondering what exactly you are supposed to do with it.

Well, let me tell you the number displayed on the whetstone indicates the coarseness. If the number is of a lower value, the coarser it is. Each of the grit will sharpen the knife in a different manner.

Top 8 Best Whetstone Reviews 

1.  PaiTree Premium Whetstone Knife Sharphttp Kit 

This sharpening whetstone which weighs 1.34 pounds is made in a highly professional manner using high-class corundum. In addition to it, this knife sharpener is handmade through 17 processes of craftsmanship. 

For fine grinding, you should use the 1000 grit whetstone. This particular grit would help you to sharpen the blunt blades, and a frosted appearance would be given to the edge of your knife. Not only that, this kit would make the sharpness of the edge equal to those tools and knives available at the majority of factories.

If you want a polishing fine edge for your knife, the 6000 grit whetstone is your best bet. This whetstone would give you a razor-sharp blade in the end and the knives burrs in the edge would be eliminated.

This Waterstone sharpener could be used for kitchen knives, art appliances, ceramic knife, garden tools, precision tool, cutting class knife grinding, straight razor, porting knife, Chef knife, pocket knife, kitchen shears, hunting knives and etc. 



  • check
    It has undergone through 17 processes of handmade craftsmanship for producing the best quality.
  • check
    A great whetstone for the price paid.
  • check
    Great silicon base.
  • check
    Very easy to use and gives good results with the pocket knife, kitchen knife, utility knife, and scissors.
  • check
    A very effective whetstone that keeps the knife sharpening for days.
  • check
    The 100 grit is for a good start and 6000 is for a fine polished smooth.
  • check
    The nonslip holder of the gritstone is very helpful as you can keep the kit on any kind of base and sharpen the knife.Satisfaction of this product is a guarantee.
  • check
    The whetstone doesn't come with instructions so beginners will find it difficult to sharpen their knives using it.
  • check
    Cannot sharpen serrated blades and ceramic knife.

2.  Premium Whetstone Knife Sharpener with 2 Side Grit  

This whetstone which weighs 2.1 pounds is a professional grade knife sharpener that is highly durable. This premium quality sharpening kit comes double sided with 2 grits on either side which is 1000 and 6000.

The safety of this whetstone is assured as it comes with a silicone base to hold the stone inside. The nonslip bamboo base of this whetstone will make sure that the stone stays in one place while it's sharpening.  

This knife sharpener is user-friendly, so it is very easy to use and assemble. You only have to use water to sharpen the knife in this stone. Due to this, you do not have to purchase expensive sharpening oils to sharpen the knife. As you do not have to use any oils you can easily clean it using water.

This whetstone comes with a detailed, manual eBook which has instructions, tips, and tricks which would help you sharpen the knife at every skill level. This whetstone could be given as a perfect gift for your family and friends. Well, I personally used this whetstone and I like how easy it is to use and last really long.



  • check
    No compromise is made on the quality of this knife sharpener.
  • check
    Vey durable and long lasting.
  • check
    This whetstone can sharpen any kinds of blades including razor, blade sharpener, Wusthof,  chisel, scissors, pocket knife, hunting knife, kitchen knives and even an axe.
  • check
    Easy to assemble and user-friendly. It uses water for sharpening.
  • check
    Proper sharpening angulations every time is ensured through the guide included in the package.   
  • check
    The bamboo base of the whetstone might split after sometimes.
  • check
    The finer side of this whetstone could chip easily if too much pressure is applied,  so it is better to be careful when sharpening.

3.BearMoo Premium Whetsone Double-Sided Sharpening Stone  

This whetstone set includes a good quality, double-sided grit on either side,  and they are 2000 and 6000. The 2000 grit of the whetstone sharpens the blade in a perfect manner and the 6000 grit ideally, polishes the edge of the knife. Furthermore,  the bamboo nonslip silicone holder placed below the whetstone holds the stone securely in one place.

The wooden base of the stone is a corrosion resistant one, and it helps you sharpen the knife in a comfortable and safe manner. The angle guide included to the whetstone helps to maintain a proper angle.

Water could be used to sharpen this whetstone, there is no need to use expensive sharpening oils.  You will definitely love this whetstone but if you aren't satisfied with it, for any reasons you could return it within 30 days with the 30-days no question asked refund policy.



  • check
    Suitable for multi-tools such as clippers, razors, scissors, carving tool, woodworking and hunting kits, pocket knives, kitchen knives and etc
  • check
    Extremely easy and safe to use.
  • check
    An effective tool suitable for beginners as well.
  • check
    High-quality Waterstone as it is heat resistant, corrosion resistant and highly durable.  
  • check
    Cannot hone ceramic knives or serrated blades with this whetstone.
  • check
    This whetstone does not have an angle supporting tool included.
  • check
    Would be better if it is wider.

4. Tarara Double Sided Japanese Sharpener Whetstone  

You could simply slice through anything without any difficulties when you use this sharpening stone. Since it is made from a professional-grade Aluminum Oxide, You don't have to waste your money purchasing expensive oils as you can use water to operate it.

In addition to it, the whetstone doesn’t slip off the counter as it comes with a nonslip bamboo holder. Your blades will definitely last long when you use this sharpening stone.

You have to use the 1000 grit to prepare the blade and smoothen it. Following that, you could finish the honing by using the 6000 side. While honing you will maintain a consistent angle effortlessly because you will receive a free angle guide which will definitely help you.



  • check
    100% Satisfaction guarantee.
  • check
    A high-quality sharpening stone.
  • check
    The whetstone is easy to use and well made.  
  • check
    The base might break if not handled with care.

This whetstone features 3 systems of stone sharpening. They include a coarse synthetic stone, fine Arkansas stone and a medium Arkansas stone which are mounted on a molded plastic triangle for easy rotation and identification.

The coarse synthetic stone has a grit of 400, the medium synthetic has a grit of 600 and the natural fine Arkansas stone has a grit of 1000 to 1200 grit. A molded plastic base with non-skid rubber feet is included to the sharpening stone ensure that the whetstone does not slip off the counter. 

In addition to this, even a honing solution is received when this sharpening stone is purchased and this solution protects the sharpening surface. The oil drippings will be caught by the whetstone and this makes it very easy to clean the stone. From my personal experience I can say that this one is the best for your knives, works really well.



  • check
    This 3 stage sharpening system ensures sharp edge to many dull knives and even a pair of scissors.
  • check
    Worth the price.
  • check
    Works best for smaller knives.
  • check
    Sturdy and holds the stone in place to make an easy and safe stroke.
  • check
    The sharpening angle guide included to the whetstone ensures that the stone is always at the perfect angle.
  • check
    Super simple to use and durable.
  • check
    Comes with a guide to help beginners to use the correct angle for sharpening knives.
  • check
    Improper use of the stone can damage the knife.
  • check
    Might scratch up the blade a bit when sharpening the knife.
  • check
    Would have been better if it is wider.

6. Shapton Japanese Sharpening Stone Whetstone


This whetstone which weighs 1.48 pounds gives a smooth, sharpening finish to your blunt knives. It is a 12000 grit sharpening stone, with which you don't have to struggle by soaking it in water, just splash some and you are good to go.

The grinding wheel of this particular whetstone is subdivided and it is suitable to sharpen every kind of blades. This whetstone comes with a base that fits the stone perfectly. The case is vented and has a Styrofoam pad inside as well.

When using the stone to sharpen knives or any other blades this case will keep the whetstone stay in place. A perfect stone to remove chips and flattening rounded bevels in no time.



  • check
    A fast cutting and aggressive stone, doesn't take many strokes to sharpen the knife perfectly.
  • check
    Good size and durability.
  • check
    A high-quality whetstone and you will never go wrong when using it for final polish and smoothing.
  • check
    Not only does the blade cut fast, but it also stays flat.
  • check
     Less expensive.
  • check
    Does not sharpen ceramic knives.T
  • check
    he instructions come only in Japanese,  many will not be able to understand the language.
  • check
    The holder is not that great

7. Lanksy Multi-Purpose Bladehttp and Knife Sharpener 

This pocket-size sharpener blade weighs 7.2 ounces and is easy to use in shops and fields as well. The dual grit of this whetstone provides 2 sides. One of which is a coarse side which has a grit of 120 for cutting and shaping.

The other one is a medium size which has a grit of 280, this gives the final sharpening and finishing for the edge of your blade. This whetstone has an easy to grip contoured shape which ensures safety and ease while sharpening any tools.

If you are faced with a very dull or worn out edge use the coarse side of the stone first and following that repeat the process for a finer edge using the medium grit. Pour a little oil to it before using and then start on, getting a good edge for all your cutting tools.    



  • check
    A topnotch whetstone that would definitely give sharp blade edges.
  • check
    A multi-purpose sharpener which is ideal to sharpen spades, shovels, ax blades, hatchets, machetes, blades, lawn mower blades and all other chopping and cutting tools.
  • check
    Works great for field sharpening and repairing edges.
  • check
    A one-year manufacturer warranty is included, against defects in workmanship and materials.
  • check
    Size is a little too small and can be hard to grip correctly at times.
  • check
    It will not sharpen cutleries such as knives

8. Whetstone Knife Sharpener Whetstone  3000/8000  Grit

This whetstone which weighs 1.23 pounds is made out of natural corundum and would definitely help you keep your blade sharp. It has very good features like consistent particle distribution, self-sharpening, and precise hardness.

It is handmade with 17 processes to produce this knife sharpener and 3 inspection procedure takes place to ensure that the whetstone is of the best quality.

Use the 3000 side grit for sharpening the blades and 8000 grit for honing, removing the burr and straightening the cutting edge of the blade. Suitable for planer tools, chisels, straight razor cutting, knives grinding, bread knives, pocket knives, sushi knives, kitchen scissors, kitchen knives and etc.



  • check
    The high-quality material used to produce the whetstone.
  • check
    An excellent sharpening stone
  • check
    A full refund will be given in case you aren't satisfied with the product, and you don't even have to return the whetstone.
  • check
    The silicone rubber base keeps the stone in placeComes with an eBook containing instructions.
  • check
    Would be better if it is slightly bigger.
  • check
    Making any direct contact with the edge will result in injury.

The Ultimate Buying Guide of Whetstone

Types Of Whetstones

best whetstone

1. Coarse Stones ( The Number Of This Whetstone Is Less Than 1000)

Is your knife damaged?

A coarse stone is an ideal choice for you to select when you have a knife which is damaged. Not only that, if your knife is suffering from nicks, this coarse stone would help you get rid of this problem, by simply gliding the knife on the whetstone few times. Furthermore, when your knife has lost its edge completely, this whetstone will help you get it back in no time.

This coarse stone is an excellent type of whetstone which will help you sort out your dull and damaged knives. In addition to it, once you have used this whetstone for sharpening your knife, it will work like its brand new.

However, on the other hand, this whetstone might not give the knifes edge the best finish due to its abrasiveness so it shouldn't be used for general sharpening

2.Medium Stone (The Number Of The Whetstone Ranges Between 1000 to 3000)

If you want to sharpen one of your knives that have lost their edge, this is the best whetstone for you. The gritstone with the number 1000 is considered the basic. It is better if you don't use it often as it might wear down your knife. If you like to sharpen your knife regularly the 2000 and 3000 whetstones, is the perfect one for you as this is a less coarse one, however, you should remember that the whetstone is made to sharpen your edge not to maintain them.

You will have a rough knowledge of how often you are supposed to use this medium stone once you get into a routine of using it.

3. Finishing Stones (The Number Ranges From 4000 to 8000)  

The 4000 and 5000 whetstones will give you a refined edge and you will feel that it is the Whetstone you need to go for. You can go all the way to the 8000 one when you want to sharpen your knife to cut fruits or vegetables, stop at 4000 or 6000 grit whetstone when you want to use your knife, in order to cut meat. ​

his is because when you use the 8000 whetstones the knife edge would definitely bend when you are cutting through sinew or muscle so it is better you go ahead with 4000 or better yet 6000.

How To Use A Whetstone?

To prepare the whetstone in order to sharpen the knife, you have to first pour water or a generous amount of mineral oil to it.  The surface of the whetstone should be covered with the water or mineral oil in a thick film.

Then, use the rough side of the whetstone to sharpen the knife. Hold the knife at around 15 degrees so that you could sharpen your knife to use daily.

The blade should be held at the right angle and then, you should pull your knife towards you and the cutting edge should be facing you. Or else, you can try to push the edge away. Go ahead with, whatever works best for you.

Apply some pressure and glide the knife over the whetstone for around 12 times. The pressure used to sharpen the knife should be evenly distributed, for the whole length.

After enough is taken from the blade turn the whetstone to the smoother side and repeat the steps mentioned above, and there you have a sharpened knife to use for any purposes.

Happy Sharpening everyone!

How To Select The Right One?

There are thousands of whetstones available and they come in different grit sizes. The type of whetstone you choose will simply depend on the final result you want to see after using the whetstone.

If you want an edge that would help you do simple things with the knife, then a medium grit one would be a perfect one for you.

Whetstones with 2 sides would be useful for you when you want to do some complicating work with the knife, the whetstone with 2 sides have a fine grit surface and a coarse surface, on either side.  

You would be tempted to choose a finer whetstone to sharpen your knife, as you have to spend only a few minutes with a fine whetstone, to complete the sharpening.    

Furthermore, when honed with a finer grit stone the edges of tools last longer and works better.

But you should remember that a finer stone would only refine the edge of a knife or any other tool.

However, choosing a coarser whetstone would be an ideal selection as they are less expensive and you will never know when you will need it. In addition to it, a coarser stone removes nicks, sharpens a dull edge or adjusts the bevel quickly.   However, a coarser edge is a weaker one so certain tools cannot be honed using it.

Choose the whetstone that would definitely benefit you by helping you sharpen the edges of your knives  and tools. It is better if you could have a fine stone as well as a coarse stone, so your purchase would be an effective one. A combination of both is way better than purchasing one of the stones, as they both hold advantages as well as disadvantages.

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